[•REC]⁴: Apocalypse (2014) KILL COUNT

21. aug.. 2020
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    Dead MeatDead Meat3 måneder siden
    • James why do you look like John Wick here?

      Gav YeetGav Yeet18 timer siden
    • Actually, that demon worm who found a "new home" is dead as devoured by fish(which it was safe). Which makes it end of the parasite as an outbreak is over.

      Hope 231Hope 23119 dager siden
    • Thank god for ridge wallet

      Christian GamboaChristian GamboaMåned siden
    • God I swear more different hair styles im going to go crazy.

      SHĄDØW 21SHĄDØW 212 måneder siden
    • I’ll help them out on my BIG OL BOAT

      Unfair3Unfair33 måneder siden
  • Not gonna lie, i only watch dead meat so i can watch horror movies without getting scared because of the narrating of james.

    Xy DavidXy David5 timer siden
  • *Is badass in Spanish*

    Javier MayoJavier Mayo19 timer siden
  • And please stop calling them Demon zombies I’m not trying to be mean but please

    Jack Game evilJack Game evil20 timer siden
  • If you do 28 days later don’t call them zombies just called them infected because the rage zombies or alive in 28 days later

    Jack Game evilJack Game evil20 timer siden
  • You should have added mire and ori, they died because they exploded the entire building

    Andy BarclayAndy BarclayDag siden
  • Hey James imma make it quick I rounded up those motherfuckers at the end in the scene you gave up on I made a conclusion of 25 zombies at the end which gives you a total of 66 kills. Your welcome, although I’m sure there’s a lot more sooo I’m just saying 25. So 66 kill total :)

    Daniel TeranDaniel Teran2 dager siden
  • Thanks for leaving the gore ;)

    8Bit spy8Bit spy2 dager siden
  • what about the preist in rec3 he must have survived

    bollu vishalbollu vishal3 dager siden
  • Credit to the Spanish government in the Rec universe, they take the infection very seriously.

    Johan SmallberriesJohan Smallberries3 dager siden
  • the Sponge guy from Rec 3 was living life in a mango under the sea, that's why Rec 4 takes place in the middle of the ocean

    Andres BonipakyuAndres Bonipakyu3 dager siden
  • “Don’t like it find a new kill counter” Knowing we’ll never find a new kill counter .. gotta love james

    TheNameisZeroTheNameisZero4 dager siden
  • REC5 Covid19

    HeartBreak BonezHeartBreak Bonez5 dager siden
  • I liked the Goro icon 🤣 comedy gold 😙👌

    Enzo Atreyu AristaEnzo Atreyu Arista6 dager siden
  • Looking good today James. Great content as always, thanks for helping me through quarantine

    ShinyHunter2020ShinyHunter20206 dager siden
  • whoelse doesnt watch for kills but for the movie and james

    ClpClp6 dager siden
  • I love your hair

    Nathaniel JuevesanoNathaniel Juevesano7 dager siden
  • In the numbers I see goro From mortal kombat

    mostapha chaarani2007mostapha chaarani20077 dager siden
  • Finished watcing the REC series kill count. *feelin good*

    Daniel RolandDaniel Roland8 dager siden
  • i love the Rec film series. :))

    Victoria ReynagaVictoria Reynaga10 dager siden
  • 21:30 BRUH HE DOES LOOK LIKE LUCAS POPE. And references one of the greatest games ever made.

    Micah Bell Has EpicMicah Bell Has Epic10 dager siden
  • whatt????? theres not gonna be another one?

    Autumn McCainAutumn McCain11 dager siden
  • Bruh James your hair is kinda bad bruh

    Fire God BrysonFire God Bryson11 dager siden
  • Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff F

    Lazy VideoLazy Video12 dager siden
  • Hold up rec 4? I thought there was only 2...brb going to see part 3 lol

    leon lacroixleon lacroix12 dager siden
  • Mmmmm drugs

    shallot reactsshallot reacts14 dager siden
  • I've seen28days later😞😞😞💯✌

    Rico BellRico Bell14 dager siden
  • it's cool😀😞💯✌

    Rico BellRico Bell14 dager siden
  • Nice hair

    Mystic ShadowMystic Shadow14 dager siden
  • i growl around just for the fuck of it lol

    Tonée VieraTonée Viera15 dager siden
  • 8:49 thats not prime ape its PRIME RIBS

    Noshi life GoodNoshi life Good15 dager siden
  • Turn off sound and captains and watch dead meat talk

    fandom encounterfandom encounter16 dager siden
  • I can't believe no one mentioned the lonely island reference right at the start

    Xianda WenXianda Wen16 dager siden
  • This is slowly becoming my favourite horror series and I haven't even watched the films.

