Hereditary (2018) KILL COUNT

25. okt.. 2020
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How The Creepy Models Were Made In 'Hereditary' | Movies Insider
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HEREDITARY (2018) | Behind the Scenes of Mystery Movie
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    Dead MeatDead MeatMåned siden
    • @I love pancakes ok

      0_mad_0_mad_2 dager siden
    • Thanks James for being such a good dude and having a great personality.

      MrClappers XDMrClappers XD13 dager siden
    • Its pronounced pi mon

      Brennan WolfBrennan WolfMåned siden
    • s

      Keisha RiversKeisha RiversMåned siden
    • hey james can you do the orphan next

      Keisha RiversKeisha RiversMåned siden
  • I'm sorry but i can't help it... WHERE TF DID U GET THAT BEAUTIFUL SWEATER

    RobynClaudioRobynClaudio5 timer siden
  • The tongue clicks I caaaaaaaan't

    AEBIOUSAEBIOUS6 timer siden
  • Seeing this movie again on the kill count, I'm starting to have a bunch of "OOOOOOOH so this is what it meant!" moments, ranging from Ellen being overly attached with Charlie and wanting her to be a boy, the random people in the funeral, Charlie chopping off a pigeon's head, etc.

    David KonevkyDavid Konevky8 timer siden
  • 6:08 Feels bad, man. Why did you have to attack me like this, James???

    Joshua NicholsJoshua Nichols13 timer siden
  • I started crying just from that 5 second clip of the mom screaming in anguish. This movie would be so hard to watch for me lmao

    SpiraSpira15 timer siden
  • tbh Anni is kind of annoying

    Grace stawGrace staw17 timer siden
  • I know it wasn’t meant to be funny but the way Peter screamed and then fucking launched himself out the window made me cackle

    Jordan ElliottJordan Elliott18 timer siden
  • me and my friend watched this and we were laughing when the girl’s head got cut off

    Emil StolzEmil Stolz18 timer siden
  • Anyone see the figure move at 14:15 behind Peter's shoulder? Probably just one of the members of the film crew but it's pretty freaky.

    OILΔROILΔR19 timer siden
  • Charleys hair and outfits are super cute

    BeakerBeaker23 timer siden
  • 3:45 if only Annie had looked all that in the beginning.

    Bijit BasumataryBijit BasumataryDag siden
  • "Steve thinks there's a more usual suspect to blame" - very clever, good job.

    Ryan CoryRyan CoryDag siden
  • This is near the scariest dang movie ive ever seen, even if its through this video.

    Intropical WrldIntropical WrldDag siden
  • 14:14 I can't tell if that was something put intentionally but there is a person in the doorway behind Peter and walks into the doorway when the camera pan to it.

    forrestforrestDag siden
  • Milly Shapiro deserved to keep that fake head for her performance

    Talia TerrellTalia TerrellDag siden
  • I never understood (among other things) did Annie's mom breastfeed Charlie? Why would she be lactating especially at an elderly age. There is no way her aging breasts would be secreting milk for any reason. Especially since she would definitely be passed menopause age. Also ANOTHER major thing that changes the plot. There is no chance in hell that Peter wouldn't have been given an Epi Pen to take with him. I've met one person that needed to carry those, they aren't exactly hard to take with you and the person I knew ALWAYS had one on them. I think it's essentially straight adrenaline essentially (like what you would give someone that OD's on dope) similar to Narcan, I guess? Sorry for all the edits lol...but one last thing. I don't understand how Peter could be the offspring of Toni Collette and Gabriel Byrne. Like definitely Charlie, but Peter looks very clearly Hispanic, soo...did Steve ever ask her if she ad an affair when he was born? lol... I liked this movie ok. The best part honestly was the acting. But the above completely out there things ruin the movie for me. Also the movie does such a crazy turn at the end. It has the strangest twist that leaves so much out there. Then again that's how Missomer was, although I personally liked that movie a lot, and definitely a lot better than this. Although this movies acting was suburb for sure.

