Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011) KILL COUNT

28. aug.. 2020
1 772 304 Ganger

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    Dead MeatDead Meat3 måneder siden
    • can you do jurassic world camp cretaceous

      the memey boithe memey boi2 måneder siden
    • Hey

      Jonny SmithJonny Smith2 måneder siden
    • Dead Meat d Me

      Eli PlofskyEli Plofsky2 måneder siden
    • Dead Meat d Me

      Eli PlofskyEli Plofsky2 måneder siden
    • You should do Flight of the Living Dead

      whatever rodrigueswhatever rodrigues2 måneder siden
  • The infected WHAT, Janisse?!?! 16:11 lol

    Michael SmithMichael Smith3 timer siden
  • I'm currently pointing this out at the 4 minuet marker so sorry if I'm wrong, but why hasn't James pointed out the convenient amount of animals on the plane. I mean, its gotta be pretty convenient for a rabies virus to spread around with that many pets chillin around the very place that a bunch of horror movie characters are trying to survive!

    A RA R14 timer siden
  • “Low Maintenance” As someone who has owned rats, that’s a fucking lie

    giacchinagiacchina15 timer siden
  • I hate not knowing there was gonna be a jump scare at 13:30

    Rebekah SantosRebekah SantosDag siden
  • Looks like you could fry chips in your hair in this video. Your whole look has gone through a character arc.

    Jesse StirlingJesse StirlingDag siden
  • 3:52 BUSINESS!

    Ford FanFord FanDag siden
  • 13:34 ok great that almost gave me a heart attack 😂

    SoulAnimeSoulAnimeDag siden
  • 13:30 That was not fair at all I nearly shit myself

    Shizamza ShazamShizamza Shazam2 dager siden
  • Fuck wilssy, he made me jump so hard

    Daniel TeranDaniel Teran2 dager siden
  • James you are sooo correct, I have a power drill with me and she sounded like a power drill that got faster and faster

    Daniel TeranDaniel Teran2 dager siden
  • They stick the sickies with some drugs ( uh hello James this is the part where you say “ with some mmmmm drugs”)

    Daniel TeranDaniel Teran2 dager siden
  • Omg James that hair I much better prefer your quarantine beard and hair

    Daniel TeranDaniel Teran2 dager siden
  • what kind of dude brings rats on a plane?

    Madeline ShawMadeline Shaw2 dager siden
  • Like a flight out of LAX would leave that underbooked.

    Johan SmallberriesJohan Smallberries3 dager siden
  • The hells wrong with ur face. No offense I love ur vids

    Giuseppe PagliaroGiuseppe Pagliaro3 dager siden
  • I like how they have quarintine movies way before 2020 like they predict the future

    Chantz Noel :DChantz Noel :D5 dager siden
  • 4:55 "iM gOnNa Be... Im GoNnA bE A dAdDiE" - Some stoned B Movie actor

    Thomas LamsonThomas Lamson5 dager siden

    Faith S.Faith S.5 dager siden
  • D-did he just t-posed at the numbers?

    Lex motaLex mota6 dager siden
  • I just noticed that susan's baby didn't make it.

    Kaycie BryantKaycie Bryant7 dager siden
  • 16:26,That jurassic park reference is just perfect ,,wait are they heavy? If they are heavy then they are expensive put them back"

    Gino einfachGinoGino einfachGino8 dager siden
  • So I wasn't looking at the screen for the first 2 minutes of the video and then I looked and this is actually the first video I've seen with this hairstyle of yours and you reminded me of Glenn from The walking Dead

    Joseph WilliamsJoseph Williams8 dager siden
  • I absolutely love your t-pose transition to the kills

    Xavier ThomasXavier Thomas8 dager siden
  • The head cold was actually the infection, if you didn't notice he also said he thinks he got it from his daughter referring to the first movie where the little girl was sick in the apartment building......

