Psycho (1998) (Dead Meat Podcast #100)

21. april. 2020
133 867 Ganger

It’s the 100th episode of the Dead Meat Podcast. You cannot be surprised at what we’re reviewing.
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"U Make Me Feel" by MK2

  • With you talking about the weird costume choices in this film I'm surprised you didn't mention the scene where she randomly has a paper umbrella.

    Morgan.S ProductionsMorgan.S Productions5 dager siden
  • I LOVED this movie. I feel like it’s criminally underrated.

    Cecilia OCecilia OMåned siden
    • Psycho (1998), Norman Bates Beats his Meat

      Cecilia OCecilia OMåned siden
  • more and more of these podcast it seem like they do these kind of conversations on the daily off camera.

    Person HumanPerson HumanMåned siden
  • Hitchcock remade his film “The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)” in 1956

    William BrynnWilliam BrynnMåned siden
  • Absolute positive for the film : Danny Elfman’s re-recording of the soundtrack. It’s glorious 👍

    Alexandre DionAlexandre DionMåned siden
  • Anthony Perkins was Bisexual

    TransMTFMovieReview1992TransMTFMovieReview1992Måned siden
  • This is my least favorite movie of all time. There's nothing like it: a movie without ONE single non-idiotic decision featured. Great analysis!

    Dylan AudetteDylan AudetteMåned siden
  • The movie wasn't made for you, it was made for people in 1998 who hadn't seen the original, which was pretty common among younger people at the time. 20 year olds, who aren't into old movies or weren't raised by film lovers, don't tend to watch old movies, especially when you cross the black and white barrier. Why are people so pretentious?

    TheAverage DadTheAverage Dad2 måneder siden
    • The remake was absolute garbage and unnecessary. If someone doesn't want to watch an older B&W movie, they don't have to, but that doesn't necessarily mean a remake should be made just so younger people can experience the same movie (which I honestly wouldn't even say they experienced the same movie considering how different it was despite being a shot for shot remake)

      RilumaiRilumai2 måneder siden
  • i didnt even know there was a remake...which is surprising because psycho is one of my favorite horror movies.

    KerushiiKELSEYKerushiiKELSEY2 måneder siden

    Imposter BurgerImposter Burger2 måneder siden
  • Anyone got the psycho butthole twitter account

    dark_matter_mandark_matter_man2 måneder siden
  • Man I remember watching this movie during my undergrad film courses, and the discussion got...heated lol. The class generally disliked it, but our professor really gives the movie the benefit of the doubt

    Aimee G.Aimee G.3 måneder siden
  • movie just should’ve stayed in the 60s

    Krystian MelendezKrystian Melendez3 måneder siden
  • Why dont they sit on the same side of the table though

    TheDzhoelTheDzhoel4 måneder siden
  • Props for suffering through the most pointless film in existence.

    Jimbo JonesJimbo Jones4 måneder siden
  • “Really more butts and masturbation” I mean that’s all you need in a film, if you’re Wrong turn 3-5

    malcolm championmalcolm champion4 måneder siden
  • After I watched this movie, I just didn't like it. Then I read the novel by Robert Bloch and this movie made me angry! What Gus Van Sant could have done after reading the book!! He could have dug deep into the psychology of Norman Bates, telling the story from his perspective, making us feel sympathy for him! But no. He had to remake it shot-for-shot because....color? He's a good director, so it really disappointed me!

    Case SoutherlandCase Southerland4 måneder siden
  • I love the psycho movie

    Anthony OrtegaAnthony Ortega4 måneder siden
  • I love you mentioned We Hate Movies. I'm so glad they are going viral! Your page is awesome BTW.

    Brett ChmielBrett Chmiel4 måneder siden
  • I want to do a shot for shot remake of this movie except Norman Bates is played by Tyler Perry

    Michael MyersMichael Myers4 måneder siden
  • Whenever I hear you guys talk about this movie my mind goes to the "Guess the kill" episode when the last one was this one and James was like "Goddammit Chelsea! You know what it is!" and Chelsea laughing at his reaction 🤣❤️

    SUPER SARA qxzSUPER SARA qxz5 måneder siden
  • “The Man Who Knew Too Much” is the film Alfred Hitchcock made twice. With James Stewart being my favourite actor, I prefer the remake.

    Phil LisottiPhil Lisotti5 måneder siden
  • Do a kill count for the psycho movies?

