Horror Lockdown with Mike Dougherty (Dead Meat Podcast #104)

26. mai. 2020
70 022 Ganger

James and Chelsea are joined by writer/director Mike Dougherty (Trick ‘r Treat, Krampus, Godzilla: King of the Monsters) to discuss why horror fans are uniquely equipped to handle a pandemic.
Mike & Evan’s video “EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW TO SURVIVE COVID-19 I LEARNED BY WATCHING SCIFI & HORROR MOVIES” noworld.info/video/video/tIfJi52PyJ3Zt5Y.html
Find Mike Dougherty online:
IG: instagram.com/instamikedougherty/
Twitter: twitter.com/Mike_Dougherty
You’re not alone even if you’re lonely during all this, and if you need someone to talk to, visit nami.org or call 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization.
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  • I love him he's amazing. Trick r treat is one of my all time favorite movies! He's fckin great!👍

    Stephii LovelessStephii Loveless29 dager siden
  • Mike seems like such a cool dude, great director and then can also just chill and fanboy over his favourite horrors

    Mr 3 MachineMr 3 MachineMåned siden
  • I don't know Michael meet Dead Meat.I love Michael so much.

    Agazilla04Agazilla042 måneder siden
  • I, as a horror fan myself, do believe that horror fans and more equipped and prepared than the average person in a life threatening event

    GraysonFrigginPayneGraysonFrigginPayne3 måneder siden
  • I think also with the people who refuse to wear masks and want stuff to reopen, they're people who've almost always gotten their way in life and don't want to make even the slightest change. They're privileged individuals, basically.

    Mist-heartMist-heart3 måneder siden
  • So true that the fear and panic generated by people is far scarier than any virus. Unless you're watching The Thing or Alien😳

    Emma McbrideEmma Mcbride3 måneder siden
  • This crossover is something me and many other people have wanted for so long.

    J MarcopulosJ Marcopulos3 måneder siden
  • Thank you for helping to make myself known Mike

    Gojira 1954Gojira 19544 måneder siden
  • Anybody know what the thumbnail is from?

    MegaAmir46MegaAmir465 måneder siden
  • One of my favorite directors who really needs to make more films

    Raptor ClawRaptor Claw5 måneder siden
  • Nice and deppressing.

    TheHighNoonSaloonTheHighNoonSaloon5 måneder siden
  • James spoke like 5 words the whole time lol

    saltitupsaltitup5 måneder siden
  • I love krampus

    IconzFTWIconzFTW5 måneder siden
  • Please please please watch haunt on shudder and do a podcast on it. It’s one of my fav horror movies of recent time

    Anthony CastanonAnthony Castanon5 måneder siden
  • First time listening. Great show. I was just thinking about Dawn of the Dead 1978 the other day.

    GooseGoose5 måneder siden
  • Thank you for always brightening up my days with your videos James and Chelsea!

    Jyrena GueyeJyrena Gueye5 måneder siden
  • KILL count the Romero Movies!!!!!

    Brian SilvaBrian Silva5 måneder siden
  • Know what? James isn't the star of this channel. Neither is Lucy or even Chelsea. Its how these two look at eachother, get yourself a guy/girl that looks at you like these guys look at eachother.

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ5 måneder siden
  • Do a kill count on jeepers creepers

  • James always looks happy with the beard.

    BobbalsBobbals6 måneder siden
  • Could you guys maybe do a review of final girl 2015 once ? I personally really like that movie, it has some kind of fake feel for me the head character looks almost like a Barbie doll, and the lighting is really weird and amazing. It’s on Netflix in the Netherlands so I don’t know if it is in America but I guess you can watch Netflix from every country with nordvpn. Oh By the way if you never watched it don’t watch the trailer I personally think it shows too much of the movie.

    Thibo MeurkensThibo Meurkens6 måneder siden
  • Oh please yes have him back for a monsters/kaijus episode!! Please please pleaseeee 💕 (btw I love your headphones Chelsea 😍)

    María GonzálezMaría González6 måneder siden
  • What about those of us who have no choice but to face the virus in order to continue to live? We all cant sit at home and expect something to go back to

    Brian WaalaBrian Waala6 måneder siden
  • Michael Dougherty is probably one of the most underrated directors in Hollywood.

    Blackadder5Blackadder56 måneder siden
  • God I love Dead Meat❤💙💯

    Uziel YanezUziel Yanez6 måneder siden
  • Horror fans, otakus and neckbeards feel very prepped for this situation

    LycanDeMorteLycanDeMorte6 måneder siden
  • Jeepers Creepers

    Christian DaleChristian Dale6 måneder siden
    • Never going to happen.

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • I got super excited for a second, thinking you guys were going full Soul Coughing with this podcast. But hey, this MIke is cool as well.

    DrumboardistDrumboardist6 måneder siden
  • Dude I can't wait for more of Mike on Dead Meat.

    Revoltech WormRevoltech Worm6 måneder siden
  • 24:49

    HeelTurnHeelTurn6 måneder siden
  • Hey James I have an idea you should do a silent hill kill count I never seen the movies but I think it be cool to do

    ice foxice fox6 måneder siden
  • Do silent hill please I am new.

