Sinister 2 (2015) KILL COUNT

8. mai. 2020
2 796 569 Ganger

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    Dead MeatDead Meat7 måneder siden
    • i was biting my nails while watching this and ripped a nail off when i saw one of the jumpscares

      virginity world championvirginity world champion4 måneder siden

      Wesley Couto NunesWesley Couto Nunes5 måneder siden
    • Eeeeê. H

      flippyerflippyer5 måneder siden
    • thanks DM for featuring one of my fave Horror movies of the the 2010's era been wanting to see this movie for a while now

      Jonathan RagayJonathan Ragay6 måneder siden
    • Dead Meat you said 2013 not 2015

      Jacobc CullenJacobc Cullen6 måneder siden
  • im glad the rats are ok

    jax_productionsjax_productions8 timer siden
  • Damn I love your humor

    magnus wmagnus wDag siden
  • i am watching you during Zoom (:

    Kenny VelasquezKenny VelasquezDag siden
  • Love your vids

    Damyen GreenDamyen GreenDag siden
  • James: Kids Killing Kids You Hate To See It The 100: 🤨 Stop The Cap

  • Gosh I love James

    Jack EastonJack Easton3 dager siden
  • i love horror movies but fuckin jump scares are a downer and are very loud .....

    Erbaz ahmed khanErbaz ahmed khan3 dager siden
  • today i watch the sinister and it was scary

    Jennevy CurielJennevy Curiel5 dager siden
  • Sinister guy looks like Calypso from Twisted Metal

    Michael HawkMichael Hawk5 dager siden
  • "jumpscare.exe" lmao i loved that

    ThatOnePenThatOnePen6 dager siden
  • Dylan is my cousin name...

    Fleegles the cheethaFleegles the cheetha7 dager siden
  • 😎

    Adog 00Adog 008 dager siden
  • This must be a bad movies

    David's Dinosaur kingdomDavid's Dinosaur kingdom8 dager siden
  • It would’ve been so awesome if the other kid took over, and he was actually the one that made the starting movie. It also would have just made the whole thing string together better.

    JoJo10 dager siden
  • So and so: your not making a film Zack: *uno reverse * *kill* ghost kids: you can join

    santefiasantefia11 dager siden
  • @2:10😫

  • did PI So&So play ziggy on the wire

    Tanner SargentTanner Sargent14 dager siden
  • Have he done children of the corn

    BlazeJVBlazeJV14 dager siden
  • I love this one but this film isn’t really bad it’s just really hard to find it good or bad

    Jack BoyJack BoyMåned siden
  • Dylan every night: *Ah shit. Here we go again.*

    emilybrooke_xemilybrooke_xMåned siden
  • i like dead meat cause he bascilly tell us the movie but in kills so us non movie watchers can spoil it for other people

    Nicholas GoldsmithNicholas GoldsmithMåned siden
  • is it me or does spookyface look like the dream catcher from the haunting hour

    Spicy Oreos74Spicy Oreos74Måned siden
  • There’s no crocodiles in the us unless your in Florida but anywhere else it would be alligators

    Yee YeeYee YeeMåned siden
  • My mom: time for school me:noooooooooooooo

    kole gamingkole gamingMåned siden
  • Dylan is my name too

    The Dab GangThe Dab GangMåned siden
  • Literally no one: Smartass's in the comments: RaTS WeRe UsEd tO ToRtUrE......

    Harrison WHarrison WMåned siden
  • The rats are stolen from 2 fast 2 furious change my mind lol

    unfittingsteak3 -unfittingsteak3 -Måned siden
  • They should've made a better movie

    Cowgirl126 0Cowgirl126 0Måned siden
  • Hi

    Big ChungusBig ChungusMåned siden
  • Me during that one jumpscare in the hallway: GOD..DAMMIT IT SON OF A-

    Ro GalosRo GalosMåned siden
  • When I saw your numbers jump scare was funny and it didn’t hit me. But this one got me.😂🤣😂

    SunnySauce07SunnySauce07Måned siden
  • Jump scare.exe lol

    terry aqualadterry aqualadMåned siden
  • i like that how they dance in electric in water and that girl dance like any thing lol

    tytus Gamertytus GamerMåned siden
  • Okay but saying eff you to your mom is the real horror movie

    Kathryn StocklandKathryn StocklandMåned siden
  • 6:20 That moment would’ve been much creepier if that jumpscare didn’t happen

    JackinaboxJackinaboxMåned siden
  • James your to funny bro I swear. You can take a stupid lame movie and make it really funny.

    Mark BarricklowMark BarricklowMåned siden
  • What the heck don’t choke me Zach lol

    Mark BarricklowMark BarricklowMåned siden
  • I hate you so much. After spotting your channel, I have been watching more than 13 Kill Count videos.

