Tales from the Hood (1995) KILL COUNT

2. okt.. 2020
2 376 209 Ganger

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    Dead MeatDead Meat2 måneder siden

      Jeremiah TriniteJeremiah Trinite19 dager siden

    • Did you also know that Paula Jair Parker, Rusty and one of the guys from the funeral home (the real dark one) played in Sprung

      YOUniquely_beYOUtifulYOUniquely_beYOUtifulMåned siden
    • Hey 💩

      Stevie t FanpageStevie t FanpageMåned siden
    • You should do jeepers creepers

      Killer AmvKiller AmvMåned siden
  • Why is no one talking about drummer James?!!

    runkymunkyrunkymunky6 timer siden
  • That was the shit!

    thesun collective147thesun collective1479 timer siden
  • Sampson Simpson! Holy Crap!!🤣

    Harry NicholesHarry Nicholes11 timer siden
  • Tales from the hood seems like what get out was it's like a social commentary horror on racism, violence, gang violence and same race on race crime. Shame it wasn't taken more seriously.

    LENNY!LENNY!19 timer siden
  • 9:15 I would have pissed myself laughing if James had played the PH theme tune on his drums.

    LENNY!LENNY!20 timer siden
  • 7:28 Jason actually never teleports. Film Theory proved that.

    Sam NieuwenhuisSam NieuwenhuisDag siden
  • The part 2 sucked so bad

    A Smoke D.A Smoke D.2 dager siden
  • Great movie ! Great message !

    lowkey righteouslowkey righteous2 dager siden
  • The extended lore James iz a drummer

    SteveroniSteveroni3 dager siden
  • Bro I love that tshirt😙

    The PornographerThe Pornographer3 dager siden
  • Correction there are very few Courageous cops out there. Most are Cowards. This movie was Awesome!

    1 Life1 Life3 dager siden
  • red balls cocain in a can

    slade wilsonslade wilson4 dager siden
  • This means so much to this black girl that you took the time to describe this movie. Please do more

    Jalan MitchellJalan Mitchell4 dager siden
  • If ur black and never seen this movie imma need ur membership card. This is a must see for the culture 🙌🏾

    jlov3420jlov34204 dager siden

    it's me BryanGh0stboiit's me BryanGh0stboi5 dager siden
  • I'm not sure, but I think the sequel had a CGI killbot thinly disguised as stop motion.

    William CroweWilliam Crowe6 dager siden
  • “The shit, ahhhhhh Yes, the shit!!!!!! Never gets old!!!!

    Tarman Got HimTarman Got Him7 dager siden
  • Clarence Williams's vocal performance is absolutely stellar here. The mania of the "WHERE ELSE... would I hide it?" is palpable, especially with his facial expressions and body language. Also, good on James for not shying away from intense material like this, and establishing boundaries when it comes to frame-by-frames.

    Rhi Hughes • Atomicwrongs • Art GeniusRhi Hughes • Atomicwrongs • Art Genius7 dager siden
  • Fun fact: i was thinking about the 10th doctor when I saw the film Well not really a fun fact then

    Casually vibeing in 2020Casually vibeing in 20207 dager siden
  • 25:48 is my favourite part 😈

    Jackson BivensJackson Bivens8 dager siden
  • Anyone else want tales from the hood 3?

    Casually vibeing in 2020Casually vibeing in 20208 dager siden
  • Sims is the shit The dookie The poopoo pop

    Cl1nical Depression #9Cl1nical Depression #99 dager siden
    • I meant CW3

      Cl1nical Depression #9Cl1nical Depression #99 dager siden
  • You should do cats eyes

    Charlie CarterCharlie Carter9 dager siden
  • Ok I’m not the only one who replays the welcome to hell part the acting was ON POINT 😵

    Karmas GodlyKarmas Godly10 dager siden
  • "This ain't no funeral home...it ain't the terra dome..nether, welcome..to hell!!

    Mikail ThomasMikail Thomas10 dager siden
  • Screaming mad George also made slipknots masks from 2001-2008

    Tyler DentonTyler Denton10 dager siden
  • Ya'll got lazy. You gotta count the kills - historical or not. ;)

    Aidan OliverAidan Oliver10 dager siden
  • It’s kinda funny how he gives us a graphic warning for the guy getting beat up by cops but not for any final destination kills or Jason kills

    Red 5Red 510 dager siden
    • Probably because those are so outlandish that there’s enough distance to keep it from getting uncomfortable. Whereas police brutality is still a thing and the portrayal is close to real life, so it’s harder to watch for some folks.

      LegalAssassinLegalAssassin9 dager siden
  • Thanks for the ride lady. What's with that actor and playing zombies?