    Tyler BergenTyler BergenDag siden
  • when charlie was decapitated, i kid you not, i turned the movie off, went to the bathroom, and threw up for 2 minutes straight

  • All hail satony

    hypnotic dropbearhypnotic dropbearDag siden
  • At around 14:11 you can see a person move out of the doorway on the far back right side. It's in the back of the house

    Night SpecterNight SpecterDag siden
  • 9:08 imagine your sister died and you are just lying in bed and then you hear her signature sound out of nowhere if that was me i would have jumped out the window and ran from home

    Zayaan KamalZayaan KamalDag siden
  • 3:16 “I’ve always wanted to be in a horror movie.” I honestly find it heartwarming that she not only got her wish, but also that the movie she played in ended up being a hit.

    Justin WilliamsJustin WilliamsDag siden
  • The only reason I can watch this is Bc of jame this movie really mess up

    neolovergirl rwbyneolovergirl rwbyDag siden
  • is anyone gonna mention james dope ass socks

    I upload stolen memesI upload stolen memesDag siden
  • You’ll get pneumonia ?!? “That’s okay”

    Elite SumoElite SumoDag siden
  • Do midsommar kill count pls

    Marton MatheMarton MatheDag siden
  • What the frick

    какой-то русский коммунисткакой-то русский коммунистDag siden
  • M. Night Shyamalan is the greatest director of all time CHANGE MY MIND.

    Gabby KozGabby Koz2 dager siden
  • Moral of the Story: Don't drive high. You might get your kid sister decapitated and end up possessed by a demon.

    Gabby KozGabby Koz2 dager siden
  • This movie was so freaky, my reaction to Charlie was exactly the same as james' lol

    Nigel DeanNigel Dean2 dager siden
  • Dude I love the wwe references James uses. It’s great.

    grizzy 903grizzy 9032 dager siden
  • Not the greatest yt video to try to go to sleep to......

    SlashDiverseSlashDiverse2 dager siden
  • oof I didn't little Paimon can do this. Lumine and Especially Aether should be careful........ jk

    Elika BaquirElika Baquir2 dager siden
  • jaj

    SHRMNSHRMN2 dager siden
  • Everyone better understand the naked brothers band joke!!

    Kate BrennanKate Brennan2 dager siden
  • 14:15 You can see something in the background

    Joe BennettJoe Bennett2 dager siden
  • me, my mom and my sister couldnt watch this all the way through for the first time. we did watch it all the way through but it was a great movie

    short kiddoshort kiddo2 dager siden
  • I wish I could be like James hosting The Kill Count. That's ok. I'm good.

    Jonathan WinstonJonathan Winston2 dager siden
  • Toni Collett probably wasn't nominated for an Oscar because the Oscars don't recognise horror, for some reason. Also, how the fuck does this guy not know that the people making noises had behavioural disorders?

    Brandon HeyBrandon Hey2 dager siden
  • Yo I saw someone in the background walking by 14:14

    Eduardo MEduardo M2 dager siden
  • Moral of the story? DONT TOUCHA DA CHILD!

    Thomas LamsonThomas Lamson2 dager siden
  • Hold on...isn't there a clucking kid in one of the Paranormal Activity movies? Are they dealing with the same demon? And both have a sect of old ladies? And a emotionally exhausted mom? Only this movie did it way better? Did someone just make two movies out of one idea for a script?

    MaximillianMaximillian2 dager siden
  • Nice socks, James

    Claire LapradeClaire Laprade2 dager siden
  • James gave me the most positive "F*ck you" I've ever got. (No I did not see the movie in theaters..I clucked in my house)

    Steven RosadoSteven Rosado2 dager siden
  • I, sadly, had the decapitation scene spoilt for me, but that doesn't make the scene any worse

    Daniel PatrickDaniel Patrick2 dager siden
  • Im sorry but the scene of annie slamming her head into the attic door while laying on the cieling unnerved me in ways I have never been. That shit was chilling

    Walter LundinWalter Lundin2 dager siden
  • did anyone else see that silhouette in the back door frame at 14:13 that was creepy

    rex valcourtrex valcourt2 dager siden
  • Let me know when the kill count starts.

