I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (2006) KILL COUNT

19. juni. 2020
2 176 859 Ganger

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    Dead MeatDead Meat5 måneder siden
    • @Kimani Malawo true

      I post anythingI post anything15 dager siden
    • No

      DA_Jelly FishDA_Jelly Fish17 dager siden
    • This is when slashers stopped being scary

      Kimani MalawoKimani MalawoMåned siden
    • You sound like you want to watch thankskilling more than this

      I post anythingI post anythingMåned siden
    • Nice

      I post anythingI post anythingMåned siden
  • You should do one on Sorority Row from 2009

    Allison TattersonAllison Tatterson3 timer siden
  • I know the actress who plays Zoe from somewhere

    DoomCookie 87DoomCookie 87Dag siden
  • I know what you- Who doesn't

    King BenKing Ben2 dager siden
  • Me to : Captain America Civil War 0:15

    Anson Octoling GachaAnson Octoling Gacha3 dager siden
  • “ I mean it seems unoriginal and cash grabby but there’s some effort and cool scenes so far, I don’t see why James hates this so much.” 15:07 “Someone in the cast needs to die”

    Shizamza ShazamShizamza Shazam3 dager siden
  • James.... man you good?

    Aaliyah FrancisAaliyah Francis3 dager siden
  • This film came out direct to DVD because if the cinema put it on, they’d go out of buisness

    Lil Miss JewysonLil Miss Jewyson3 dager siden
  • Don't worry James I know it feels with this stupid movie

    Anson Octoling GachaAnson Octoling Gacha3 dager siden
  • This video just makes you know that james in fucking over this. James hates this but u can’t rlly see it can u?(sarcasm)

    Popya PopePopya Pope4 dager siden
  • James just went straight into the kills without talking about how this movie came to be, that’s how you know how bad this movie is.

    Ryan ParksRyan Parks4 dager siden
  • Bro I knew that the fisherman was a zombie as soon as I saw the thumbnail

    bob glomebob glome4 dager siden
  • We didn’t even get the “Let’s get to the kills!” Line here wow he hated this lol

    Ty WalkerTy Walker5 dager siden
  • James "this movie fucking sucks" cuts to "The Kills" screen, the best.

    WHATS HORROR ?WHATS HORROR ?5 dager siden
  • He called them tagonist

    Edgar GloverEdgar Glover5 dager siden
  • This is like a bad fan made film that gets too much attention

    gamerkids 12gamerkids 125 dager siden
  • The worst one in the series

    Toby vhqsqfan28Toby vhqsqfan285 dager siden
  • I guess you really hated this movie,your reactions were awful haha do it again.

    Chishi HikhuChishi Hikhu6 dager siden
  • I think James likes this movies

    Jack EastonJack Easton6 dager siden
  • I wish I didn’t know what you did last summer

    Jack EastonJack Easton6 dager siden
  • This movie is really bad

    Jack EastonJack Easton6 dager siden
  • Worse than Saw 3D Worse than Thankskilling Worse than Lep in Space Worse than Jack Frost Wore than GODDAMN Wrong Turn 6

    Knight-Captain RosswellKnight-Captain Rosswell6 dager siden
  • you can really feel the anger in his voice while he talks about this movie. it's amazing, he just really hates this film

    bebbebopbebbebop6 dager siden
  • His voice is so monotone, I like it

    Retarded APERetarded APE6 dager siden
  • ahem. this is the most retarded movie I’ve ever seen. me going to watch it but then getting upset that this isn’t even close to the first one. “chicks... dog the hair.” NO THEY DONT

    hxrrxr. fanatichxrrxr. fanatic8 dager siden
  • damn that intro though😂

    Ayden JonesAyden Jones8 dager siden
  • "This movie fuckin sucks." Hearing that from james before it even started was all I needed to know😭😭

    Lil'_Akuma2298Lil'_Akuma22988 dager siden
  • should have been "welcome to the kill count where we tally up the kills in all our... horror movies."

    marley goodfellowmarley goodfellow9 dager siden
  • ~make it an exact copy but in the worst quality available that there arent even words to describe how shitty it is~

    Abby BAbby B10 dager siden
  • This is a stupid sequel of one of the best movies .

    Kelly SchallKelly Schall10 dager siden
  • * throws down this shit move and flips it off * that killed me XD

    Neat GamerNeat Gamer11 dager siden
  • Gotta love your very upfront hatred of this "stupid fucking movie" 😂😂😂

    RIP KarmaRIP Karma11 dager siden
  • I thought he was tired at first before revealing that he hates this movie.

    Joe KingJoe King12 dager siden
  • 11:57 what the fuck why does this film focus on her bellybutton

    Tropical WaveTropical Wave12 dager siden
  • James with any other movie: *Gives tons of information on a movies development and plot at the beginning of the movie, always getting people interested and settled in* James with this video: This movie fucking sucks.