    Steve KountzSteve Kountz5 måneder siden
  • I wonder y they didnt mention bates motel

    Reece WestonReece Weston5 måneder siden
  • I think freddie highmore is the best norman

    Reece WestonReece Weston5 måneder siden
  • Norman Master Bates:)

    Cinema FanaticCinema Fanatic6 måneder siden
  • I agree with you guys about Vince Vaughn - I love him in general, but he was just not right for this role. You know who would have been though? Paul Rudd. He's that perfect blend of affable and seemingly harmless that Anthony Perkins had in the original. Maybe the remake wouldn't have been such a box office disaster if they'd cast Paul Rudd in the role.

    Mike HobenMike Hoben6 måneder siden
  • Transphobic!

    Salvation ArnieSalvation Arnie6 måneder siden
  • I think I know where that Phillip Baker Hill picture comes from. In 2003, he starred in Dogville, a rather disturbing period drama where the entire story takes place on a bare set a la Brecht and Thornton Wilder's Our Town. One of the posters featured the entire cast appearing against blank white walls, and I've actually seen a stock image online featuring Phillip's profile, in the very same way you two had described! I have no idea why Fox would have an image at hand - maybe they were at one point considering to distribute the film, since it's a high profile Lars Von Trier film starring Nicole Kidman, before abandoning it due to it being controversial at the time. I could be totally wrong here, but when I heard you guys mention "his head on a white background", I immediately knew where it came from! Great episode BTW, and keep up the great work!

    Matthew FloydMatthew Floyd6 måneder siden
  • I know that it's not the point but having seen the lion king remake it's interesting. Its objectively average but it does enough in my opinon to have a reason to exist. Just the unique direction some of the characters in the new one. Would recommend at least one watch even if you dont want to.

    BlarrgiambronyBlarrgiambrony6 måneder siden
  • I do agree it is a bad remake but that's why I love it

    Cutie Eevee 2Cutie Eevee 26 måneder siden
  • I feel like this is how everyone thinks they want a remake but in actuality it ends up kinda falling flat.

    Haley JadeHaley Jade6 måneder siden
  • I wonder how they feel about the tv show MATES MOTEL. I thought it was great!

    Christian MankaChristian Manka6 måneder siden

    Srizon Rafid MahmudSrizon Rafid Mahmud6 måneder siden
  • The Cheshire Cat disappear all you would see was his butthole - James Drunk Disney

    dodie omgdodie omg6 måneder siden
  • I'm sure others have mentioned but incase. Technically Norman being so pervy is actually closer to the book

    JkpancakeJkpancake6 måneder siden
    • Yeah in the original book Norman's a fat middle aged perverted alcoholic who switches to Mother whenever he gets drunk and passes out.

      Xehanort10Xehanort105 måneder siden
  • I just got done watching psycho 4 for the first time and I really wish there was a psycho 5

    James PlaysJames Plays6 måneder siden
  • 100 EPISODE SPECIAL. Shitty movie review.

    Horse JointHorse Joint6 måneder siden
  • i am so powerfully gay for both you beautiful goddamn people holy shit your show is so positive and making me so happy. aahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Harrison SanchezHarrison Sanchez6 måneder siden
  • From one fan to many, PLEASE look for the Anne Heche's butthole twitter account. It's so damn funny

    Dylan ParryDylan Parry7 måneder siden
  • The Bates house of the remake wasn't even creepy. If I had to spend a night in the Bates house of the original and its 3 sequels I'd be scared shitless but not the remake house.

    Xehanort10Xehanort107 måneder siden
  • Somebody say butthole?? 4:04

    Vinny CarothersVinny Carothers7 måneder siden
  • Not sure if someone has said this already, but you guys should definitely talk about Bates Motel, or the at least its adaptation of the events of Pyscho.

    sagemaster210v2sagemaster210v27 måneder siden
  • Absolutely love this channel. Thanks for your contribution to the horror genre/community on YT.

    Kisu AranKisu Aran7 måneder siden
  • the madlads. they really did it. they really did the review.

    bee cobee co7 måneder siden
  • Hey

    ThePossibleGamerThePossibleGamer7 måneder siden
  • If they wanted to do a remake they should have either made it more like the 1959 Robert Bloch book that the 1960 film was based on or had a twist where Norman's mother actually was alive and doing the killing instead of her being dead and Norman being insane and having a split personality based on her like in the book and film.

    Xehanort10Xehanort107 måneder siden
  • Cabin Fever is another one where the remake is basically just the exact same movie.

    Infernos EnforcerInfernos Enforcer7 måneder siden
  • You guys NEED to cover Willard (1971) and the sequel Ben (as in the Michael Jackson song). A horror movie about a guy and his rats. It seems right up your alley.

    Kiley FlynnKiley Flynn7 måneder siden
  • Vince Vaughn's Norman acts so outwardly creepy that I don't get why Anne Heche's Marion didn't get in her car and drive away. At least with Janet Leigh's Marion she felt safe because Anthony Perkins Norman seemed harmless and innocent.