    Magnus FergusonMagnus Ferguson6 måneder siden

    Gavin MabryGavin Mabry6 måneder siden
  • I love your channel, guys. But I’m a little disappointed how Chelsea has been handling political situations on social media. I’m not trying to judge, I’m just saying that it seems too biased. And a lot of what she says just adds to the fire

    Nightwolf 88Nightwolf 886 måneder siden
    • Chelsea is a private citizen with personal views, she is perfectly entitled to say them on her own Twitter account. You don't agree with her, that's cool but you can't tell her not to speak her mind.

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • Can you do a kill count for would you rather

    KnowledgeOfGamesKnowledgeOfGames6 måneder siden
  • its different for where you live. I live in open area farm/suburban town. Im a massive horror fan, but I don't wear a mask ;-)

    Shoge KimuraShoge Kimura6 måneder siden
  • do dawn of the dead (1978) kill count please

    Jesse GordonJesse Gordon6 måneder siden
  • Gonna say again do the devil's rejects movies dont even care if it's all censored just need to hear ur commentary on it

    Norap JoshNorap Josh6 måneder siden
  • Can you do a kill count about jeepers creepers

    MrMouseguapoMrMouseguapo6 måneder siden
    • He never will, sorry.

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • this is off topic but you should look at tom clancy's the division it matches this scenario we are in

    Drumple ThunderDrumple Thunder6 måneder siden
  • Can you try and do “The platform” on Netflix has amazing character development and real world problems with religion

    TomsSecretAdmirerTomsSecretAdmirer6 måneder siden
    • Podcast #98 is the episode that they discuss it

      Hunter HallHunter Hall6 måneder siden
  • Dead meat you should do doctor sleep. Like so dead meat sees.

    Jonny2kJonny2k6 måneder siden
  • Can you get a VR and play Super Hot VR and count the kills? p.s. I love your videos but now im obsessed with horror movies.

    Celeste WidolffCeleste Widolff6 måneder siden
  • Love It. Your channel Helps me thru. Front desk at a mental health agency. God Bless.. be safe

    William MackeyWilliam Mackey6 måneder siden
  • When are you going to do a kill count of zombie land double tap

    Brendon AtilanoBrendon Atilano6 måneder siden
  • James pls review grave robbers it's a Mexican slasher but I would reccomend

    justin gayjustin gay6 måneder siden
  • James should really cover repo! the genetic opera. I heard its really good.

    ArmorKiller2006 ThompsonArmorKiller2006 Thompson6 måneder siden
    • It is, you should watch it.

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • You should start a new franchise paranormal Activity 1 2 3 4 and the ghost dimension and the marked ones.

    bad one toysbad one toys6 måneder siden
  • Can you interview James Rolfe aka Avgn

    lili chavezlili chavez6 måneder siden
  • my favourite horror movie is sleepaway camp but couldyou maybe do a kill count on gingerdead man pls

    Harley BrownHarley Brown6 måneder siden
  • Sorry to say, I’m a huge horror fan; but when I go into the grocery store, I don’t wear a mask. However, in places where it is required; I do. I have one handy. I do believe in the danger, I keep a respectful distance as I should, and constantly wash my hands. Constantly. Anyway, I may be taking the chance, and I am aware. I don’t disrespect anyone who does. I guess that’s inconsistent; but, here we are!

    Denise MatthewsDenise Matthews6 måneder siden
  • You should do a kill count for Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit😂

    MjMj6 måneder siden
    • Yeah, non-horror movies, I don't see it happening 😂

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • Oh wow

    Capτin ᴍᴀʀꜱʜᴍᴇʟʟᴏCapτin ᴍᴀʀꜱʜᴍᴇʟʟᴏ6 måneder siden
  • Please kill count The wrong turn franchise

    K LK L6 måneder siden
  • Do the 2 Collector movies for a kill count, I promise it will be worth it, sending love from Toronto Canada

    Christian NelsonChristian Nelson6 måneder siden
    • He won't, sorry.

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • How dead is this meat

    tacos lordtacos lord6 måneder siden
  • Can you cover snakes on a plane

    Manager Of the costume partyManager Of the costume party6 måneder siden
  • Hey James! I have an idea for the next Kill Count after that next one because I think it's Carrie right? Anyway. Unless it's done via patrons, could you do the 2017 movie Life? About an alien but it's great. Please take this into consideration!

    Donovan OttoDonovan Otto6 måneder siden
    • Requests are done by email- deadmeatmovies@gmail.com but it won't be right after Carrie, he has his schedule sorted for now. :)

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • Do a kill count and would you rather

    Chemz GamingChemz Gaming6 måneder siden
  • Can you do the kill count of jeepers creeperz

    Iplaygames09Iplaygames096 måneder siden
    • He won't, sorry, he doesn't want to support the director.

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • I cannot wait if James kill count’s 2012

    Michael LMichael L6 måneder siden
    • He won't, it's not a horror movie.

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • do a quite place 2020 kill count

    Plu1090Plu10906 måneder siden
    • It's not out yet and there is zero point in telling him to cover a sequel to a movie he's done.