    Those 28 stab woundsThose 28 stab wounds17 dager siden
  • just wanna say it wasn’t made in 2014 it was made in 2015

    Stanley LeechStanley Leech17 dager siden
  • Rec1 was amazing...then something happened and we got the remaining Recs....

    Kel ValdoriaKel Valdoria18 dager siden
  • So our bloved padre who stops those demon zombie is dead 🥺

    Goldwyn GarmaGoldwyn Garma18 dager siden
  • James I'm sorry bro but why do you look almost like john wick 😭😭🤣🙏

    W3rid R3tr0W3rid R3tr019 dager siden
  • I wish this was in english I don't speak Spanish at all

    Rockstar BonnieRockstar Bonnie19 dager siden
  • Me Seeing The Cover: China?

    Piotr WolfPiotr Wolf20 dager siden
  • I was I want a zombie apocalypse now but when I saw the video I was like nope I don’t a zombie apocalypse

    Cool gaming tvCool gaming tv20 dager siden
  • I am really peeved nick survived. He got two of the other characters killed

    Noah FullerNoah Fuller21 dag siden
  • Hey, James play RotOD! God I love this guy.

    Elijah GemmillElijah Gemmill22 dager siden
  • Love the vid

    Harley HillHarley Hill22 dager siden
  • That was a barracuda

    William PageWilliam Page22 dager siden
  • Thanks for my ridge wallet

    macrafter 124macrafter 12422 dager siden
  • I like your cut g ✋🤣

    VokeVoke23 dager siden
  • They should make a zombie movie where they’re stuck on a cargo ship

    Harold ShepherdHarold Shepherd24 dager siden
  • She was possessed during the slug transfer, so that could explain why she doesn't remember it happening.

    DarkScarlettVixenDarkScarlettVixen24 dager siden
  • Kinda wish you also made a version of these videos with the whole blood stuff being censored. I literally pass out when I see blood lmao...

    Dida DiegoDida Diego24 dager siden
  • Omg the trim

    Dane JADane JA24 dager siden
  • i like james when he does his foundflix cosplay

    Toxic WiFiToxic WiFi24 dager siden
  • Rec is the only zombie movie that picks up where it started...like I know rec 3 was a wedding but it still uses the prayer from rec 2

    Jeon JungkookieJeon Jungkookie25 dager siden
  • Thanks for wearing a mask James

  • 4 not 3

    Luka TomićLuka Tomić26 dager siden
  • Rec 16 kils Rec2 13 kils Rec3 161 kils Rec3 41 kils Querantin 23 kils Querantin 20 kils

    Luka TomićLuka Tomić26 dager siden
    • 4

      Luka TomićLuka Tomić26 dager siden
  • So Rec one through three all are happening at the same time (the dog who bit the uncle is the same one who bit the little girl and caused the outbreak in rec) and four takes place immediately afterwards.

  • I frickin got scared because of my dog scratching her bed I thought It was my sisters bed room

    NizGiftsNizGifts27 dager siden
  • "SPOKAY!" - James a. Jannese

    laurie strodelaurie strode28 dager siden
  • 12:32 you startled the witch

    Quick ReviveQuick Revive28 dager siden
  • There's a kill count video by James A. Janisse: :D He says "There's a lot of gore and exploding heads" so you think he's gonna leave out or blur some amazing kills: D: "So I went ahead and got a sponsor to not have to censor it out.": :D

    JoonBoiJoonBoi28 dager siden
  • make an kill count about corona

    Totally not a rifler HempelTotally not a rifler Hempel28 dager siden
  • I never saw this movie so I thought the man in the thumbnail was Brandon rogers

    That Blue Bot Boy Of DOOMThat Blue Bot Boy Of DOOM28 dager siden
  • I sometimes forget you count the dead people I just like watching you comment on the movies

    Peachy ManPeachy Man29 dager siden
  • James is that your quarantine hair

    Slim boy fatSlim boy fat29 dager siden
  • just count the zombies as 20

    Aaron LoAaron Lo29 dager siden
  • Are u Asian

    Owen MillerOwen Miller29 dager siden
  • rec 5 origin

    The King of HeartsThe King of HeartsMåned siden
  • james,every time i see a new or old video.you always a good haircut

