House of 1000 Corpses (2003) KILL COUNT

4. sep.. 2020
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**I made a mistake at 16:15 and accidentally called George Wydell's actor Larry Redgrave - the actor's name is Tom Towles, and Larry Redgrave was his character's name in Halloween and ALSO at 16:31 and said Mary when I meant to say Denise. My bad!**
Sid Haig Interview at the Mile High Horror Film Festival
From Groovey.TV
Rob Zombie on Making House of 1,000 Corpses | Joe Rogan
From JRE Clips
What Exactly Is A Fiji Mermaid?
From Ripley's Believe It or Not!
Harvard's FeeJee mermaid
From Harvard University
Rob Zombie's Memorabilia Tour
From Shudder
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    Dead MeatDead Meat2 måneder siden
    • Republican or Democrat? I hope your Republican cuz I am too.

    • Have you heard of MERKINS?

      bokiller33bokiller338 dager siden
    • Nice Star Wars reference at 5:16

      OscOsc14 dager siden
    • And in 24:47

      Joseph Anthony Papo papoiscool Ortega, jr.Joseph Anthony Papo papoiscool Ortega, jr.18 dager siden
    • And in 24:48

      Joseph Anthony Papo papoiscool Ortega, jr.Joseph Anthony Papo papoiscool Ortega, jr.18 dager siden
  • Thank you for the flashing lights warning. Thank you.

    horsegranolahorsegranola6 timer siden
  • @10:09 Nice Saving Private Ryan reference James. 😂

    T-G_STEVET-G_STEVE16 timer siden
  • Saw this in theaters when it first came out. When Otis is about to shoot officer Nash, that long pause, someone yelled "BANG!" in the theaters, making everyone jump. Absolutely brilliant. 😂

    SwampFox2020SwampFox2020Dag siden
  • You Look .....diffrend😂 Like James hedfield 😂

    Tim KrauseTim KrauseDag siden
  • i watched this movie so many Lol

    Mike BoyerMike BoyerDag siden
  • James looks like the distant uncle that always wheres a leather jacket and has a motorbike

    maca reynamaca reynaDag siden
  • cherry moon zombie is the serial killer version of belle delphine

  • Oh God! Why? Why did you do this to your face?

    Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin2 dager siden
  • Hi james :) I'm buying House of 1000 corpses, 3 from hell and the Devils Rejects because of your kill counts, thank youuuu!!!

    bedlbugbedlbug2 dager siden
  • Oh thaaaat's what all the Habit stuff was about in EverymanHYBRID

    JaytheradicalJaytheradical2 dager siden
  • What's up with my guys haircutttt

    aTxG KappzaTxG Kappz2 dager siden
  • is it just me or did anyone else wanna click off right when they saw his hair? it look like fucking shit like real bad shit

    Dewayne DunnDewayne Dunn3 dager siden
  • *chicken noises intensify"

    Doodle BugDoodle Bug3 dager siden
  • I sometimes find myself coming back here just for the robbery segment. Captain Spaulding's lines are just hilarious for me and I love it. If it weren't for the whole murderous psychopath part he seems like he would be just unhinged enough to be really fun to talk and hang out with.

    CerilexCerilex3 dager siden
  • I ain’t used to this mustache I like his old one :>

  • 14:48

    Mini MonsterMini Monster4 dager siden
  • 30 of oct is my bd lol

    Snuggles RULZSnuggles RULZ4 dager siden
  • Holy shit, I just started bingeing Dead Meat again and James’s Mustache almost gave me a heart attack!

    Tristan BucknerTristan Buckner5 dager siden
  • Haha I love the Private. Ryan reference!

    ViincxentViincxent5 dager siden
  • You should do 2001 maniacs

    Caitlin ReadCaitlin Read5 dager siden
  • ....white people ... hahah..