    Tophat BoiTophat Boi13 dager siden
  • "I forgot what you did last summer"

    real applecider lolreal applecider lol13 dager siden
  • barn parties are they've got spots dog butt and picnic table grab ass and music that's my fav part in this video

    Lawrence JaramoLawrence Jaramo13 dager siden
  • Yea she into it

    Warren WestringWarren Westring14 dager siden
  • Calling it, it's the dad of the dead kid. God damn it, it's not. God damn it, it's the killer from the first two? Why?

    SapphirewingthefurrycriticSapphirewingthefurrycritic15 dager siden
  • I love James. He hates his movie and STILL covered it for us, he watches hundreds of horror movies and talks to the viewers as if he were discussing this movie with his friends.

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name15 dager siden
  • Right from the start you can just tell by the look that it's a terribly shitty home video movie..

    Rhubartu the SaiyanRhubartu the Saiyan15 dager siden
  • We need a fourth film called “I never knew what you did last summer”

    KumaoftheForestKumaoftheForest16 dager siden
  • This movie was crap. Plus how did zombie Ben grow his hand back? This movie was a total shit show lol

    Steve McGregorSteve McGregor16 dager siden
  • Sometimes I come back to this video solely for the introduction.

    Shîtshtreak McFůchfaceShîtshtreak McFůchface17 dager siden
  • James sounds like i really dont care to this shit movie🤣🤣but i need to count this awful killing😂

    Adna aripAdna arip17 dager siden
  • God James really hate this movie. 😂😂

    CorpsePartyCorpseParty18 dager siden
  • “Welcome to the kill count when whe tell ya off the victims in all our favourite horror movies Today we looking at I Always Now What You Did Last Summer” This movie fucking sucks...😔

    LucintdLucintd18 dager siden
  • He looks more in pain than when he covered Thankskilling xD

    animeluna115animeluna11519 dager siden
  • 15:06 Mr X

    Patrick HardyPatrick Hardy20 dager siden
  • You don't realize you may be slightly photosensitive until you watch this trash and get a headache 🤕🤕🤕

    I'm TMZI'm TMZ20 dager siden
  • "Where they find his dead body...His dead blinking body...."

    ベックスベックス21 dag siden
  • I actually weirdly like the title

    S.Irwinfan64S.Irwinfan6421 dag siden
  • He seems depressed with this vid

    Chase BonesteelChase Bonesteel22 dager siden
  • I know it's a slasher movie thing, but when the kid got the drop on the dude and stabbed him, he should've just kept stabbing the bejesus out of him! I guess it wouldn't matter though since for some reason ben is a zombie? Wtf hahaha guess it makes as much sense as any of it

    SealTeam RyxSealTeam Ryx22 dager siden
  • Does this movie has anything to do with the 2 first movies !????? I hope not lol cuz the first one was good

    George Dee LooGeorge Dee Loo22 dager siden
  • Oh my god James’ tone of voice says it all.

    CJPurplePrincessCJPurplePrincess23 dager siden
  • Any time James says "released direct to video" I know we're in for a bumpy ride

    Alex The HuntsmanAlex The Huntsman23 dager siden
  • wait who sent the text messages

    derpderp23 dager siden
  • It's sounds like he forced to sy this under torture consequences or ye being dragged dot a dentist

    Naoise MayNaoise May23 dager siden
  • God this movie was F’s horrible!... 🤨

    MRVMRV24 dager siden
  • You are really having to suffer man

    Cl1nical Depression #9Cl1nical Depression #924 dager siden
  • Reyes

    Serenity nowSerenity now24 dager siden
  • That swimming pool rhyme makes me hose myself everytime. You're a frikkin clown and we appreciate you for it.

    Lost Scrolls SketchbookLost Scrolls Sketchbook25 dager siden
  • U can tell James is fucking dying inside in the intro

    Ryan LeCountRyan LeCount25 dager siden
  • “This dump was squeezed out to video in 2006” hahahahahahaha

    Joseph SikorskiJoseph Sikorski25 dager siden
  • I didn't even realize this movie existed until this year and I wish I could go back. The entire premise makes little sense, they could have easily went to the police and go into little if any trouble.

    Brock with the potBrock with the pot25 dager siden
  • i don’t get what happened the previous summer

    Monika AMonika A25 dager siden
  • Zombie Ben Willis?!? SERIOUSLY??? How's big WAS that shark these people jumped?

    Lost Scrolls SketchbookLost Scrolls Sketchbook25 dager siden
  • This movie wasn’t that bad

    Wordsmith 430Wordsmith 43026 dager siden
    • Hardly a sequel, more like a somewhat remake of first movie (1997 one) Interesting plot of them covering up their friend's accidental death in a prank gone wrong and a "whodunit/who knows their secret" mystery Their mysterious stalker/killer is some demonic zombie of Willis (who believed to be urban legend and dead after first two films, and nothing to do PJ's death/their prank)?? Second half is worse than first half Favourite is David Paetkau as Colby - much larger role than in *_Final Destination 2_* as lottery winner guy Indeed, not all bad than I thought before yet not favourite movie of mine - give it average 4-5 / 10 rating

      Mark LynnMark Lynn24 dager siden
  • I absolutely love that this video was just him going to town on this movie while covering the kills.