    Jacobgames TheAwesomenessJacobgames TheAwesomenessMåned siden
  • I dont care what people say his voice makes me wana hear the ad read

    XCOOL32XCOOL32Måned siden
  • so nobody gonna say that he looks like john wick

    111strikes111strikesMåned siden
  • Do a kill count of Covid Pandemic (This will be impossible)

    Yellow manYellow manMåned siden
  • It took me a while to realize he was saying 'Guzmán' and not 'Goosebump'

    Samantha LoretoSamantha LoretoMåned siden
  • This is late. But how did the priest and the people in the church or that die in Rec3? I thought they were safe im there or did i miss soemthing

    RjcloneRjcloneMåned siden
  • OHHH MAH GOHH, yo hair tho xD im sorry i just had to, i couldnt resist

    Jay AguonJay AguonMåned siden
  • Rec 5 should take place in a hospital

    TinselTinselMåned siden
  • 20:27, it makes sense why you don’t count anymore, cause unlike the wedding, there is only so much space to see zombies running around.

    Gavin BuntingGavin BuntingMåned siden
  • Starts at 2:06

    Pixelxy8 VideosPixelxy8 VideosMåned siden
  • We really didn't need any sequels to rec

    Pixelxy8 VideosPixelxy8 VideosMåned siden
  • The monkeys finger was still moving in the tray

    Hannah SharkHannah SharkMåned siden
  • This is how many times he said positive 👇

    diamond Playzdiamond PlayzMåned siden
  • I would’ve preferred if none of the main characters were killed/infected/possessed and all met up in one epic crossover, seeing Clara with Rosso and Anehala (I definitely said that wrong) come together to kick some demon zombie ass

    Anonymous 73Anonymous 73Måned siden
    • @IABI TV ooooooh drama

      Anonymous 73Anonymous 73Måned siden
    • @Anonymous 73 ah but ofc the child would have needed a babysitter but was Clara not lying about her pregnancy possibly?

      IABI TVIABI TVMåned siden
    • @IABI TV not sure about their child, but everyone else yes

      Anonymous 73Anonymous 73Måned siden
    • Also yessssss @ Clara, her husband, their child and Angela together destroying the infected

      IABI TVIABI TVMåned siden
    • It's Angela btw

      IABI TVIABI TVMåned siden
  • No it’s DQ (demon resources) not HQ

    Crazygame Boy001Crazygame Boy001Måned siden
  • He looks like keanu reeves

    Gamer SkullyGamer SkullyMåned siden
  • Do the parisite

    Shea FriaryShea FriaryMåned siden
  • Love that little goro on kill chart 😂

    Steven OwensSteven OwensMåned siden
  • james im srry but what is your hair my g

    Tyrell Wharfe WharfeTyrell Wharfe WharfeMåned siden
  • 1:28 - 1:33 *that’s what she said*

    TheBest ThereEverWasTheBest ThereEverWasMåned siden
  • Wow, Manuela is a true badass 🤘🏻

    Evil ToadEvil ToadMåned siden
  • I forgot James let his hair grow out like this. And the good nerdy guy in a movie who turns out to be the villain

    s3shs3shMåned siden
  • James's classic hair XD

    Cross_Sans557Cross_Sans557Måned siden
  • and now you look like a ronaldo

    Rasmus VavilovRasmus VavilovMåned siden
  • Rec is a pretty similar movie in.... Among us You know the security

    DEVIL FFDEVIL FFMåned siden
  • Why am I just now noticing the lonely island reference in the beginning?

    Kyleigh HemmingsonKyleigh HemmingsonMåned siden
  • Lmao james looks like doctor strange

    Speed wagon LoverSpeed wagon LoverMåned siden
  • All I could think of whenever you talked about Lucas is the character from smash bros

    Pokey the MonkeyPokey the MonkeyMåned siden
  • Nice hair Why why we loved your old hair

    Leeds4life Is coolLeeds4life Is coolMåned siden
  • Carnage counts does a good job then u at counting

    Adrian GuzmanAdrian GuzmanMåned siden
  • "One and only survivor" Only survivor? What happened to the priest and all those people within the church, I thought they couldn't be touched?

    Matthew SanchezMatthew SanchezMåned siden
  • Hair

    PDF.PDF.Måned siden