I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) KILL COUNT

12. juni. 2020
2 503 742 Ganger

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    Dead MeatDead Meat5 måneder siden
    • Brandy was the best Cinderella

      Rashad PrestonRashad Preston29 dager siden
    • This film is just fucking fantastic!

      ChanCeNecKChanCeNecKMåned siden
    • If you are on an island with killers and this wallet and the lifetime warranty you will definitely have it for the rest of your life cuz they are killers not robbers

      Brekken N/ABrekken N/AMåned siden
    • Did you do good on your Star Wars Supercuts last February Do you hope a super cut of Aw that’s nice and do your blu Ray collection soon

      Ethan The Movie GuyEthan The Movie Guy2 måneder siden
    • hi

      bugoy boybugoy boy3 måneder siden
  • B-tier? How very dare yo- Oh you like them too. We good.

    AtomicBananaPressAtomicBananaPress11 timer siden
  • I like how James just stopped when he said king of the north ahahaa

    Verbear !Verbear !14 timer siden
  • “Hey dude! You know a great place to propose to someone? The Fuckin Bahamas?!” 😭😂

    IonfuckncareIonfuckncareDag siden
  • "Hi dad."

    Francisco Cruz The Next-Gen GamerFrancisco Cruz The Next-Gen Gamer2 dager siden
  • It seems like these kills are really mean spirited. The hotel staff are just doing their jobs. No need to kill them. They could even be a help.

    scorne414scorne4143 dager siden
  • I named a Pokemon Rage Kage.

    scorne414scorne4143 dager siden
  • Can we all agree that Bill Cobbs is Samuel L Jackson minus the 10+ required F Bombs per movie?

    Maniacal StudiosManiacal Studios3 dager siden
  • I’ll never not know what you didn’t mean to do 3 summers ago

    Jack EastonJack Easton3 dager siden
  • “hey dude- you wanna know a great place to propose to someone? the fuckin bahamas!” i laughed harder than i should’ve

    WillaWilla3 dager siden
  • I actually just watched this

    Harrison MarrsilloHarrison Marrsillo3 dager siden
  • you should invite jack black on. hes on youtube now

    mennasmennas4 dager siden
  • I thought the gun didn't shoot cause Bobby Elvis did that on purpose in case Freddy Prince tried some shit. Dude was suspect asf trading his ring for the gun and demanding it be loaded.

    NoxZeroNoxZero4 dager siden
  • John Hawkes should have been in more movies.

    NoxZeroNoxZero4 dager siden
  • 5:56 I don’t get this reference could somebody explain please?

    PresentToast 889PresentToast 8895 dager siden
  • Jack Black?

    ¿Taklampan?¿Taklampan?6 dager siden
  • Him: “a voodoo subplot” Me: goddamnit that’s practically as bad as the “ancient native curse” or the “pagan death cult” y’all need to stop demonizing non Christian religions- wait protective spells? Yess finally

    OswinOswaldOswinOswald8 dager siden
  • Wait is that jack black in the thumbnail 😱😱😱

    Sunset CreationsSunset Creations9 dager siden
  • Wtf was that Lt spiers ?

    Nihaal SandimNihaal Sandim9 dager siden
  • Last night I watched the original lol

    Jex FNJex FN9 dager siden
  • Just so we're clear, instead of killing the remaining two people at any time back in the states, the killer uses his fisherman wealth to fly four people (and himself) to Brazil and put them up in a resort. Then he proceeds to kill everyone who works at the resort before even trying to kill the two people?

    TenTonNukeTenTonNuke10 dager siden
  • How did she shoot him 8 times with a six shooter?

    Dan WitzkeDan Witzke11 dager siden
  • Why would that idiot ray even want to go back to a place where all that murder happened? And then be mad at his lady because she’s scared. Horrible bf I would have broken up with him. He apparently didn’t care about her safety.

    Crow MoonCrow Moon12 dager siden
  • I guess the boy ended up being brandy’s lmao

    Crow MoonCrow Moon12 dager siden
  • I luv me some james

    Alex RoseAlex Rose12 dager siden
  • Brazil's capital is actually Cearáááá Porra Caralho

    Eu sou misterioso e o pessoal ta me caçandoEu sou misterioso e o pessoal ta me caçando13 dager siden
  • Next up “I have no idea what you did last summer but I’ll kill you anyways”

    KumaoftheForestKumaoftheForest14 dager siden
  • This film could of been a good cross over with Re-Animator

    KumaoftheForestKumaoftheForest14 dager siden
  • “Played by best Cinderella Brandy” That’s exactly right! 👏🏽👏🏽 I see you’re a man of culture.