    ReganMarceLisReganMarceLis6 dager siden
  • are we all just gonna ignore this mans hair glowup

    S4ngw0o _0hS4ngw0o _0h6 dager siden
  • Looking super sexy with that zappa. But for real love what you do and a highly regarded POB for your opening statements. Everyone should exercise their right to vote and be heard, because we are one of the only countries with that right and the only country in the world to have the right of free speech. Respect my man

    Richard GrissomRichard Grissom7 dager siden
  • Tiger king

    Juan RodriguezJuan Rodriguez7 dager siden
  • I remember walking downstairs late at night when I was a child and my older brother was watching this movie and it was right during the fishboy scene and I was scarred for life

    Paige JeansPaige Jeans7 dager siden
  • I’m a little shocked you didn’t cover his film 31

    Kenny YungKenny Yung7 dager siden

    Marie SanchezMarie Sanchez8 dager siden
  • Bunny James haunts my dreams

    I love CheeseI love Cheese9 dager siden
  • the house probably only had 986 corpses and the 14 deaths made it 1000 corpses

    LodiiceLodiice9 dager siden
  • Even tho the movie made me feel..very hella uncomfortable even though they did amazing at it which is the point but 6:09 is one of my favorite scenes 😂😂😂

    Minty SkullzMinty Skullz10 dager siden
  • Odis reminds me of dirtier Trevor

    Dominic SeybertDominic Seybert10 dager siden
  • So I watched this movie. The best way I could describe it is "I can't watch, but I can not turn away." with a little mix of of "What the hell is happening." Yet I watched it all. It was kind of like Terrifier.

    hopegirl518 Ashlynnhopegirl518 Ashlynn10 dager siden
  • I just can’t not see Dwight

    Cracker JackCracker Jack10 dager siden
  • I just realized that This is John Wayne Gacy I’m pretty sure it is atleast

    Alyson VicheAlyson Viche10 dager siden
  • God damn they swear more then me

    Tore ThorellTore Thorell10 dager siden
  • Im thinking maybe.... 1000 kills.

    JackWasHereJackWasHere10 dager siden
  • Me: ok let’s count some ki- James: **mustache**

    Luca’s STUDIOLuca’s STUDIO10 dager siden
  • Please go back to your original look

    Connor ShawConnor Shaw10 dager siden
  • Our government is trash. Don’t plug for them. The election was fraudulent and if you can’t handle horror movies then don’t “kill count” them you sensitive simp

    brett linthicumbrett linthicum11 dager siden
  • AT&T ehehehegwgwgwgwgwgwgwy2gwgwg

    AntuaneAntuane11 dager siden
  • I really 👍 Rob zombie_vision 😀😉💯✌

    Rico BellRico Bell11 dager siden
  • Every time he says Hellbilly I think of Elvis Hitler and their 1989 album Hellbilly. They are a fun band. I have Disgraceland on cassette, haha.

    SyraxiaSyraxia11 dager siden
  • o fucking 💘 Rob zombie😀😀😀✌✌💯

    Rico BellRico Bell11 dager siden
  • I love how raw Rob Zombie movies are

    GreenFroppy 212GreenFroppy 21211 dager siden
  • James in a rabbit hat is not something that I knew I needed.

    Susanna LainSusanna Lain11 dager siden
  • My man wtf happened your beard your hair no my guy😂

    Victor PalomboVictor Palombo11 dager siden

    rxckless -_-rxckless -_-11 dager siden
  • I can't I'm 14

    ttenkkittenkki11 dager siden
  • Im not even out o middle school i cant get a census lmfao

    Łunàr FréãkŁunàr Fréãk11 dager siden
  • He should make a video saying he has mentioned every horror movie and then he should make a different channel and just start posting the kill counts there instead

    Ilze BruzusIlze Bruzus11 dager siden
  • hey missed ya took a 2 year break from you dead meat

    ramenramen11 dager siden
  • its dwite

    Ambrose MasoniusAmbrose Masonius12 dager siden
  • That 80s coolguy stache ain't workin for ya

    Rhubartu the SaiyanRhubartu the Saiyan12 dager siden
  • 6:44 most of all f!ck you *boom* *boom* *boom*

    rxckless -_-rxckless -_-12 dager siden
  • Rank the Halloween series please.

    Roman SmithRoman Smith12 dager siden
  • I’m not a scaredy cat but this one is just confusing

    Kai Beighley-LarameeKai Beighley-Laramee12 dager siden
  • ''we all deserve to have our voices heard'' - thousands and thousands of ballots go uncounted... ahaha

    J kJ k12 dager siden
  • Who is this creature who has an insatiable love for the dead?

    Dr. EveryDr. Every13 dager siden

    Bilal AmirBilal Amir13 dager siden

    Jason TurleyJason Turley13 dager siden
  • ngl baby acts like a freaking baby

    Leah MortonLeah Morton13 dager siden
  • James face inspection

    The Nick kidThe Nick kid14 dager siden
  • Mama? FireFly?