    Terrance ArndtTerrance Arndt2 dager siden
  • Holy fucking shit when that head popped off

    SpotuGotu 90SpotuGotu 903 dager siden
  • DID isn't hereditary...

    PancakesPancakes3 dager siden
  • You can't even fucking lie , this movie is terrifying.

    UnCl_e S0mUnCl_e S0m3 dager siden
  • 14:14 when it cuts to Peter look at the door way

    Prod. SACREDProd. SACRED3 dager siden
  • I cannot believe I didn't realize that Alex Wolff was in The Naked Brothers Band Tv Show

    YaBoiDevin_YaBoiDevin_3 dager siden
  • I love the way James talks

    James HalesJames Hales3 dager siden
  • James: I hope you can handle sadness Me: *literally pissing my self because of how scary it is*

    MORTALbeast 1MORTALbeast 13 dager siden
  • Who could have known that mouth clicks could be so terrifying

    Filip AntkowiakFilip Antkowiak3 dager siden
  • I too hate theatre cluckers

    Nim LoztNim Lozt3 dager siden
  • Thank god for James commentating cause fuck,I nearly shit myself

    BuffaManBuffaMan3 dager siden
  • I feel like I've read/seen the way Charlie died before but I can't remember where (。ŏ_ŏ)

    XYXY3 dager siden
  • Can we just appreciate he wore socks

    XxsweetchaixXXxsweetchaixX3 dager siden
  • I jumped when the cluck happened in the car. BITXZ I GOT AFRAID. GOTTA WATCH MY BACK TONIGHT

    under jicheol's shaking bedunder jicheol's shaking bed3 dager siden
  • Paimon is emergency food...

    SonOfTheSea 918SonOfTheSea 9183 dager siden
  • Jesus this looks so scary I could barely even watch this video

    Wyrmy The CaterpillarWyrmy The Caterpillar3 dager siden
  • Am i the only one who really liked this movie. I saw the reviews online werent that good but i thought it was great

    Marcus CMarcus C3 dager siden
    • You're not the only one. I love this movie too.

      Breanna PerkinsBreanna Perkins2 dager siden
  • 11:02 ish nuff said that sound is spookay

  • 14:15 there is a shadow in the doorway was that intentional?

    Austen AnimatesAusten Animates4 dager siden
  • It can't have been a spirit OR a demon what were they thinking!?! They had ghost orbs and ghost writing?? Are they noobs or something?????

    urmomgeylolurmomgeylol4 dager siden
  • I freaking jumped when I heard the clicking this movie in just it’s kill count form is scary

    PlanthlPlanthl4 dager siden
  • I like ya socks g *clucks in Charlie*

    StoneStone4 dager siden
  • Any movie that flux the sound, boxes the frames, and has "assumed" deaths....the big reveal......which if you freeze frames...... Overrated garbage.

    SOJOASOJOA4 dager siden
  • u released this vid on my birthday

    Zyon GreenZyon Green4 dager siden
  • at 14:15 u can see someone walk behind peter by the door

    Crazy fox !Crazy fox !4 dager siden
  • *“also if you were one of the douche bags who clucked throughout the movie,”* *”𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮"*

    rivphoenix fangirlrivphoenix fangirl4 dager siden
  • Always love the "Lady you're scaring us! Now knock it off."

    Dismembered Body LimbsDismembered Body Limbs4 dager siden
  • i dont know whats more messed up rainbow factory or this movie

    zackary hanlinzackary hanlin4 dager siden
  • Holy shit i never saw the movie but seeing this kill count wow man i should really see the movie one day

    SlickSucksSlickSucks4 dager siden
  • James saying “fuck you” to the cluckers is my favorite thing.