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • any one else think of quarantine like trying to survive the purge??? shotguns ready to defend your toilet paper!

    j koehlerj koehler6 måneder siden
  • James when are u gonna do a kill count on rec 2

    Dwarf on YTDwarf on YT6 måneder siden
  • I'd like to see a 'perfect blue' kill count, though there aren't a lot of kills in it😅

    rishirishi6 måneder siden
  • Hi dead meat can u do a the meg kill count or shark tornado love your channel

    Beau DreamsBeau Dreams6 måneder siden
  • Fauci is not like dreyfuss. Fauci creeps me out

    dirty06maggotdirty06maggot6 måneder siden
  • So Mike Wanna Grow A Beard 😂

    Geranamooo SennaGeranamooo Senna6 måneder siden
  • I just thought about this.... but with there be a kill count on Jeepers Creepers... dare I say trilogy.

    Steady BlockSteady Block6 måneder siden
    • Dang.... I just thought of it lol... understandable....

      Steady BlockSteady Block6 måneder siden
    • There never will be, sorry. He doesn't want to support the director.

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • You neef to do a kill count for the conjuring franchise please😩

    CCP PlaysCCP Plays6 måneder siden
    • Some of those movies have zero kills, though, not not sure how he can.

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • Can you do a kill count on the ritual

    Oscar KaniaOscar Kania6 måneder siden
  • Can you please do a kill count on monster squad

    Lil PeanutLil Peanut6 måneder siden
  • hey dead meat do a kill count for the invisible man

    Air panda 47 JR BrooksAir panda 47 JR Brooks6 måneder siden
  • Can u do terminator?

    Elijah AizonElijah Aizon6 måneder siden
  • Do Zombieland double tap

    JPK DTWJPK DTW6 måneder siden
  • Early!

    SadieSadie6 måneder siden
  • Your channel is awesome James me and my brother watch you all day keep up the good work

    Av3ryAv3ry6 måneder siden
  • Near Christmas time or whenever you want, you should do a kill count on Black Christmas (2019)

    Derpy BaconDerpy Bacon6 måneder siden
  • can james do the velocipastor (2018)

    VeeVee6 måneder siden
  • Dead meat it would make my day if you did a kill count on "the Happening"!

    Gaming GeekGaming Geek6 måneder siden
  • Here is a horror movie you should do! Its called The Ritual. its a really good one(Its on nextflix)

    AsherAsher6 måneder siden
  • james cover on kill count a quiet place 2

    The Kid Gabe the BabeThe Kid Gabe the Babe6 måneder siden
    • There is no point telling him to cover a sequel to a movie he's covered, dude, he'll do it when he can. However, it's not even out until September and he can't do it until it's out on Blu-ray.

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • Hey can you cover the movie "Triassic world" yes it actually exists and I want to know the kill count in it, I lost a bet....

    Mozambique With hop upMozambique With hop up6 måneder siden
  • You're one of the best NOworld or's ever

    Ben BakerBen Baker6 måneder siden
  • can you do wrong turn serious

    Jefferson Manzanarez-VilledaJefferson Manzanarez-Villeda6 måneder siden
  • Are you ever going to make a kill count on the conjuring movies? They are really good and the first two are some of my favorite.

    Fish_waffle_ CustomsFish_waffle_ Customs6 måneder siden
    • I doubt he can, some of those movies have zero kills.

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • Can you do kill count for the exorcist 😁

    Hunger_ Games_451Hunger_ Games_4516 måneder siden
  • Today is my birthday 🎂 I

    Vicky ShultzVicky Shultz6 måneder siden
  • Don’t care that it’s not horror but Deadpool or Deadpool 2

    Broken RuinsBroken Ruins6 måneder siden
    • Why ask, if you know it'll never happen, though? Serious question.

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • New horror movie comes out. Not on illegal streaming website? No problem, James got u

    RikatoRikato6 måneder siden
  • Day 2 of asking James to count the deaths in Harry Potter

    Alexi FeltonAlexi Felton6 måneder siden
    • They're not horror movies, don't waste your time :)

      Jimmy BJimmy B6 måneder siden
  • Can you do the kill count on the terminator movie's I'm a big fan of them

    Corbin OlivierCorbin Olivier6 måneder siden
  • And the ring as well

    Luis Emilio LiconaLuis Emilio Licona6 måneder siden
  • Or Marvel venom

    Luis Emilio LiconaLuis Emilio Licona6 måneder siden
  • Do the ghost rider Next

    Luis Emilio LiconaLuis Emilio Licona6 måneder siden
  • Put Terminator robots on the kill count next

    Luis Emilio LiconaLuis Emilio Licona6 måneder siden
  • you should do a silent hill kill count

    Thrasherzz XThrasherzz X6 måneder siden
  • Thanks for that break in the middle. You really didn't need to do that, but the fact that you did just proves why you guys are my favourite people. Be good people, everyone.

    Gary KingGary King6 måneder siden
  • Do the Terminator🤖🔫 next

    Luis Emilio LiconaLuis Emilio Licona6 måneder siden
  • Do Jeff the killer movie Like if you want him to do it

    Christina CrespiChristina Crespi6 måneder siden