    Xehanort10Xehanort107 måneder siden
  • Y’all really should do American psycho for an episode heck it’s in the intro

    The beast SlayerThe beast Slayer7 måneder siden
  • i think this my first time seeing your future wife 😂 good for you james(i been subbed for like 3 years and this my first time)

    AustinAustin7 måneder siden
  • If I were to attempt to become a director, my first movie would be a horror remake. No one would expect anything of it, so if it flopped it would just be one of those dime a dozen shitty horror movie remakes. If it did well, that would be awesome, but really it would just be a great way for me to figure things out.

    Briar LeighBriar Leigh7 måneder siden
  • The thing about this remake that doesn't work is because everyone knows the twist. Because of that, there's no mystery. With the long scene where Norman's cleaning up, imagine an audience reeling after a gruesome murder that came out of nowhere and then having to watch the extensive process of hiding the body. Now everyone's pretty desensitized to that shit, so it just takes up time. That's my theory anyway.

    beatrice difolcobeatrice difolco7 måneder siden
  • Have y’all seen the psycho 2 3 & 4 with Anthony Perkins

    Jesse MJesse M7 måneder siden
  • Maybe check out the actual source material - the novel PSYCHO written by Robert Bloch that Hitchcock based his movie off of.

    Brian Fatah SteeleBrian Fatah Steele7 måneder siden
  • The remake of Pyscho was really bad!! I sat down and I watched it and Vince Vaughn was the worst choice to cast as Norman Bates. I love Gus van Sant movies, but this one wasnt a good remake and horror isnt really his style. I will stick to the original even though it's kinda outdated now and it's black and white!! :)

    Peter MacDonoughPeter MacDonough7 måneder siden
  • The masturbation bit was in the novel for Psycho but because of the Hays Code it couldn't be in the original film.

    Amanda PAmanda P7 måneder siden
  • I don't get the interpretation of norman bates being gay; it is a crucial plot beat that Norma kills mariane crane because he likes her.

    Nate DSNate DS7 måneder siden
  • Awesome to see some mention of Suspiria! I'd love to see you guys cover that remake one day, it's my fave movie of all time

    VIØŁΛVIØŁΛ7 måneder siden
  • Do a kill count for psycho (the original)

    32 Clixkzy32 Clixkzy7 måneder siden
  • Two remakes came from the 90s One good and One bad. I think the remake of Night of The Living Dead is better than the original.

    Mountain Tops 2021Mountain Tops 20217 måneder siden
  • The new lion king is fucking stupid. It is a remake just sadder because it is much more realistic.

    Mr.DinklebopMr.Dinklebop7 måneder siden
  • Really enjoyed this one - super interesting discussion between you and James (despite the film haha!) x

    catherine denniscatherine dennis7 måneder siden
  • My idea for a psycho remake. Moderniz it, mix elements for both the book and the Hitchcock film, and cast Jamie Lee curtis as marion crane.

    Luis MachadoLuis Machado7 måneder siden
  • Quentin Tarantino definitely likes it for the butthole

    Gorilla TittyGorilla Titty7 måneder siden
  • You have no idea how happy I am you guys did this episode. I love this stupid remake so much!

    Jake SommersJake Sommers7 måneder siden
  • Aww love blossoms on a horror show!!😂👍May you watch many more movies- looking forward to seeing the next show. Whiskey and pizza instead of poopcorn . Love it. Thanks

    Randall PetroeljeRandall Petroelje7 måneder siden
  • The scenes in the original are long but interesting, while the ones in the remake are long and DRAG

    King MoyaiKing Moyai7 måneder siden
  • On the commentary track, they don't talk about the butthole. The only thing they say during that shot is Anne Heche saying to Gus Van Sant: "Hey, you added that on my back!" (referring to the stab marks and blood). Shout/Scream Factory's Blu-ray has a second commentary track (the editor and a moderator), but it's been a while since I've listened to it, so I don't know if they mention it or not.

    fanofmusicalsfanofmusicals7 måneder siden
  • Something interesting about having the actors use the source material so heavily is that, as a theatre major it's pretty common. The director will often encourage viewing multiple iterations of plays just because the bulk of what we act in will be revivals of previously known (especially well-known like Shakespeare or Aurthur Miller) productions. I feel like the difference between this film and these theatre rehearsal practices is that a director and the actors will usually use the source material or recordings of revivals as a jumping off point to inspire their own renditions, not copy the material beat for beat, which yeah is pretty exhausting and boring to do and to watch. Sorry for the ramble!