    Tyler FTyler F4 dager siden
  • This is a small thing, but Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is not what the mother has in this movie. It is brought on by childhood trauma and involves having multiple personalities. You can dissociate without having DID, as it is in the movie. Dissociation is a disconnect with reality (zoning out on the highway and arriving at your destination without remembering how you got there is a form of simple dissociation). Severe dissociation causes a lot of problems. DID is a specific disorder with a very specific set of symptoms. Other than that, great episode. Such a sad movie.

    Olivia Penelope HopeOlivia Penelope Hope4 dager siden
  • Have you read anialation it is my favorite book ever by far

    Theodore LovelaceTheodore Lovelace4 dager siden
  • 14:15 anybody see the door open and someone moving or is that just steve getting the water

    Connor McCreadieConnor McCreadie4 dager siden
  • The ending was fucking dope. Please cut hair and bring back beard.

    ugh, as if!ugh, as if!4 dager siden
  • Sometimes I imagine that James voice is like corpses voice

    Royal CamiRoyal Cami4 dager siden
  • You're a NOworld hero james, love what you do my friend.

    Bryce StrifeBryce Strife4 dager siden
  • I collect miniatures so now I'm uncomfortable

    Crimson foxCrimson fox4 dager siden
  • No hate to the producers or anything but am I the only one that’s thinks this movie is a bit stupid..?

    BTS TaehyungBTS Taehyung4 dager siden
  • I have a question for the moment before the kills ... What are those!

    Landon PollworthLandon Pollworth4 dager siden
  • 14:14 look at the right of the screen in the door when the lights turn on. Have fun sleeping :)

    Cole AndersonCole Anderson5 dager siden
  • Lol the emergency food made an appearance in this video 😂 btw I’m talking about paimon from Genshin impact in case I don’t get it

    Guinyavere IclynGuinyavere Iclyn5 dager siden
  • PAIMON IS NOT EMERGENCY FOOD!!! Paimon is,,,,,p⃠a⃠i⃠m⃠o⃠n⃠ i⃠s⃠ h⃠u⃠n⃠g⃠r⃠y⃠y⃠y⃠

    tenshiixtenshiix5 dager siden
  • Holy shit, that's Alex Wolff?! While, I do hope that he takes better care of himself while performing, I am glad to learn that he's a better actor than his brother. The Western version of Death Note was a complete mess, though, so I guess I could cut Nat some slack.

    Critical Gaming ChannelCritical Gaming Channel5 dager siden
  • Is it just me or does the voice of Charli look like the girl version of the voice of Dustin from Stranger Things

    The Faceless ChannelThe Faceless Channel5 dager siden
  • Yep, the last 5 minutes hurt the movie a little. If it would've cut right after he went out the window it would be more of a masterpiece.

    Donald DavisDonald Davis5 dager siden
  • 😳

    WalterWalter5 dager siden
  • You should watch house of bones

    Deven440Deven4405 dager siden
  • "well f*ck past james" like bro, as a comedian you're easily one of the funniest people on yt 😂😂

    StevenRobertsStevenRoberts5 dager siden
  • yo james thanks for being a safe haven because this movie is legit creepy as heck

    StevenRobertsStevenRoberts5 dager siden
  • When you said that was Gabriel Byrne I audibly responded. “There’s no way that’s Gabriel Byrne.” How did he end up in this flick?

    ShoulderShotShoulderShot5 dager siden
  • that one scene was set up so well that my jaw was dropped. great delivery James!

    BSimmsBSimms5 dager siden
  • That last scene was way more freaky and uncomfortable than James makes it out to be

    Hurlee StokesHurlee Stokes5 dager siden
  • This video breaks down this phenomenal film perfectly

    Lola TangieLola Tangie5 dager siden