    Kayla ProjectsKayla Projects14 dager siden
  • “I’m the King of the wooorld!” “King of the North!-wait” *cuts to the next scene* That part was great

    JackinaboxJackinabox15 dager siden
  • As an old man of 35, let me just say that during this time, Jennifer Love Hewitt was just about as hot as a girl could get, in my opinion.

    Adam LoringAdam Loring15 dager siden
  • Aint nobody killing Moesha lol

    Thomas HutsonThomas Hutson15 dager siden
  • Love that you watched this as much as I did as a kid 😂😂

    jkcarthronjkcarthron16 dager siden
  • Um the capital f Brazil is Brasília

    Benny LyibbnmjjmBenny Lyibbnmjjm16 dager siden
  • I'd marry Jenny any and every day

    Mr. KMr. K16 dager siden
  • Ironic how Brandy starred in this movie and in reality she killed someone and got away with it.

    Mr. KMr. K16 dager siden
  • So glad for all the tenacious d references

    SuperKirbyKorbyn Korbyn TaylorSuperKirbyKorbyn Korbyn Taylor17 dager siden
  • 12:55 that shit had my floored

    Stephen PlattStephen Platt18 dager siden
  • Rio isnt even the capital of brazil.. lol

    Jason SwitzerJason Switzer18 dager siden
  • Hahah you acknowledged the error about the shower!! Lol

    Jeremy OteroJeremy Otero20 dager siden
  • James I’m the king of the world wait LOL

    Matt RupelMatt Rupel20 dager siden
  • I don´t understand the whole "Ray stuff" joke. Can some body explain?

  • Ae gringos, passando aqui pra dizer que a capital do Brasil é Brasília, suave? E não, não é na Amazônia...

    Roberto TrajanoRoberto Trajano21 dag siden
  • I can’t stop watching and laughing at the part where James says “got your feet” before Julie is pulled under the bed.

    Robo_Goat543 RoboRobo_Goat543 Robo23 dager siden
  • Titus’s hair looks like blunts, no wonder why he likes to get high

    Yeet BruhYeet Bruh23 dager siden
  • The old teacher was like, “dem drugs sure do fuck you up”

    Yeet BruhYeet Bruh23 dager siden
  • Just wanted to say the movie was ok not too bad so stop saying it sucks..

    KaranKaran24 dager siden
  • Ben, the fisherman, really did Olga bad eh. Hook slash, hook stab and carry, and then runs her in the tumble dryer?

    JJ24 dager siden
  • My favorite line of this count: More RAY STUFFFFF!!!

    Evil AsheEvil Ashe25 dager siden
  • She fired a revolver 8 times.....

    Ben SherychBen Sherych25 dager siden
  • my fav parts of this episode: ray stuff and the fact that i noticed james always said will's full name for a reason

    Caitlin MayhewCaitlin Mayhew25 dager siden
  • Best part about this movie is the eerie acting of the reanimator guy. Love that dude

    Jebu911Jebu91125 dager siden
  • Fun fact: RIO DE JANEIRO IS NOT BRAZIL CAPITAL DUDE, our capital is brazilia

    Nicolas gelinskiNicolas gelinski26 dager siden
  • Remeber kids, be smart and study, especially geography.

    Nikola Neki PehNikola Neki Peh27 dager siden
  • How is Will just as psycho as his dad dang some stupid family stuff where a child or more follows their freaking parents path especially when they're parents are evil

    Rose WangRose Wang27 dager siden
  • my brother made a joke saying i know who you did last summer and i still know who you did last summer

    GibsonGibson27 dager siden
  • This beard is wwwwooooffffff.

    Salah BessisoSalah Bessiso27 dager siden
  • I didn’t like the 3 one because they never stuck to the original cast

    Quentin BishopQuentin Bishop28 dager siden
  • love me some ray stuff

    thejoysoflifethejoysoflife28 dager siden
  • Very entertaining movie great review

    rock climbing33rock climbing3328 dager siden
  • But..wait... Rio is not the capital of Brazil.

    Ramazan SamatRamazan Samat28 dager siden
  • 0:56 Turn subtitles on

    Waro is the gunWaro is the gun28 dager siden
  • But Rio isn't a capital)) Was the screenwriter bad at geography?

