The Invisible Man (1933) KILL COUNT

16. okt.. 2020
2 200 996 Ganger

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    Dead MeatDead MeatMåned siden
    • wow 97 years after the movie came out. Dead Meat decides to make a kill count in 2020. AMAZING😊😆😃

      Cade McPhersonCade McPhersonDag siden
    • 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

      diys familydiys family5 dager siden
    • Dead Meat o

      Alexandra Two faceAlexandra Two face10 dager siden
    • wait what movie has the highest kill count

      TrapinaaTrapinaa22 dager siden
    • Here comes the money money money money money money money money

      Poe Du KodPoe Du KodMåned siden
  • Like for the Monorail reffrence.

    Reagan JamesReagan James3 timer siden
  • Its not a horror i prefer comedy horror :D

    Phoenix vPhoenix vDag siden
  • Dead Meat Will you do a kill count called: Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes?

    Jenifer CyreJenifer CyreDag siden
  • What about Hollow man?

    Couer GarnetCouer GarnetDag siden
  • Damn so this is the movie that taught jhon cena how to become invisible

    Flying Dragon EntertainmentFlying Dragon Entertainment2 dager siden
  • YOU FOOLS!!!!

    invisible maninvisible man2 dager siden
  • Whenever I think of this movie, I think of that line from the opening song (Science Fiction/Double Feature) in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. "Claude Reins was the Invisible Man."

    fools!youexpectedaname, jokesonyou,idon'thaveone!fools!youexpectedaname, jokesonyou,idon'thaveone!2 dager siden
  • Hey Bud you should do a Kill Count on Spannish Horror Movie Don't Listen

    Mike DoleuzeMike Doleuze2 dager siden
  • Ya know what I really like about James is that he never once asks for anyone to like and or subscribe he’s just honest and kind

    David KovachDavid Kovach3 dager siden
  • One of the best movies I’ll ever see from the 1930’s

    Dominic MeyerDominic Meyer3 dager siden
  • this isn’t a horror movie “this is bad comedy” -galvatron, transformers movie

    Toyota PripraToyota Pripra3 dager siden
  • 1:43 who else strarted just thinking 'I'm erasing myself from the narraatiiive'e? noone,? just musical- theatre-hamilton-obssesed ass?

    Georgia 11Georgia 113 dager siden
  • 4:50 idk wtf just happened 😂😂😂😂

    Saabaya BazilSaabaya Bazil4 dager siden
  • Dracula

    Riovie HernandezRiovie Hernandez4 dager siden
  • This one was wayyyyy better then the pile of trash that was the reboot

    The JokerThe Joker4 dager siden
  • This movie sums up my dad in my life...

    Damari PurnellDamari Purnell4 dager siden
  • And now whit no context Country roaaad Take me home To the place...

    Jonathan Joestar but meanerJonathan Joestar but meaner4 dager siden
  • Constable Jappers is my spirit animal

    Just a Guy Named JoeJust a Guy Named Joe5 dager siden
  • 2:32 The teacher hearing me say “I like ya cut g” to the emo kid

    Aidan the CactusAidan the Cactus5 dager siden
  • haha good video

    lebleucanardlebleucanard5 dager siden
  • Can you do bad moon please

    Stephanie GriffinStephanie Griffin5 dager siden
  • James, those dislikes are from safe zone.

    Daniel Quinn FergusonDaniel Quinn Ferguson6 dager siden
  • I can’t wait to see a movie called, “the invisible attack helicopter

    SpartanCDCSpartanCDC6 dager siden
  • over 100 insane!

    NWR900NWR9006 dager siden

    NWR900NWR9007 dager siden
  • Hold up what??🤔🤔 does the invisible man kill never thought he would kill

    Gabriel MillanGabriel Millan7 dager siden
  • great movie, love rewatching this one

    Charlie ComptonCharlie Compton8 dager siden
  • can you do the tall grass kill count

    Chase CollinsChase Collins8 dager siden
  • My favorite movie i watch every night it puts me to sleep

    Joe GeorgeJoe George8 dager siden
  • why does he look like casey neistat though

    maahjeed123maahjeed1238 dager siden
  • 7:08 I still laugh at this scene, idk why Please help

    KclarKclar9 dager siden
  • Awesome movie

    Kay PayneKay Payne9 dager siden
  • Can you do another science gone wrong movie called the "strange case of Dr. Jecal and Mr. Hyde" please. What do the rest of you commenters think.