    Gabriel SillkmooreGabriel Sillkmoore9 dager siden
  • 13:34 man i fucking SHIT myself

    Cream GravyCream Gravy9 dager siden

    Talon’s Of a Fun WorldTalon’s Of a Fun World10 dager siden
  • Quarantine 3 cancelled

    the little that engine 20th anniversarythe little that engine 20th anniversary11 dager siden
  • WHERE IS THE QUARNTENE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Talon’s Of a Fun WorldTalon’s Of a Fun World12 dager siden
  • you look a mess

    Bad GirlsBad Girls15 dager siden
  • So this movie predicted coronavirus 😱😳 lil sus to me

    Brelan BrownBrelan Brown15 dager siden
  • Woah woah woah back tf up beep beep beep... How tf did a gun get brought on an airline passed the TSA security check point? I mean the guy in the movie clearly stated "have u ever heard of terrorist"

    JbirdJbird15 dager siden
  • Yo with you're hair like that u look like the brother off of Jeepers Creepers

    JbirdJbird15 dager siden
  • Honk

    Anthony VlogsAnthony Vlogs15 dager siden
  • City of Las Vegas

    Truong VuTruong Vu16 dager siden
  • Btw, the guy playing Ed Ramirez is from Lost in Space. His name is Ignacio Serricchio.

    Perception ProductionsPerception Productions16 dager siden
  • Quarantine 2 Terminal in a nutshell: Jenny: Us be stewardesses. Paula: Us from American too. Willsy: Me be anxiouso. Forrest: You never know what you gonna get with my flying skillsies. Henry: You gonna get a room full zombo mice. George: jenny gonna get an angsty teen. Gah! Shilah: Ha! You thought Lawrence, guillem and the CDC Doctors were the only doctors in this franchise?! Kingston: Me lovey wifey! Bev: Me fly with husbands! Ralph: Me gambles. Niall and Susan: Us have the childs. Nicca: Us from European. Hvorst; oh, baby, when we get to Wrong Turn Land.... Preston: What am I doing? None of your BUSINESS! Get it? Louise: Me love Mr Meowface! Kitty: Help me-ow! Paula: Me help the Ralph Wiggum. Ralph: Ooh, Paula nom! Paula: Ooh! Forrest: Me land plane! Plane: Yeah, let's go! I gotta meet up with Megatron! Willsy: Anxiety levels reach to over 9000! Ed Ramirez: me helpy you. Gatey locky, Doory locky, people scaredy Kitty: Scaredy-humans! People; All your fault, Jenny! Shilah: Paula helpus needs. Ed Ramirez: lettus movie. Kingston: Me wife left me..... She go runny runny Niall: Ooh, a toy gun. (Bang) Man: ow, my leg! Niall: Oh, sorry. Henry: i still say they hamster. Willsy: Me nommed, now me zombo! A nombo! Forrest: I've been nommed, Jennay! Niall: Stop! gun time! Forrest: Oy, I die, Jennay! Kingston: Me fine. Preston: Oy, I die. Bev: Help me..... Open these airline peanuts. oh, and me be nommed. Niall: Me in charge! Jenny: No, me in charge! Niall: No, me in charge! Rat: Nom..... Kingston: ooh, Jerry bit me! George: Me find tail in Henry's box. Henry: Leave me alone! Go back to Pennywise's sewers, George. George: Hamster have stubby-stubby, rattus have taily-taily. Henry: I didn't bring zombo rats. Ignore the zombo rat food I'm holding. It's for me. Jenny: Then eat it. Henry; Nom... Mmm, Albelda food. Ralph: Ralph nom! Ed Ramirez: Strangles todaiiiii. Ralph: Oy, I die. CDC Doctor: Don't worry, remain calm, we are just pointing guns at you. Louise: Me get druggy first. Kitty; Your neck smells like fish, so I bite! Louise: ooh, me pains. Kitty: I'm free! Doc Kingston: Me stand! Me nom. Gun: BANG! Doc Kingston: Oy, I die! Hvorst, CDC Doctors: Oy, us die. Nicca: How am I gonna esplain this to everyone from Game Of Thrones? Niall: Me no feel to good. Shilah: uh-oh, you've got nom-itis. Niall: She's my wife! No sharesies! CDC Doctor: Blah, blah, blah, explainus about Henry's evil plan. Willsy: Oy, I die! George: You've been George'd. Henry: Goodbye. Nicca: Whee! Paula: Me evil now... Oy, I die! Henry: Me evil all along. George mine now! Niall: Oy, I die. Susan: Now I die. Ed Ramirez: Down I go. Jenny: Georgie where? No give me scare. Nicca: Now that I'm zombo, I'm too good to turn around. Louise and Shilah: Us be infected. Henry: Antidot eyeball no works, me zombo now. Jenny: ooh. Henry: Me too zombo for my shirt, so zombo it hurts. George: Gun. Gun: BANG! Henry: Oy, me die! Jenny: Me be nommed! George: goodbye, zombo Jenno. Kenny: Oy, I die. George: Me leave. Kitty: So does me.

