3 From Hell (2019) KILL COUNT

18. sep.. 2020
1 833 648 Ganger

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    Dead MeatDead Meat2 måneder siden
    • X. Xx wpppppoppo

      Yummy TummyYummy Tummy18 dager siden
    • I didnt lie thta app it didnt even work

      alife pugalife pugMåned siden
    • Dead meat James

      Gerald HarrisGerald HarrisMåned siden
    • Disgusting. Having fun with Horror Movies and maybe even Splatter is one thing, but this? This is too much. All these Naked Actors, this senseless Violence. This movie and this video here should not exist. It's not ok.

      Slevin ChannelSlevin Channel2 måneder siden
    • Also i been watching you since 2016.

      尺卂丨ᗪ尺卂丨ᗪ2 måneder siden
  • Lesson learned: never work on the Firefly franchise because you'll probably die a few weeks after the movie gets released

    Sicc BoiSicc Boi36 minutter siden
  • I like to believe Devil's Rejects was the ending and this was a "life flashing before my eyes" moment. During the shoot out at the end of Devil's Rejects as baby is dying she dreams of one last hurrah so to speak. Seeing her brother again, going on a killing spree, being a total badass who can kill with just arrows and destroying everyone in her way. I know you could poke alot of holes in it, it isn't a perfect or completely logical theory by any means but I like it

    Ece Burns BlueEce Burns BlueTime siden
  • Thank god they didn’t recast captain spaulding

    RevyRevyDag siden
  • They turned from Evil murder men who are somewhat human and aren’t so invulnerable to shitty creepypasta Mary Sues....great

    To DEATH, Bro!To DEATH, Bro!2 dager siden
  • Umm ye how did foxy not die from getting shot in the chest

    Turner GoffTurner Goff2 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who’s extremely put off by the way this trilogy treats sex workers?

    Critical AmurCritical Amur3 dager siden
    • @Sal Marcano I can still be put off by fiction, fiction affects reality

      Critical AmurCritical Amur2 dager siden
    • Yes, it's just a fictional movie.

      Sal MarcanoSal Marcano2 dager siden
  • @8:45 - Dot Marie Jones also played Rosengurtle Baumgartener the largest woman I ever saw. She prefers to be called Rosengurtle, by men. She had about a 2 minute bit in the Boondock Saints, as the big fat angry lesbian

    COVID19 panicCOVID19 panic3 dager siden
  • Hats off to the 3 legged dog doing his best at the end of the movie

    Hundred KnightHundred Knight3 dager siden
  • Me: These edibles ain't shit Me thirty mins later: 24:18

    Lonely4 LifeLonely4 Life3 dager siden
  • No way they survived that shootout, also considering the torture they went through right before

    Mr. AshtasticMr. Ashtastic3 dager siden
  • I'd have liked the movie a lot more if Sebastian lived. 😔

    CristianCristian4 dager siden
  • Really frustrating that they didn’t get taken out at the end.

    Michael William Dale FrancisMichael William Dale Francis5 dager siden

    ITZ ABDULLITZ ABDULL6 dager siden
  • This is about a director writing a movie just to write it. You can do better, Rob.

    shrapnel77shrapnel776 dager siden
  • I actually really loved this movie so does my dad we're huge Firefly Trilogy fans especially Capt Spaulding we see the movies as unique in their own ways

    Kyle ShifletKyle Shiflet7 dager siden
  • The let's get to the numbers in this looks like something you would see in that 70's show.

    Jaymison OwenJaymison Owen7 dager siden
  • Idek what it is but this guy makes me laugh everyday

    Jack EastonJack Easton8 dager siden
  • James you are hands down my favorite person on youtube ever I love all these movies but somehow you even make them better lol

    Brandon JonesBrandon Jones8 dager siden
  • Why does ottis sound like a really nice guy and not scary one

    Riftys SonRiftys Son8 dager siden
  • I give the golden chainsaw to Carlos. I mean, come on!! That was badass

    Anthony LynamAnthony Lynam9 dager siden
  • Dude was also DoomHead in 31

    DrSempiternalDrSempiternal9 dager siden
    • @Mr. Ashtastic Richard Brake, he played the character Doom Head in Robs movie 31

      DrSempiternalDrSempiternal3 dager siden
    • Who?