    Mr. FireFlyMr. FireFly14 dager siden
  • Firefly Trilogy Great Call

    Mr. FireFlyMr. FireFly14 dager siden
  • Bruh I haven’t been to this channel in so long James has a beard

    NobleX1NobleX114 dager siden
  • wouldn't have been surprised if there had been an uncle who was just Beetlejuice.

    This is JerryThis is Jerry14 dager siden
  • No tangibles specifically for FBA'S no vote!

    American FittyAmerican Fitty14 dager siden
  • Nice Mustache Dude

    Skipper FishySkipper Fishy14 dager siden
  • 8:48 is that the confederate flag on his hat💀🏃🏽‍♀️

    KhamiltateKhamiltate16 dager siden
  • Spaulding is a funny and favorite character

    Ninja Fire WolfNinja Fire Wolf17 dager siden
  • biggest sell out on NOworld channel is pure trash

    brolo swaginsbrolo swagins17 dager siden
  • Ur hair sucks

    Danielle HornDanielle Horn17 dager siden
  • nice

    Radin KillerRadin Killer17 dager siden
  • why the good t

    Hails SKHails SK18 dager siden
  • Gardner Minshew?

    Austin HellandAustin Helland18 dager siden
  • Vote in person. (Early voting doesn't give you the ability to change your mind.)

    17 7617 7618 dager siden
  • This guys new haircut and mustache makes him look like les claypools les wierd cousin names ces laypool

    Elish ,O'S meme channelElish ,O'S meme channel18 dager siden
  • When did his hair change

    Kiddie Bro DopeKiddie Bro Dope18 dager siden
  • Hey Walton gogins was in the hateful 8 you can’t forget that!!

    Dudley diddler dip reviewer I’m a cow grazerDudley diddler dip reviewer I’m a cow grazer18 dager siden
  • Nice stash bruv🤙

    Dalton McCrackenDalton McCracken18 dager siden
  • I know its movie logic and all that but a cop would have probably called backup telling where there location is making more cops going there overrunning them and they would also put up a fight as if they have a weapon they are allowed to shoot back until they feel the threat is gone

    Liam ArcherLiam Archer18 dager siden
  • Pause here 12:35 Thank me later

    that _ random _ guythat _ random _ guy18 dager siden
  • "old matt Damon" i hope people get that lol

    Brent GuernseyBrent Guernsey19 dager siden
  • Not saying its bad but I can’t really take you seriously with that look it is good

    NSunscriptedNSunscripted19 dager siden
  • Looks very different

    HaloMaster BlackDeathHaloMaster BlackDeath19 dager siden
  • damn I thought this vid was released years ago due to the hair 😂

    default sherab7default sherab719 dager siden
  • Yeah Americans register to vote and have it stolen, great advice

    trevorj3838trevorj383819 dager siden
  • I hate Rob Zombie but I guess this movie is alright even though it’s a Texas Chainsaw Massacre rip off.

    Joshua NesbittJoshua Nesbitt19 dager siden

    Morgan SchaeferMorgan Schaefer19 dager siden
  • It was house of a thousand “courses “ not kills

    Sam FisherSam Fisher20 dager siden
  • 23:30 Otis finishes changing into some high priest attire and presents a funeral pyre. They light Mary's body on fire. Was this intentional, or..?

    Aaron VallaAaron Valla20 dager siden
  • i cant help it but man that goatee is killing me

    Yeetman SupremeYeetman Supreme20 dager siden
  • Old Matt Damon omg😂

    Zachery BarrettZachery Barrett20 dager siden
  • People need to stop complaining in the comments, you know people were gonna be killed in this movie. Why else would it be called a Kill Count, hmm... I wonder if people will be killed in this movie? If you come here to see rainbows and unicorns then your in the wrong place. Of course he is gonna warn you about the sexaul content, because you don't know for sure that it will be in the film. So everyone chill yourself and enjoy the video, I'm tired of seeing the stupid comments about it. Kill is litarly in the title, if thats not enough of a warning for you then I don't know what is.

    BEV!NBEV!N20 dager siden
  • 9:29 my favorite part

    Cor Xius1Cor Xius121 dag siden
  • 16:48 My mom when she finds out I got a F.

    Brick Assault ProductionsBrick Assault Productions22 dager siden
  • So are you thinking about doing more rob zombie kill Count movies ?

    Sophie HaddockSophie Haddock22 dager siden

    Jeremiah LocustJeremiah Locust22 dager siden
  • Nice haircut dude 👍🏻

    Bray GamingBray Gaming23 dager siden