    Илья ЛичманИлья Личман28 dager siden
  • brasiliia, lil

    Zack AryanZack Aryan28 dager siden
  • "The kid of the north!!!" "wAiT"

    Aniruddh ChaturvediAniruddh Chaturvedi29 dager siden
  • Shouldn’t the sequel be called i know what you did 2 summers ago?

    Jack ReedyJack ReedyMåned siden
  • Question... How did the killer come from North Carolina to Bahamas within less than a day?

    BigChungusBigChungusMåned siden
  • Brandy was an icon throughout this movie. What did I say?

    SpencerLeveySpencerLeveyMåned siden
  • Surprisingly, Spongebob made a parody of IKWYDLS around 2014. It was weird as fuck

    Jameson IrisJameson IrisMåned siden
  • This series has the best names for their movies

    MercuryMercuryMåned siden
  • 14:48 I can’t stop laughing Here’s some more RAY STUFF

    JN StudiosJN StudiosMåned siden
  • 6:00 is he.. did James just make a Transformers: The Movie reference??

    Steve T.Steve T.Måned siden
  • did anyone else catch the joke “This is the best one handed camera man” during the scene where she undressed. well played

    BananaBread LegendaBananaBread LegendaMåned siden
  • I hate how characters in horror movies do that shit she shot him like 8 times in the chest like wtf I would've emptied the whole thing in his face

    John MendozaJohn MendozaMåned siden
  • The capital of Brazil now is Brasília

    Iain WalkerIain WalkerMåned siden
  • The good thing is, these Videos have such great re-wacht character because they are basically never outdated. James, your such a great host, and I love how much care and work you put into it. I can really notice that it pays of. Thanks for making these great videos. Much Love from Germany.

    B. St.B. St.Måned siden
  • The gun didn't fire at first because the bullets were wet that dosen't explain why it fires less then a min later but water will definitely mess with a revolvers bullets.

    Joey WalkerJoey WalkerMåned siden
  • what genre was he saying that music was? trip-hop?

    Fabio SuaveFabio SuaveMåned siden
  • “Ray stuff” is the best running gag since Slow-ass muthafuckin Jeff.

    Chris LeeChris LeeMåned siden
  • “ I still don’t give a shit about what you did last summer “.

    Randall PetroeljeRandall PetroeljeMåned siden
  • hes so creative with these puns and the kills

    zadz2zadz2Måned siden
  • between this and final destination i still haven't used a tanning bed

    cheebababecheebababeMåned siden
  • I used to have the BIGGEST crush on Freddie Prinze Jr.!

    Justin HopkinsJustin HopkinsMåned siden
  • The King of the North ... Wait?

    I was born I guessI was born I guessMåned siden
  • "Shot 8 times" _used a revolver_

    Tyler SimmonsTyler SimmonsMåned siden
  • Holy shit, did not know Jack Black was in this movie... Mind Blown.

    VR Gaming TherapyVR Gaming TherapyMåned siden
  • The capital of Brazil is Brasilia 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Shayne SinghShayne SinghMåned siden
  • 9/10 Not enough Ray stuff

    Jeff ConeJeff ConeMåned siden
  • Apparently the Third one actually confirms that JLH really Was killed at the end of this film. It wasn't a hallucination or dream like the First one. It's Stupid and doesn't make sense but apparently that's the case.

    1000000man11000000man1Måned siden
  • RAY GUN?!

    FreedeoxideFreedeoxideMåned siden
  • Club Dread Kill Count

    Nick TerlizziNick TerlizziMåned siden
  • Um wouldn’t the summer be 2 summers ago? If so, The movie title is wrong. It’s year later so the summer wouldn’t be LAST summer.

    ZeRoZeRoMåned siden
  • This is better than the following movie

    AcademicCabooseAcademicCabooseMåned siden
  • How are you better at acting than a movie writer is at making punny names?

    The Night RangerThe Night RangerMåned siden
  • The classic rayyyyyy stuffffffffff

    GrapeSauce .EGrapeSauce .EMåned siden
  • 2:21 A girl in the back looks like she’s done with julies sh*t

    Noah The IguanaNoah The IguanaMåned siden
  • : It was bad casting, Bobby.

    Commander ShepardCommander ShepardMåned siden
  • all hail the D!!

    Eric SteffenEric SteffenMåned siden
  • Why did the Willis’s kill all the random people on the island when their only target was Julie?

    king of games and animeking of games and animeMåned siden
    • Because they’re killers

      AcademicCabooseAcademicCabooseMåned siden
  • The ending of the movie got me all SHOOK.

    Robertz SideRobertz SideMåned siden