King Corbin on THE BIRDS! | What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

9. mai. 2020
216 276 Ganger

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  • 17:25 Fr, I was like, "tF you talking 'bout a lAtE dInNeR?"

    Monique SalazarMonique Salazar17 dager siden
  • James : *gets his camera stolen by a bird* Me : MR fLUFFY MC FLUFFLES DROP THE CAMERA RIGHT NOW Fluffy: no Me: yes

    MOVIE_GIRL2006MOVIE_GIRL2006Måned siden

    Corn GamingCorn GamingMåned siden
  • If this man can get Undertaker on here talking about Halloween (I just feel that’d be his choice for obvious reasons) he’d level up to super goat

  • I don't like corbin but he is a nice guy

    jay jackjay jackMåned siden
  • yes the king is here 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Julie DiazJulie DiazMåned siden
  • As a teen I love the birds more than a lot of the horror now

    Nolan NNolan N2 måneder siden
  • I didn't know King Corbin watch Ready or not movie ?👈

    Jim RamosJim Ramos2 måneder siden
  • You should make an kill count on Psycho in October

    LofiBoy 733LofiBoy 7332 måneder siden
  • 6:33 actually scared me

    ProsBrosProsBros2 måneder siden
  • 0:47, look at how Corbin towers over them lol

    MR. TWOMR. TWO2 måneder siden
  • Great pick love the birds

    Blake CorbittBlake Corbitt2 måneder siden
  • #pushcorbin

    smackdown fansmackdown fan3 måneder siden
  • The birds was a. Cool movie

    Blake CorbittBlake Corbitt3 måneder siden
  • Corbin is so tall compared to meat and the girl

    Brenda ManuesBrenda Manues3 måneder siden
  • We need Dead Meat to have the Deadman on his channel.

    Bill CosloskyBill Coslosky3 måneder siden
  • Dude it played free bird that’s funny

    Jodi OrrJodi Orr3 måneder siden
  • my entry horror movie was IT (2017) 😳😳😳

    DrizzleDrizzle3 måneder siden
  • I, being part of the IWC, have always heard rumors that Corbin was a bit of a dick. It's very nice to see that those rumors are untrue. He seems like a genuinely nice person. All the best to him!

    FusionFusion3 måneder siden
  • I see that Matt heafy snowfall guitar in the background Corbin

    Big YeetBig Yeet4 måneder siden
  • I am currently 10 and I think I could sit through this movie. I mean, I watched through all of 2001: A Space Oddessy, and that movie was quite silent at places. I mean, my brother is older than me and when I watched it he was bored as hell.

    ElliphoneElliphone4 måneder siden
  • 2:29 rikishi

    Bazaar 849Bazaar 8494 måneder siden
  • Can you please get Jeff hardy on the show

    ShadowRealm warShadowRealm war4 måneder siden
  • Corbin! The best heel in the company! Bow to the King!

    Blueberry Car WreckBlueberry Car Wreck4 måneder siden
  • My mom is actually terrified of large flocks of birds because of this movie She gets so uncomfortable and freaked out, especially if they're flying around So it definitely left a huge impact on her

    Polter BooPolter Boo4 måneder siden
  • This was awesome! 😃👍🏼

    Joaquin GonzalezJoaquin Gonzalez4 måneder siden
  • Great video I doubt he will because it is so late but if he does keep it up makes my day

    Caelen08 GamingCaelen08 Gaming4 måneder siden

    Kool Aid CobainKool Aid Cobain4 måneder siden
  • Damnit, now I like Barron Corbin.

    speechisanexperimentspeechisanexperiment4 måneder siden
  • The Birds was also my first horror movie, but my favourite is still Candyman from the soundtrack, the gore, and the dope ass Candyman himself

    Uncle Grimmton_Uncle Grimmton_4 måneder siden
  • King trash Corbin

    Alex Pratt's Gaming roomAlex Pratt's Gaming room4 måneder siden
  • I have a completely different veiw on corbin now

    John LodtsJohn Lodts4 måneder siden
  • Yo you got the fucking King on, respect

    Rated R DaveRated R Dave4 måneder siden

    Lmansnatchercat DLmansnatchercat D4 måneder siden
  • Do Dean Ambrose

    Jacob ReeseJacob Reese4 måneder siden
  • Baron has those les Paul’s 🤘🤘

    Sebastian Banuelos_Sebastian Banuelos_4 måneder siden
  • King Corbin is my fav on smack down for now listen I know you’ll say why we don,t like him I don’t care I like him

    Daria JamesDaria James4 måneder siden
  • King Corbin so nice if u get to know him

    Hubert TownsHubert Towns4 måneder siden
  • Nice XD

    TheHighNoonSaloonTheHighNoonSaloon4 måneder siden
  • Yo Hitchcock pulled a Stephen king

    EnricoPucci01EnricoPucci014 måneder siden
  • I love that you’re a pro wrestling fan and a horror fan. I hope I make it to the E someday so I can hopefully do this. That’s a new goal of mine.