    Tom BurrowsTom Burrows16 dager siden
  • oh no james, oh no

    Julia SaloJulia Salo16 dager siden
  • James looks weird

    Kayden McBrideKayden McBride17 dager siden
  • My favorite thing about this is that the cdc guys didn’t get infected

    That one Foot solider zombieThat one Foot solider zombie18 dager siden
  • This wilsy guy just scared me!

    GraverflippyGraverflippy20 dager siden
  • Louises cat do be cute don’t die atleast she ain’t dead

    StarWoomy CoronaStarWoomy Corona20 dager siden
  • That hair is a horror movie

    DraginDragin20 dager siden
  • James You looked like the truck driver you see in most horror movies Who only gets one line and then gets killed

    Stijn Van de moosdijkStijn Van de moosdijk20 dager siden
    • Sorry if i Hurt your feelings

      Stijn Van de moosdijkStijn Van de moosdijk20 dager siden
  • Oh my god this hair is like a threat

    B SB S20 dager siden
  • 13:34 that jumps care got me

    rabid boyrabid boy21 dag siden
  • troll jim was a rabid monster and in the darkland army and used for killing but a scientist named professor shelby sandford is making a vaccine to heal jim as she captured jim from the darklands she studied his troll behavior and jim was calming down as he did he lets shelby give him a shot

    Madeline ShawMadeline Shaw21 dag siden
  • Meanwhile in 2020:

    Vũ Phương AnhVũ Phương Anh21 dag siden
  • I just wonder what goes through female viewer’s minds while James is talking about Manscaped 😂

    LucidFNLucidFN21 dag siden
    • “How many ball jokes can James possibly make?” is my thinking 😄

      Faith S.Faith S.5 dager siden
  • in both of the movies, at least 1 agent gets bit or dies

    JulianJeeJulianJee21 dag siden
  • “He takes the blueprint, and the blue boi” Why did I laugh at that?

    JulianJeeJulianJee21 dag siden
  • Jenny revealed that she hated his blue hoodie all along 🙀🙀🙀

    Alana PangilinanAlana Pangilinan22 dager siden
  • Nothing wrong with maintaining your balls ........

    MannyScootsMannyScoots22 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who saw the rats balls?!

    Cynthia MorganCynthia Morgan22 dager siden
  • That haircut

    LaneTheSavageHomieLaneTheSavageHomie23 dager siden
  • James' hair makes him look like a lead vocalist from a 2000s hard rock band and I love it! 😂

    Critical Gaming ChannelCritical Gaming Channel23 dager siden
  • Spoiler alert 13:35 jump scare

    Rex HerreraRex Herrera24 dager siden
  • David Pumpkins reference turned this from great to Awesome

    Mark DunyanMark Dunyan24 dager siden
  • 13:34 my body took a screenshot

    angry gnomeangry gnome24 dager siden
  • Like your cut G

    Cohen TomaszykCohen Tomaszyk24 dager siden
  • james a jennist looks like jhon wick

    Daniel KochDaniel Koch25 dager siden
  • When will gets grabbed by the co flight person it made me jump

    Mc_Spankie 1Mc_Spankie 125 dager siden
  • I laughed at the JP reference at 16:28 but my girlfriend didn’t get it:/

    Kasuto KirikaiaKasuto Kirikaia26 dager siden
  • The jumpscare had me SHAKING lmfao

    Kristina GreenwoodKristina Greenwood26 dager siden
  • I thought [•REC] was the original, 😂

    NizGiftsNizGifts27 dager siden
  • fuc 13 min 35 i jump a lot at this time

    DakinoGameplayYoutubeChannelDakinoGameplayYoutubeChannel27 dager siden
  • James looks like he’s ready for a rock band

    Lil CrappieLil Crappie27 dager siden
  • Every time James does a manscaped sponsorship I feel like he's a goofy dad explaining puberty to his son.