      Mr. AshtasticMr. Ashtastic3 dager siden
  • these movies piss me off because only the fucking fire flys win like none of them actually get serious injuries or anything. fuck this movie 😂

    Bandit AcogBandit Acog9 dager siden

    YouAreGarbage 2.0YouAreGarbage 2.010 dager siden
  • I'm just the middle man in the m_I_d_d_l_e I fucking 💘 the line😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀(lol)

    Rico BellRico Bell11 dager siden
  • I still love the cast 3.,2😀😀😱😝💯✌

    Rico BellRico Bell11 dager siden
  • let's get fuck_up and do some fuck_up shit😀😀💋🐱💯✌

    Rico BellRico Bell11 dager siden
  • that's our 🚼😀(lol)😀😀💋💋🐱💯✌

    Rico BellRico Bell11 dager siden
  • uh_oh I've seen this shit before😞😉💨💯✌

    Rico BellRico Bell11 dager siden
  • ya dig?? oh.,, oh.,oh 🚼😀😀💋💋🐱💯✌

    Rico BellRico Bell11 dager siden

    Carleigh RousCarleigh Rous11 dager siden
  • I feel for Sebastian he was so wholesome

    Hayden VanDerWalHayden VanDerWal11 dager siden
  • "The guy killed by an atm" is named David Ury, and was a NOworldr before that. He made comedy skit videos about speaking Japanese as a white guy. Dealt with racism a lot. His channel is helpmefindparents. He pretended that his twin brother Ken Tanaka was born and raised in Japan or something like that and did the whole one guy playing two people talking to each other thing a lot in his later videos.

    Rhubartu the SaiyanRhubartu the Saiyan12 dager siden
  • thank god i never actually wanted to see this movie

    AdrekiyoAdrekiyo12 dager siden
  • I wanna see a fight between the Ice cream man and Otis

    The_IronReaperThe_IronReaper12 dager siden
  • 24:10 is a three leg dog poor doggie.

    Oh_Shi_T_HeOh_Shi_T_He12 dager siden
  • That ending was bullshit, the three should have been killed

    Hunterbot12Hunterbot1213 dager siden
  • 💙❤️

    Adog 00Adog 0013 dager siden
  • I think Sebastian's death was the saddest in this movie.

    danieljones98danieljones9814 dager siden
  • The amount of plot armor ruined this entire series. The ending to the devil rejects was atleast satisfying. This undid any emotional attachment you can even have to these characters. Let the fireflies fucking die.

    Buddha UwUBuddha UwU14 dager siden
  • And I think you'll love the kills James

    Christopher OverstreetChristopher Overstreet14 dager siden
  • Its a good Friday the 13th fan film

    Christopher OverstreetChristopher Overstreet14 dager siden
  • Do Voorhees kill count

    Christopher OverstreetChristopher Overstreet14 dager siden
  • I love how baby in all the movies is just on a whole nother level! like she just does her own thing.

    Selina_loves_makeupSelina_loves_makeup15 dager siden
  • Sorry James but I like dirty feet lmao

    Absolute AbsurdAbsolute Absurd16 dager siden
  • This "terror" movie sucks, what the hell was thinking Rob Zombie? He ruined the possibility to do a good sequel.

    rexarmisharexarmisha16 dager siden
  • This looks really underwhelming

    Elyk SpuzElyk Spuz17 dager siden
    • It is

      Absolute AbsurdAbsolute Absurd16 dager siden
  • My sister started me watching you we basically watch you almost everyday.. But that dance you did was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣awesome

    Shavon PerryShavon Perry17 dager siden
  • Dont worry james if you voted for biden they’ll count your vote even if it’s not meant to be counted

    libtard centrallibtard central17 dager siden
  • All the actors in this movie are from Halloween

    Teenage CriticTeenage Critic17 dager siden
  • "300 From Hell" Nice one :D

    1000kcirtap1000kcirtap17 dager siden
  • The dog at the end only had 3 legs

    Collin BurkeCollin Burke17 dager siden
  • 14:36 how can you forget man tooth is his most frightening role

    Collin BurkeCollin Burke17 dager siden
  • How'd we get here from House of 1000 Corpses? It feels so far from where it started.