    Uy NguyenUy NguyenMåned siden
  • When he jump scares it didt scare me it made me laugh 😂😂

    Lauren AlmaguerLauren AlmaguerMåned siden
  • Wow... this makes me appreciate the first film a lot more after seeing this one, lol! Still don't think the first one was scary but this one was just awful in every way.

    The Clint CommanderThe Clint CommanderMåned siden
  • The Sinister franchise is probably the movies i am scared of the most...

    Grayson CarterGrayson CarterMåned siden
    • Well the first one scares me a lot! I stayed up for 36 hours and that is a lot for an 11 year old!

      Grayson CarterGrayson CarterMåned siden
  • B.o.C.!

    Scott MacScott MacMåned siden
  • the deputy is the eddy from it

    nintendWillnintendWillMåned siden
  • Mr so and so 🤣🤣

    Kam FloodKam FloodMåned siden
  • this movie was such a huge let down from the original. the ghosts talked way too much and that too like present day kids so nothing really felt scary about them. plus i felt the first movie's family films were better because they were very short and badly filmed so it gave the illusion of a kid making them thus making them creepier and making you want more, this movie's murder scene were so long and stretched out and well filmed that i actually got bored

    ramsharamshaMåned siden
  • I never noticed the screaming when Golden Chainsaw appears lol. And I have watched like 100 episodes

    Nero PastaNero PastaMåned siden
  • I want a "Title Card Shirt"

    네스호카렐네스호카렐Måned siden
  • Why did u scare me at the number transition again :I((((

    Java MJava MMåned siden
  • “JUMPSCARE.exe, shut it down” 😂🤣😂🤣

    Sean DSean DMåned siden
  • The amount of So-and-so Jokes lmao

    namciclenamcicleMåned siden
  • “Come back to the basement dylan” ooh i hope there’s candy! Not just movies killing family

    Twinely SpinlyTwinely SpinlyMåned siden
  • 15:32 though that said cunt lol

    thursday the 12ththursday the 12thMåned siden
  • I mean, okay, the crocodile thing might not seem realistic to you but the hanging in the first movie did? It's the same thing lmao I doubt that girl could have put 4 people up like that but nobody complained back then haha

    Clara KClara KMåned siden
  • We all just gonna ignore the fact this movie stole one of its kill scenes from 2Fast2Furious? Hey Sinister 2, 2f2f will take it's cutter back.

    LonGo MusicLonGo MusicMåned siden
  • Damn,, I’m actually sad that Dylan didn’t finish his home movie

    Quinn CakeQuinn CakeMåned siden
  • God, Shannyn Sossamon is STILL super hot

    Honest Insincerity 2Honest Insincerity 2Måned siden
  • I mean there was only like 15 jump scares

    Aiden AlversonAiden AlversonMåned siden
  • That jumpscare scared me

    Aiden AlversonAiden AlversonMåned siden
  • Milo is Ben Shapiro

    sunkysunkyMåned siden
  • I think that spooky face can control animals when needed like the rats and croc

    Noah FreedmanNoah FreedmanMåned siden
  • All I can think while watching this is that eddys alive

  • milo just looks like child ben shapiro

    molly lawsonmolly lawsonMåned siden
  • What’s your most kill count is so much more other people think is it a movie so you if you can’t find in harmony want that wasn’t you decide talking over most of the scenes but I think it’s more that looks so nice

    World PartyWorld PartyMåned siden
  • When I first come back from NOworld and you were first person I watch that I do I do kill Just above the kill count so must okay when I was in Wigan so much for your daughter thing I want to kill count if I’m gonna watch a horror movie can’t find it aside how much me friend me you just of of the kill count so must okay when I was a song for you don’t something I want to kill count if I’m going to watch a horror movie can’t find it aside hHow much to me so Thomas make them your wares I still know what there is in Ireland I love the kill count it’s something more so than movie it’s entertaining for me I will it’s in commie of you so funny like a Bizzle bastard I’m going to check on the queues today and to Kings today

    World PartyWorld PartyMåned siden
  • Eddie because interested into the paranormal

    chill dude uwuchill dude uwuMåned siden
  • Don’t you hate it when you move to a house with your twins and it is haunted by murdering ghost children to get away from your abusive husband and then one of your twins has nightmares about killing you and the rest of your family so the ghost children show him videos of them killing their families so he “won’t have nightmares,” than your other twin gets jealous since they won’t watch the clips of the murders with him and won’t let him join their “group.” Eventually the twin having the nightmares says he won’t watch the videos anymore, not too long after you and your kids have to move to live with your abusive husband. So the other twin is told to kill you and the rest of your Family so the other twin gets suspicious and texts the private investigator that you kissed the other night to come round since he thinks something weird is going on with your other twin and that night he ties you, your abusive ex husband and the other twin up and makes you into human scarecrows and sets his dad/ your ex on fire (all whilst documenting this horrific murder) and is about to set his brother on fire when the private investigator hits the evil kid with a car and frees you and your other child and you all try to run away from him but he try’s to kill you but the private investigator destroys his camera so he runs off screaming, so the evil man (i think they’re a man anyway,) that caused all of this kills your kid for failing to kill you all.