    NiCeSt DoUcHeBaGNiCeSt DoUcHeBaG4 måneder siden
  • I'm 14 and I still love this movie but I geuss its Becuause I grew up with old movies but I am still 14 and have got the DVD of this movie

    Jack MondayJack Monday4 måneder siden
  • Corbin is such a chilled guy

    True DeliriousTrue Delirious4 måneder siden
  • This is one of my all time favorite dead meat episodes. James is just so damn good at connecting with people of so many different personalities and backgrounds, and leads discussions with an immediate sense of comfort and openness. Would love to see Corbin on the pod ✌🏻

    Carter KeelingCarter Keeling5 måneder siden
  • Hey James, if I have any kill count requests or anything like that, where would you like them to go?

    Brian RealeBrian Reale5 måneder siden
  • Man king carbon I know people hate him in wwe but he seems pretty cool

    Tinky_winky 448Tinky_winky 4485 måneder siden
    • Yes hes a great at being a jerk at wwe but hes pretty chill

      andre schürrleandre schürrle5 måneder siden
  • Such a sick series!!! Love how you guys are getting wwe stars!

    Wolf LoveWolf Love5 måneder siden
  • Who eats dinner at 9pm? lol

    Random HumanRandom Human5 måneder siden
  • My all time favorite scary movie is the 1976 version of the omen

    Aaron WinnAaron Winn5 måneder siden
  • i got to stay in the town where the birds was filmed and you can see why hitchcock chose that location

    parker engelandparker engeland5 måneder siden
  • END OF DAYS!!!

    GwaoopGwaoop5 måneder siden
  • I'm honestly surprised and impressed he picked this film. Birds has always been my favorite horror film and it doesn't get the love it should. Alfred Hitchcock and Twilight Zone were both huge parts of my childhood.

    Persephone OpheliaPersephone Ophelia5 måneder siden
  • Though me and my brother hate Corbin, I found him really funny here.

    NewUtopia8NewUtopia85 måneder siden

    Shapshap ShapshapShapshap Shapshap5 måneder siden
  • I didn't even know green screens and those effects where around in the 60s ,,, thought they were more modern invention

    Gary MonaghanGary Monaghan5 måneder siden
  • Imo, Corbin should get a little push. Like maybe win MITB again and cash-in successfully.

    Optimucho PrimyoOptimucho Primyo5 måneder siden
  • Oh king Corbin with James my favorite wrestler and my favorite NOworldr great

    ABC MeABC Me5 måneder siden
  • Sick

    Better nawBetter naw5 måneder siden
  • EXPLAIN...HOW?!?

    Milo2607Milo26075 måneder siden
  • I hate king Corbin when he’s wrestling but he seems like a really cool guy in real life

    mgeorgejagsmgeorgejags5 måneder siden
  • James is trying not to geek out 😂

    F3rgz2kF3rgz2k5 måneder siden
  • 🕷️🦷🖤🤍

    Emily NoirEmily Noir5 måneder siden
  • He is going to wrestlemania 37 at Los Angeles

  • Dang King Corbin is really out here educating people I didn't realize their were sexual assault allegations against Hitchcock before this episode

    crazybandgeek14crazybandgeek145 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one who watched The Girl? About The Birds.

    Joel QuinonezJoel Quinonez5 måneder siden
  • I’m a fan of the Wwe

    Jason GrajedaJason Grajeda5 måneder siden
  • Can you do it you can’t on Rambo

    Yeetanddelete9800 YeetYeetanddelete9800 Yeet5 måneder siden
  • The only better use of Lynard Skynards Free Bird, other than The Devils Rejects, is the church scene from The Kingsman. Both are epic, but damnit Collin Firth is a flippin MONSTER in that scene. I think he could take the entire Dragonfly Clan in a fist fight. Its a travesty what they did to him in Kingsman 2

    Jake SmithJake Smith6 måneder siden
  • Hey James thank you for including one of my favorite WWE Superstars in your video

    Wolfpac92Wolfpac926 måneder siden
  • I really enjoy just how passionate and articulate he is! It’s wonderful to see people have such a joy for the horror genre!