    AdamAdam10 dager siden
  • "We harbor some umbrage that hurt their own" that's so stupid...I really hope they don't mean that if you are of one race, you must back up those of the same race no matter what. If that was the case I would have no other friends that other whites. Which is majority of my friends anyways, but I have quite a few Hispanic friends too. I think all of the black people I've seen supporting Trump (pre-election) was really cool, for other black people to call them "traitors" is retarded. Those guys were allowed to do whatever they wanted. If they supported Trump, then that's their prerogative; their support shouldn't be based off their race. They may choose to support whomever they would like.

    Tyler BergenTyler Bergen11 dager siden
  • "I've got the Shit!" Clarence Williams III is one of the best actors ever! Loved him in Purple Rain playing Prince's crazy dad.

    Karen SKaren S11 dager siden
  • Duke is Donald Trump

    juarez.goodenjuarez.gooden11 dager siden
  • Please do a part 3 it’s much better than part 2!!

    Vintage darlingVintage darling11 dager siden
  • James: I have my limits okay me: so we aren't gonna talk about how you'll count zombies for a kill count?

    Adrien EllisAdrien Ellis11 dager siden
  • Wow

    M MM M12 dager siden
  • This is a favorite of mine from my childhood.

    J TJ T12 dager siden
  • I still remember the puppets

    Noah BrownNoah Brown13 dager siden
  • this was funny AF, I appreciate you for doing the kill count for this movie, and explaining the double meaning it had.

    CraigNoIcecubeCraigNoIcecube13 dager siden
  • What u know about this movie lol this is a hood classic..nice break down tho

    Dennis WellsDennis Wells13 dager siden
  • I'm so glad youtube recommended this channel to me years ago. I love Jame's upbeat and funny takes on my favourite movies. Subbed for two year and never missed a kill count or podcast. Love "the shit"

    sweet tea298sweet tea29813 dager siden
  • Do a colllab with Primm Hood cinema 🚨

    FAMØØ TVFAMØØ TV13 dager siden
  • I’d take that tube over a COVID test!

    Zach SteinerZach Steiner13 dager siden
  • 3:54 black life matters 😒

    bn. worldbn. world14 dager siden
  • Wait a sec, isn't Rhodie's actor one of the FBI agents in Final Destination?

    Travis CummingsTravis Cummings14 dager siden
  • Fav episode so far.

    Irvin VegaIrvin Vega14 dager siden
  • The actor who play Duke also was in jurassic world fallen kingdom as the guy was kill by the indoraptor while getting g his tooth.

    Starbuckaddict 239Starbuckaddict 23914 dager siden
  • Prince daddy was scary as hell as the devil

    Rodney DavisRodney Davis15 dager siden
  • Senator looks like joe biden ironic

    Bobby DrizzleBobby Drizzle15 dager siden
  • beautiful black classic😀😀😀😀😱😂💯

    Rico BellRico Bell15 dager siden
  • i never jump but when he teleported on the back of the car my heart skipped a beat

    CadainTheAsianCadainTheAsian15 dager siden
  • This shit scared the fuck out of me when i was a kid.

    HashBandicootHashBandicoot15 dager siden
  • samson is every where lololol

    Randy gonzalesRandy gonzales15 dager siden
  • Love this movie. One of THE best horror or scary movies created cause it really got deep with the African American race in this country talks about their history and what they been through as a people how they kill each other like crazy and it's just a spiritual story too with the slaves souls trapped in dolls etc. Amazing. Every Halloween this is on my list of halloween marathon movies.

    Stop HatingStop Hating15 dager siden
  • i forgot this was a kill count video until 23:00, looks like a really good movie

    Jonathan JacobJonathan Jacob15 dager siden
  • 10:48, Hey Papyrus

    Blue MoonixBlue Moonix15 dager siden
  • 0:44 I’m using this as a reaction meme

    Omniverse ProductionsOmniverse Productions15 dager siden
  • Don’t they clean him/her off before they put them in the coffen

    Shadow MoonShadow Moon16 dager siden
  • Corbin Bernsen also plays Henry Spencer in the show Psych

    Nik ThomallaNik Thomalla16 dager siden
  • @7:21 scared the sh*t outta me!

    Jessie BlossomJessie Blossom16 dager siden
  • I always thought the scene where the gangster is in purgatory with thr neo nazi to be a memorable scene. Because the neo nazi goes on about wanting to enslave blacks again and the gangster tells him f off, but then you realize the gangster his whole life killed other black people, how is he any better than the neo nazi? Quite the thinker

    Princess Tinkle PantiesPrincess Tinkle Panties17 dager siden
  • Don't you love the hood?

    Yazeed pagayaoYazeed pagayao17 dager siden
  • The cop car has a Metropolitan Police emblem from police academy

    Jacob FoxJacob Fox17 dager siden
  • ah yes! Cuban B!

    buddyroachbuddyroach18 dager siden
  • There is a Tales from the Hood 3, just watched it, isnt half bad

    bboykiddblackbboykiddblack18 dager siden
  • I miss social/political commentary in movies that isn't forced and doesn't take away from the movie as a whole. Nowadays people take themselves so seriously that it kills the message and tone of whatever movie they try it with (Black Christmas 2019?) They should take a page from Tales From The Hood

    Tay TayTay Tay18 dager siden
  • One of my favorite movies to watch when I was growing up.