    Steven UniverseSteven Universe18 dager siden
  • Will you please do the film 31 by rob zombie, Please.

    Desse DucatsDesse Ducats18 dager siden
  • To rheir comment about being the only fireflies left. Isn't there tecnically earl firefly left?

    melonemannmelonemann19 dager siden
  • I can't be the only one who thinks no matter how old Bill Moseley is he be a snacc

    Kombo MasterKombo Master19 dager siden
  • Why do u look like that. U look like ur a creepy uncle

    Txxxrt TheProphetTxxxrt TheProphet20 dager siden
  • Do you have Urban Legends kill count?

    Jet TolentinoJet Tolentino20 dager siden
  • Either Rob zombie has his head very far up his own ass or he needed money, quickly. Don't know any other reason for this movie to happen.

    Jakob JansenJakob Jansen20 dager siden
  • James omg you make me low key laugh

    GamingweebGamingweeb20 dager siden
  • Aren't karma houdini's great?

    SlenderminionSlenderminion20 dager siden
  • Anyone else think In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida could be a reference to Bill Moseley as Chop Top in Texas Chainsaw 2?

    Squeeps57Squeeps5721 dag siden
  • This movie even uses the same damn beats from Devils Rejects, they kill the prostitutes, they get tortured, they escape and kill them all, they end the movie with fire and they go on. This movie is such an insult to the last two

    Squeeps57Squeeps5721 dag siden
  • Worse movie of the decade... Seriously.. It was just these 3 going around killing people.. Litteraly no story.. And the ending had me extremely pissed..

    Danny SchoeDanny Schoe21 dag siden
  • This is one movie that did not need to be made. 1000 Corpses was watchable, but I didn't care for the style. Rejects was an almost perfect movie, the end scene was the perfect end to the Fireflys. The reviewer is right, this movie felt forced. 31 was a superior movie to this one.

    Chris MalloryChris Mallory22 dager siden
  • So glad I got back into kill counts, only way I can get horror fill daily

    S3NP4I N0TIC3DS3NP4I N0TIC3D22 dager siden
  • it's funny when they show Sheri Moon Zombie in prison and she has all those cops walking behind her as she's basically just in a music video which is a total copy off of Gaga Telephone video. It's pretty damn funny but Sheri Moon is hotter though yet I would have rather they played different music like Nine Inch Nails or something with a really cool beat to it or just one of Rob's remixes because came out with that Remix album and I love that he at least said that he wanted to do that project because it's a genre he appreciates and Electronica has always been at least somewhat in his music so he also really want these people (remixers/producers) who have helped make his music into something that is creative in a different way, some recognition by releasing such a project. I always like Rob's remixes because he actually pick some pretty good remixers and producers that can really take his music into a higher level of either danceability or just straight-out power like the remix of super beast which is just so incredible and that one could have been awesome or Living Dead Girl would have fit really well because technically they were supposed to be dead at the end of part 2 and now you can basically consider her a living dead girl so a really cool new remix of it would have been bad ass and I would have picked someone who knows how to make some pretty good sexual dance music like Madonna's producer Stuart Price who did Confessions On A Dancefloor or BT who's the Godfather of Electroic Music (Check out his song with Rose McGowan Superfabulous and Never Gonna Come Back Down to get an idea for who could make some good remixes for Rob and what would have been badass to have Baby slowmo to. Lol

    Dave GordonDave Gordon22 dager siden
  • Bro my phone automatically played a rob zombie song while I was looking at the shirt.

    ShortgamemonkeyShortgamemonkey23 dager siden
  • dantdm

    sharkloser 21sharkloser 2123 dager siden
  • Rob Zombie movies suck. It's the same old shit in every movie. Just total garbage

    Andrew VincentAndrew Vincent23 dager siden
  • Otis is Manson.

    Andy DickAndy Dick24 dager siden
  • It’s ok kill 25 baby has a kill cooldown the grandma will report the body

    OceanJayOceanJay24 dager siden
  • I love these movies

    laurie strodelaurie strode25 dager siden
  • This is one of only two movies I ever walked out of. It is frustrating. They all should have been dead 3 times over and keep them alive for Rob Zombie's "Art". Devil's Rejects at least had its initial value. This however was trash.