    a socially awkward childa socially awkward childMåned siden
  • I remember this

    cheese ballcheese ballMåned siden
  • honestly the first movie had an anticlimactic ending. i understood it, it was just boring and cliche

    ohh_gee10ohh_gee10Måned siden
  • The rats used to be an actual torture method

    Cool Ice cubesCool Ice cubesMåned siden
  • 16:48 when you have to go to school

    laqundra barnettlaqundra barnettMåned siden
  • why sinister 2 and not 2 sinister

    DumPap2287DumPap2287Måned siden
    • Nice

      cheese ballcheese ballMåned siden
  • The last jump scare got me bro

    nat Whitenat WhiteMåned siden
  • The rat kill was actually a medieval torture method

    The BandThe BandMåned siden
  • I love both of these movies for completely different reasons

    123 Four5Six123 Four5SixMåned siden
  • Bro I watch these so I don’t have to endure all the jump scaressss bro but these are so gooodd

    Kt RaeKt RaeMåned siden
  • Doesn't bughuul look like a demon version of Keanu Reeves

    Rafael BinyaminovRafael BinyaminovMåned siden
  • 🤦🏾‍♀️ I think im watching too many of your videos, my 3 year old hears your intro music on my phone now and goes "scary coming on!" 😂😫

    Musique AndFloetryMusique AndFloetryMåned siden
  • love the energy

    MEMES plzMEMES plzMåned siden
  • The movie almost look like the movie Children of the Corn.

    Henry WashingtonHenry WashingtonMåned siden
  • Every time I watch these I know there’s jump scares but I still get terrified

    jennifer guertinjennifer guertinMåned siden
  • nice subtle Friday reference "we know this maan"

    DONKDONKMåned siden
  • the rat bucket thing was a real way to kill people in the 1500's i think Edit: I think 1000's to 1500's

    orleans junkyorleans junkyMåned siden
  • I'm just saying this before I click off the video, maybe if you didn't talk s*** about the movie before you started it I'd be more interested in watching it. But when you make a movie sound horrible and uninteresting that just makes me have no interest in sitting through a breakdown of the movie.

    BassPurgeBassPurgeMåned siden
  • Mr and Mrs Sloan: Wouldnt it be hilarious if we named one of our sons Bob and the other Dartanian?

    Jimmy ZJimmy ZMåned siden
  • "Lack of realism" riiiight... because a demon going from housr to house convicing children to murder their families in the most horrifc way possible just so they can become film ghost afterwards sure is super normal and believable...

    Idilberto NetoIdilberto NetoMåned siden
  • 12:15 rat torture

    Tyranus XaviarTyranus XaviarMåned siden
  • DAnger DAnger High Voltage

    rXanrXanMåned siden
  • What happened to the ghost kids?

    Mr. AshtasticMr. AshtasticMåned siden

    Pervaiz IqbalPervaiz IqbalMåned siden
  • I have 2 twin brothers

    cute kitty catcute kitty catMåned siden
  • Bruh wtf was on 2:40 LMMFAO

    OrcaKing GamingOrcaKing GamingMåned siden
  • Best quote of the video: Jumpscare.exe

    Mach 1 MillionMach 1 MillionMåned siden
  • This is the second KILL COUNT im genuinely scared of

    That 1 GuyThat 1 GuyMåned siden
  • tbh u make the movie less scarier than it is

    SphyxalSphyxalMåned siden
  • Guys my name is eli

    Holy trinityHoly trinityMåned siden
  • 12:24 Sadly, this isn't fictional. The method of execution here is referred to commonly as "Rat Torture". It's done by placing metal bowls, cages, crates whatever keep the rats there. Then they place burning hot coal on top of the object, and the internal heat becomes unbearable and they want out, the only way out? Down through the stomach of the victim. This was a real torture method, and I tried to look but couldn't find how long one might survive after the torture

    12gamerplays12gamerplaysMåned siden
    • Now i feel happy being alive in 2020 lol

      Christina CordovaChristina Cordova8 dager siden
  • I stopped watching your videos I just skip to the end nowadays. I do enjoy them but the ads get annoying Edit: Thayer good for back noise tho

    God let's play420God let's play420Måned siden
  • ayy this makes me have nightmares but its worth it

    Tommy FredTommy FredMåned siden
  • James: where in jumpscare city mother f***ers Me: oh hell yeah

    Racegamer 69Racegamer 69Måned siden