    Dropt3kDropt3k26 dager siden
  • You know James I think i’m starting to fancy you

    Absolute AbsurdAbsolute Absurd26 dager siden
  • Love the enthusiasm

    paints :Dpaints :D26 dager siden
  • Colorado gang

    KC GaMeZKC GaMeZ26 dager siden
  • Why and how could it be the original Fisherman? Oh boy.

    Katrina MiddletonKatrina Middleton27 dager siden
  • this movie only had 0% on rotten tomatoes and %21 audience

    Joao AndradeJoao Andrade27 dager siden
  • The only thing worse than a bad slasher movie is an unfunny comedy where the title of said movie ends with "________ Movie"

    Mr.Classified 616Mr.Classified 61627 dager siden
  • I know what I won't do next summer ..

    John Patrick FayJohn Patrick Fay27 dager siden
  • Why was Ben Willson the killer? He didn’t know PJ and he died 9 FREAKIN YEARS BEFORE THIS MOVIE!!

    Aliyah JohnsonAliyah Johnson27 dager siden
    • @Evil Ashe this movie SUCKS

      Aliyah JohnsonAliyah Johnson25 dager siden
    • Exactly, this movie is made of excrement. All the people who made everything but haffners death were all in bong world probably. Because the movie couldn't think of anyone else to be the killer and just brought back the villain from the original as a zombie.

      Evil AsheEvil Ashe27 dager siden
  • Fun fact, the video for Seethers song "Remedy" was based on the carnival scene of this movie. Shaun Morgan (lead singer of Seether and director of the video) states in an interview "I wanted it to evoke the energy of a shitty horror movie. First one that came to mind was 'I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer.' I fuckin hate that movie." Music video here noworld.info/video/video/qYyxfrKNk5zb15o.html

    AlchemistAlchemist27 dager siden
  • Nice Thanos thumbnail

    Chip ManlyChip Manly27 dager siden
  • Next: _"chill , I don't even know what u did last summer"_

    KaranKaran27 dager siden
  • James why do you hate this movie 🍿 This movie release 2006 The year when I was born But not month or day But can you tell me why you hate this movie please

    Guillermo GardunoGuillermo Garduno27 dager siden
  • A piece of me dies everytime he says 'Halloween H2o' because its H 20

    kazuichi soudakazuichi souda27 dager siden
  • Now don’t quote me on this but I think he may hate this movie.

  • jc this moive suckss

    Landry WilliamsLandry Williams28 dager siden
  • Wait how is the zombie Ben Willis still not gone, it makes no sense cause he was shredded

    Rose WangRose Wang28 dager siden
  • how would he possibly be impaled by that tractors exhaust pipe?

    Lunar LegendLunar Legend28 dager siden
  • I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (2006) -------------------------- Director: Sylvain White -------------------------- Producers: Neal H. Moritz, Erik Feig -------------------------- Writer: Michael D. Weiss -------------------------- Starring: Brooke Nevin, David Paetkau, Torrey DeVitto, Ben Easter -------------------------- Composer: Justin Burnett -------------------------- Cinematographer: Stephen M. Katz -------------------------- Editor: David Checel -------------------------- Production Companies: Mandalay Entertainment, Original Film, Destination Films -------------------------- Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment -------------------------- Release Date: August 15, 2006 -------------------------- Runtime: 92 minutes

    Glamrock FreddyGlamrock Freddy29 dager siden
  • Ya boy slapped the dvd down at the end lol. I agree tho that movie sucks ass.

    ShakirShakirMåned siden
  • Slender man

    Nicolaus BenningtonNicolaus BenningtonMåned siden
  • Haahaah!! Hilarious...Thanks James.

    Bena DominguezBena DominguezMåned siden
  • 0:17:30 what did you do to the DVD?

    Jake HernandezJake HernandezMåned siden
  • whaat

    Andrew KiblerAndrew KiblerMåned siden
  • James looked like he hated this 😂😂😂😂😂

    Abdi IssakAbdi IssakMåned siden
  • Bruh how did that back stab not insta kill him he is useing inf health hack

  • Bro he smacks the move on the ground and flips it off LMAOOO

    ToonGamer StudiosToonGamer StudiosMåned siden
  • Next movie: I will FOREVER remember what you did last summer

    IsaacIsaacMåned siden
  • But.. it's always summer in Malaysia?

  • 14:05 he thought he was off the hook this time

    AtaderpAtaderpMåned siden
  • The movies horrible, I get that, but can I ask about the plot? Why the ever loving fuck were these guys even targeted? They didnt actually do anything? The first movies motivation was an accident, the second was a continuation. What reason did he have here? They didnt actually kill the kid, accident or otherwise. "Someone" moved the mats, and the guy jumped off a roof, if anything its manslaughter. And not something that the tagline "I know what you did last summer" can fit. They didnt do anything. Literally.

    Zayn HarperZayn HarperMåned siden