    Liz VizionLiz Vizion18 dager siden
  • 22:56 - exactly. Exactly. Commentary only works when you're willing to tackle hard subjects. What's sad tho, is that black on black violence has sky rocketed this year. History repeats itself when you always focus on the external problems but not the internal problems..

    Npc I'm knotNpc I'm knot18 dager siden
  • One thing i will say about older movies.. the fact it was expensive to make movies.. you actaully have better stories, acting, filming cause you can't just put a movie together in a few days.. unlike now.. there's so much garbage.. cause its easy to make a movie now lol.

    Npc I'm knotNpc I'm knot18 dager siden
  • 10:45- oh shit.. death note in the hood

    Npc I'm knotNpc I'm knot18 dager siden
  • Wow after seeing #3 -it was complete garbage btw.. this one seems actually good. Actually commentating on all sides.. inside and out.

    Npc I'm knotNpc I'm knot18 dager siden
  • The senator could’ve just walked out

    Mayor TortoiseMayor Tortoise18 dager siden
  • Can I ask a question is screaming mad George a dude or girl

    Lindsay StoughLindsay Stough18 dager siden
  • That's disturbing as hack.

    Deonta SmithDeonta Smith18 dager siden
  • Kick ass hysterically funny narrator 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    Rachel ManorRachel Manor19 dager siden
  • The ending was the scariest part.

    JR EwingJR Ewing19 dager siden
  • This ain't no funeral home it ain't the terror dome neither. That's my favorite line in the movie.

    Tyler PlattTyler Platt19 dager siden
  • I never paid attention to all that propaganda hippity hoopla shit, I just liked the movie for being a nice little horror flick..

    Jonny CrashJonny Crash19 dager siden
  • This movie is very unique and the truth is we most likely won’t get another movie like it. It’s too real for Hollywood.

    Baggy Clothes 4LifeBaggy Clothes 4Life20 dager siden
  • Great flick but too bad some of the politics of the movie have lead to the toxic mentality of garbage like BLM and sjw idiocy of today.

    Juan RamirezJuan Ramirez20 dager siden
  • Guess Rhodey should have stuck to MIT and befriending genius billionaires, eh?

    SamSam20 dager siden
  • Holy fuck I remember this one. What a crazy movie!

    MookaylaMookayla20 dager siden
  • Tales from the hellkeeper

    Thatoneguy 3535Thatoneguy 353521 dag siden
  • 11:46 in living color

    Noah BrennanNoah Brennan21 dag siden
  • It said my name

    Zane MetcalfZane Metcalf21 dag siden
  • police brutality is fake. there are a few bad apples in every group. if you dont want to be shot then dont break the law and use common sense

    ElectricFire2736ElectricFire273621 dag siden
  • This is one of my favorite movies. David Allen Grier was amazing. Watching him go from comedian to psychopath was truly amazing. Several stars in the movie but I truly think Grier stood out due to the going from Rev Ronnie Love in Martin to the Monster in TFTH. I also love the subliminal messages in the movie.

    Galen MerrickGalen Merrick21 dag siden
  • Is it just me or does Clarence Williams look a lot like Samual L Jackson n this movie

    Goku KAMEHAMEHAGoku KAMEHAMEHA21 dag siden
  • Wow, I'd like to learn to play the drums

    Yara AltroYara Altro21 dag siden
  • The second story reminds me of that shite doctor who episode ‘fear her’ lmao

    Izzy FedeliIzzy Fedeli22 dager siden
  • Oh that effect were the cope gets stabbed with the needles and melts into the graffiti wall is pure horror perfection This movie is underrated for its style And its stories and themes tragicly but very effectively aged well

    SNB Sixteen6starsSNB Sixteen6stars22 dager siden
  • Truly grade A cinema.... Corbin guy is a good actor I like that dude he was in Major League and Psych

    SealTeam RyxSealTeam Ryx22 dager siden
  • Ring Leader cop played a cop in the mouth of madness

    Dan FugettDan Fugett22 dager siden
  • This movie is The shit

    FatalNathanFatalNathan23 dager siden
  • Clarence Williams III had one of his best acting performances in this movie.

    George B VietoGeorge B Vieto23 dager siden
  • Cigar flakes is your drunk grandfathers favorite cereal.

    garrett culbertsongarrett culbertson23 dager siden
  • I learned there was a third one. Will we be seeing it?

    jasoncustomizer56jasoncustomizer5623 dager siden
  • For people who watched the new one, is it any good?

    messy bricksmessy bricks23 dager siden
  • I watched this in 4th grade

    JAIDEN PUEJAIDEN PUE23 dager siden
  • 20:02 when *KARMA* structs and they were talking alot of smack too lol

    LovetiopLovetiop23 dager siden