    GuardianOfWonderlandGuardianOfWonderland6 måneder siden
  • I find it interesting how close his wrestling name, Corbin, is to the old English word for crows , "corbies". It seems like he already has a connection to intelligent, cunning birds.

    Illusion-XIIIIllusion-XIII6 måneder siden
  • 0:45 is James short or is Tom just tall?

    techno union representativetechno union representative6 måneder siden
  • Not only is this guy a WWE wrestler, but he’s also an avid horror fan, yet he still manages to be one of the most wholesome guys ever.

    Drew SamlickDrew Samlick6 måneder siden
  • Dead Meat and Baron Corbin: A Delightful Combination

    KaLionKaLion6 måneder siden
  • My favorite is devil rejects

    Maddens movie FandomMaddens movie Fandom6 måneder siden
    • And I’m 9

      Maddens movie FandomMaddens movie Fandom6 måneder siden
  • I am a 2000 baby and I LOVE THIS MOVIES like it is just to perfect. Because I agree simple, but done so well.

    Makayla WeathermanMakayla Weatherman6 måneder siden
  • The man who defeated Kurt angel in is farewell match

    Fall Pheonix6128Fall Pheonix61286 måneder siden
  • More wwe wrestlers please!

    jimmy fingerzjimmy fingerz6 måneder siden
  • Another great episode! Well done King Corbin and James 👏🏼

    Murf And PeebsMurf And Peebs6 måneder siden
  • Fuck yeah one of my faves great job I love baron awesome guy legendary king

    Kevin AyoubKevin Ayoub6 måneder siden
  • Love a non soundtrack movie, adds to the feel of the movie. The last movie I watched with no soundtrack was A Quiet Place.

    Jamie BurnetteJamie Burnette6 måneder siden
  • when i was 10 i watched this movie. And loved it. i watch that movie a year ago and still love it

    Melody.-GachaMelody.-Gacha6 måneder siden
  • yall are talking about baron corbin this and that but are we gonna ignore how at the start 2 horror loving maniacs agree on how the minions is a funny and great movie

    PremonitionPremonition6 måneder siden
  • WWE and Deadmeat best crossover

    Philip GPhilip G6 måneder siden
  • I read his name as Kurt Cobain

    Nishinoya YuwuNishinoya Yuwu6 måneder siden
  • King Coward

    Calvin LCalvin L6 måneder siden
  • Horror and wwe my 2 favorite things

    Steven TechSteven Tech6 måneder siden
  • He goes from a top heel to a nice guy

    I’m good at fortniteI’m good at fortnite6 måneder siden
  • Do the bad seed

    Jessie LoveJessie Love6 måneder siden
  • King ‘get off my tv’ Corbin! He does seem pretty cool so I’ll give him a pass for this lol

    The Garby ShowThe Garby Show6 måneder siden
  • I feel identified with the having dinner super late part since I'm also Hispanic 😆

    Sugar BeetSugar Beet6 måneder siden
  • Karl Swenson's character in the film doesn't look homeless at all.

    Veston BrunoVeston Bruno6 måneder siden
  • Didnt know that Corbin is such a cool guy.

    Lee StrikerLee Striker6 måneder siden
  • I f###ing love this movie it kept me on my toes the whole movie well since the first bird attack im 13

    legend 4legend 46 måneder siden
  • Love the channel and the show!! King Corbin seems like such a cool guy!! Always nice to see the people behind the characters

    Dave CribbieDave Cribbie6 måneder siden

    Chinh VoChinh Vo6 måneder siden
  • Corbin is such an asshole in WWE so it's really surreal to see that he seems like a genuinely lovely guy outside of kayfabe

    Oliver TownsendOliver Townsend6 måneder siden
  • *K I N G. C O R B I N* (Baron Corbin) 👑 🤴👿👿

    Carlitos Freaking Burn It DownCarlitos Freaking Burn It Down6 måneder siden
  • I love stuff where extreme characters are shown as chill normal people like this

    Dallas SnearyDallas Sneary6 måneder siden
  • King corbins favourite horror film is watching tape of his NFL career

    John SmithJohn Smith6 måneder siden