    Genesis24Genesis247 måneder siden
  • Roses are red Violets are blue I’m disappointed And so are you

    adfasanoadfasano7 måneder siden
  • Have you seen Psycho 2 , 3 or 4?

    Iron Horse ProductionsIron Horse Productions7 måneder siden
  • I’m curious as to whether or not the remake would be effective to a first time viewer of Psycho. They’re coming to it with no preconceived notion of performance, direction etc..

    Wesley WhitsonWesley Whitson7 måneder siden
  • I think one of the reasons why the clean up scene falls flat in the remake is because we know he was the killer the whole time. In the original, you think he's in a panic cleaning up his mother's crime to protect her. Norman almost becomes the 'protagonist' after Marion is killed, and we're kind of rooting for him, because sure he's pervy, but he's not a murder!. All of this is inevitable lost in the remake.

    Heritage367Heritage3677 måneder siden
  • Congrats you two! Love watching these you are both the best!

    secottea24secottea247 måneder siden
  • Who skipped parts of this video? Lol not being rude

    Semone DannySemone Danny7 måneder siden
  • This is the moment when I found out that James and Chelse are engaged. 😊

    Isaiah ChapmanIsaiah Chapman7 måneder siden
  • You should do a kill count on Alice Sweet Alice

    Owen Youngs ONeilOwen Youngs ONeil7 måneder siden
  • "Somevody said butthole ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?"

    Captain CJ 97Captain CJ 977 måneder siden
  • His face when she was talking

    obj lanceobj lance7 måneder siden
  • The sex stuff is in the book too

    Blue RaineBlue Raine7 måneder siden
  • All I did was Google Anne Heche it popped up psycho: Anne Heche psycho images: BAM butthole Wowzer 1st image That’s the 1st image! Not even her face in character then that next nope butthole 1st baby lol

    Mama SmurfMama Smurf7 måneder siden
  • Hi :)

    Sasha ZiziSasha Zizi7 måneder siden
  • This remake was laughably bad. It was literally shot-for-shot and nothing new was added. Very uninspired, unoriginal, and no thought added to it.

    The Greek PianistThe Greek Pianist7 måneder siden
  • Make a kill count of tremors 1-6

    Natadecoco_YTNatadecoco_YT7 måneder siden
  • The bondage lady is from the NIN video for closer and the animal is from twister

    Etang BoseEtang Bose7 måneder siden
  • I didn’t know Anthony Perkins was gay. Okay you learn something every day.

    Darren HoughtonDarren Houghton7 måneder siden
  • Do ‘The Nest (1988)’ for the next kill count

    ShruggedBread85 SDBDShruggedBread85 SDBD7 måneder siden
  • Can You Do A Kill Count On "The Hills Have Eyes"

    LeafyToothpickLeafyToothpick7 måneder siden
  • Can you cover Outbreak (1995) for the kill count

    KRAZE.5KRAZE.57 måneder siden
  • Oh and you maybe need to sponsor freakshow 2007 just as a warning

    Isaiah SmithIsaiah Smith7 måneder siden
  • James I got two movies a black and white one and a remake you do kill counts on them if everyone votes for it the black and white movie is called freaks 1932 and remake freakshow which is on tubi I will give the vote till monday so james tell me in your next video if you will take it or not deal james

    Isaiah SmithIsaiah Smith7 måneder siden
  • James you should make a channel called Alive Vegetables and count how many people DONT die or something like that idk!?

    TheSupremeRhymeSchemeTheSupremeRhymeScheme7 måneder siden
  • You should do tourist trap

    H.A.C.K E.RH.A.C.K E.R7 måneder siden
    • great to hear that

      H.A.C.K E.RH.A.C.K E.R7 måneder siden
    • He is.

      Jimmy BJimmy B7 måneder siden
  • Anne Hache Butthole (1998)

    ChiefBrodyRulesChiefBrodyRules7 måneder siden
  • Hey I would like to request a movie to kill count if want to know what it it pls reply to this I would be more then happy to tell u. More thing u love all your videos keep up the great work man😁

    YoungDaggerYDT 666YoungDaggerYDT 6667 måneder siden
    • Requests should be sent to and not in the comments :)

      Jimmy BJimmy B7 måneder siden
  • You know know wat movie could be next is gingerdead man its a bad ass movie you should see it who agrees

    zero1zero17 måneder siden
  • YAY!! Your 100th EPISODE!!!!!!! Congratulations! Stay Safe!! ❤️🎥👍

    Monkey 2005Monkey 20057 måneder siden
  • Imagine the guts it took to make this movie. Great review, guys!

    Mel SoderlundMel Soderlund7 måneder siden