    Spandex ChickenSpandex Chicken27 dager siden
  • @ 16:43 Damn louise, that infection gave you nothing 😂😂💀💀

    ZorloxenZorloxen28 dager siden
  • Who else is watching this cause its called *quarantine*

    laurie strodelaurie strode28 dager siden
  • Everyone: stressing Jenny: Look at me I am the captain now

    Tropical WaveTropical Wave28 dager siden
  • You look like Keanu reeeves

    Marinette Dupain-chengMarinette Dupain-cheng28 dager siden
  • Hey jame what is your favourite video made

    Slim boy fatSlim boy fat29 dager siden
  • Holy fuck that jumpscare fucking made my heart stop

    LM987 GamingLM987 GamingMåned siden
  • QuowQpuiwa2

    Bebo McsquizzyBebo McsquizzyMåned siden
  • ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

    N0SC0PE G0D [BS]N0SC0PE G0D [BS]Måned siden
  • Hey James... About that name "Nicca".... Maybe you wanna avoid saying it 🤣🤣🤣

    Americo GarzaAmerico GarzaMåned siden
  • Who made James look like Johnny depp 😂 Ly james

    Mateo VillegasMateo VillegasMåned siden
  • Therapist: "Stoner James isnt real he cant hurt you." Stoner James: Just kiddin man, love you and your videos!

    OII Hunter IIOOII Hunter IIOMåned siden
  • Maybe you could label someone with green text when they’ve been infected and red text when they die. Might help separate who’s infected with something and who actually dies for real.

    Stephen SundayStephen SundayMåned siden
  • 13:32 got me off guard LOL

    jakr tttgrejakr tttgreMåned siden
  • Who else watching this during corona

    André BeaupréAndré BeaupréMåned siden
    • this was made during corona

      Anoop AnimatesAnoop AnimatesMåned siden

    Spectrum WolfSpectrum WolfMåned siden
  • that truck arm grab scene almost scared me so much i almost wanted to quit watching

    judge judyjudge judyMåned siden
  • I wasn’t paying attention and my heart stopped when I heard him say Nicca.

  • Preston's down your the only one sole survivor

    Agent83201 FortniteAgent83201 FortniteMåned siden
  • The Willsy arm jumpscare gets me every time. Might have a heart attack. 😂

    BobbyC4thewinBobbyC4thewinMåned siden

      yves x momo x onda x seulgi x sorn x moonbyulyves x momo x onda x seulgi x sorn x moonbyulMåned siden
  • I do not like how you were talking about my boys

    Rashad PrestonRashad PrestonMåned siden
  • Manscaped/dead meat to not go together at all lol

    Tanner MikulaTanner MikulaMåned siden
  • If this keeps up, my quarantine kill count's about to get real high real fast

    Tess TicklesTess TicklesMåned siden
  • James is looking like my high school music teacher

    Just MinamotoJust MinamotoMåned siden
  • I really don’t like James talking about “his boys”

    Not NickNot NickMåned siden
  • Love your hair dude

    Dog gioDog gioMåned siden
  • 13:34 that gave me a scare Lol, cause i was using headphones an i put more than 70% volume

    Gilmore BokoGilmore BokoMåned siden
  • I guess this movie guessed 2020

    Repulsive The SlayerKageRepulsive The SlayerKageMåned siden
  • Wolfy plays watched this

    Hmm LHmm LMåned siden

    miles berkhofmiles berkhofMåned siden
  • 911

    C.O.A.C.O.A.Måned siden
  • Keono reeves? Is that you

    Lukeis AwesomeLukeis AwesomeMåned siden
  • I love the "lets dead meet them"

    Das DonutDas DonutMåned siden