    BrazenBullXXXBrazenBullXXX25 dager siden
  • Say what you want about Rob, most his movies suck straight ass. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Don't @ me either.

    MonkeyKingBambinaMonkeyKingBambina25 dager siden
  • Wanted just the kill scenes, not some jackass trying to convince everyone he likes horror movies, while simultaneously ruining the vibe and experience by showing other movies the actors in that no one cares about. Thanks for wasting 8 minutes on my life with promises.

    Jon NajeskiJon Najeski25 dager siden
  • please do a kill count for 31, DOOM HEAD !!!! one of zombies best characters!!

    ben rigbyben rigby25 dager siden
  • No one going to talk about the dog at 24:08

    You awsome123You awsome12326 dager siden
  • That montage James does is amazing omg

    HYpersaturated Digital glitchHYpersaturated Digital glitch26 dager siden
  • OK now you look like a wrestling fan...

    ThebigredsnakeThebigredsnake27 dager siden
  • OMG i finally subscribed, i loooooooove your channel!

    Temo Caro SilvaTemo Caro Silva27 dager siden
  • Everyone talking about the movie but Im just so mesmerized by James' Hair cut

    SabreSabre28 dager siden
  • I don't watch these to count the kills...I watch to get a review of the movie ..

    Butch RowerButch Rower28 dager siden
  • With what happens in these films, even if its just a film, and the endless cruelty and the fireflies being played off as funny or sympathetic characters and having so much plot armor, I'm really beginning to wonder where the boundary is with whether or not Rob Zombie is just making a movie and actually liking this weird disgustingly twisted characters and how horrible they are

    Guinea Pig EverydayGuinea Pig Everyday28 dager siden
  • What I don't get about these films or perhaps Rob Zombie films is that, I really don't give a shit about the fireflies and I want them to just die in the most gruesome way, they're not that funny to me. They always make it out pretty much unscathed and always getting away with endless horrible acts, like why would this at all be entertaining, just endless gore and cruelty and these fireflies talking about what horrible things they're going to do. Idk its cool though Zombie has found an audience for these films and he is a talented filmmaker in those regards

    Guinea Pig EverydayGuinea Pig Everyday28 dager siden
  • I hate that they didn't die in the end.

    Floopydoopy MILUKFloopydoopy MILUK28 dager siden
  • Wait rondo is from the flash and he just got shot in the head rip breacher

    YND JAYYND JAY29 dager siden
  • I just seen breacher from the flash in this movie after crisis I think

    YND JAYYND JAY29 dager siden
  • Man Corpses is fun because of the over the top nature of the film Rejects succeeds because it gives them a horrible ending. No matter how fun this psychotic stuff seems it ends bad and is not a glamorious life This was just nihilistic and mean and made me sick

    Austin GrantAustin Grant29 dager siden
  • This movie makes me sympathize with villains a lot more. Not because I like the fireflies - but because I now know what it feels like to watch plot armor protect the people you hate.

    General CatkaaGeneral CatkaaMåned siden
  • My last two brain cells at 3 am *24:18*

    太宰治Osamu Dazai太宰治Osamu DazaiMåned siden
  • it was my birthday when this came out

    Dylan SchnellDylan SchnellMåned siden
  • Can we get a "Numbers gag" compilation? I seriously need one for how funny some of them can be.

    Rare Hooded DudeRare Hooded DudeMåned siden
  • I haven't been watching Dead Meat in awhile just so I could have a Kill Count marathon on Halloween.

    ᴀʜʀɪ'ꜱ ᴡɪꜰᴇᴀʜʀɪ'ꜱ ᴡɪꜰᴇMåned siden
  • So the movie is about glorified murderers with super extra-thick plot armor... Huh, who watches such garbage I wonder?

    Keithunder Loves AnimeKeithunder Loves AnimeMåned siden
  • Every person is from Halloween

    Tyrese MortondavisTyrese MortondavisMåned siden
  • What happened to ur facial hair

    RujanRujanMåned siden
  • Horrible channel. All worthless talk, no real content.

    Kyle WytonKyle WytonMåned siden
  • Hmmm fireflies sounds familiar (last of us music intensifies)

    Riley ZuganRiley ZuganMåned siden