    Kay PayneKay Payne9 dager siden
  • Geesh he's a serial killer.

    soundwave1asoundwave1a9 dager siden

    Artisteek ArtisteekArtisteek Artisteek9 dager siden
  • Cool video

    Macro BugMacro Bug10 dager siden
  • This movie is adorable

    Hunter12396Hunter1239610 dager siden
  • bro james you look way diff then like 1-3 years

    scrubbyXD scrubbyiscoolscrubbyXD scrubbyiscool10 dager siden
  • This video is awesome!

    Yazzy UnicornYazzy Unicorn10 dager siden
  • God the effects for 1933 are just amazing

    Simon WaldramSimon Waldram10 dager siden
  • Did anyone noticed that when the invisible man at the end of the video has his hands and the thing under his coat were also invisible? I think that's super weird

    Super gamerSuper gamer11 dager siden
  • Fun fact: This is where Mark Hamil got his inspiration for his version of the Joker.

    Gojiboiearth 1964Gojiboiearth 196411 dager siden
  • Just so u know its lrish not irrrrish not to be rude

    Valerie HurleyValerie Hurley11 dager siden
  • Did anyone else notice that Jack Griffin is also the name of the main character from A.P. Bio?

    Cosimo LCosimo L11 dager siden
  • I liked for "EH WOTS ALL THISH" thats the only reason.

    Cosimo LCosimo L11 dager siden
  • 12:48 James A (bosom friends to the very end) Chucky (Heidi ho hahaha!)

    zombiexbox xxzombiexbox xx12 dager siden
  • WAIT 1933

    rxbbie rxbbierxbbie rxbbie12 dager siden
  • "today were looking at the invisible man" .... Impossable

    jupiterjupiter12 dager siden
  • I hated Mrs.Hall she is so annoying

    Mario PerezMario Perez12 dager siden
  • 14:13 why does it look like that one Dr Seuss book

    JacobSans 101JacobSans 10112 dager siden
  • Something I never really thought about in this movie is that when he's invisible and not wearing anything he's naked like he's just butt naked doing all these things

    Zekiel-That-One-KidZekiel-That-One-Kid13 dager siden

    RyxlFNRyxlFN13 dager siden
  • Maybe Frankenstein at some point? My English class is reading the original book, so I've been thinking about it a lot😂

    James GilvaryJames Gilvary13 dager siden
  • My favorite part about this is win like great fell off the cliff

    Sean RegansSean Regans14 dager siden
  • Nice and excellent editing on the invisible man (1933).

    rookie gamerrookie gamer14 dager siden
  • Can you do Blood C?

    Jaiden Nicasio - KarateJaiden Nicasio - Karate15 dager siden
  • I’m only here because the invisible man was in league of extraordinary gentlemen and I’m pleasantly surprised

    The Nerd DeskThe Nerd Desk15 dager siden
  • Damn the Bad Guy from WW2 May have seen this movie

    Bela SchwendtnerBela Schwendtner15 dager siden
  • 3 more years and this film would be 90 years old.

    Dexter The Nostalgia ToonsterDexter The Nostalgia Toonster15 dager siden
  • It started off with a booook

    Dr. BrightDr. Bright15 dager siden
  • What's the Invisible Man, Mr. Potato head? MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY

    Alpha Dragon QueenAlpha Dragon Queen16 dager siden
  • 13:28 Wow the grovel gesture is just like one of Hitler's gestures.

    EvoEvo16 dager siden
  • When he’s fully invisible wouldn’t he just be naked.....

    Shaun McCormackShaun McCormack16 dager siden
  • When you sit down to watch a movie from the 30s you don't expect it to be this entertaining. It could fit in today with a few modern dialogue changes, but the core of it would work

    EvoEvo16 dager siden
  • everybody gangster till the invisible man gets a kill count over 100

    Minty FreshMinty Fresh16 dager siden
  • Love this movie

    Edward LaurénEdward Laurén17 dager siden

    Austin WoodAustin Wood17 dager siden
  • If he covers any of the Abbott and Costello horror movies I will laugh so hard

    ZolanDaDestroyerZolanDaDestroyer17 dager siden
  • I some how thought Vincent Price was the invisible man.

    Robert ForsterRobert Forster17 dager siden
  • Nice.

    GrembloGremblo18 dager siden
  • 2:32

    Marquis BreastonMarquis Breaston18 dager siden
  • I would love to be invisible 😏

    HaloMaster BlackDeathHaloMaster BlackDeath19 dager siden
  • U know what's so weird the guy who wrote invisible man I walked past his house like a thousand times because his house Is near mine in woking and there's a statue of him and a huge alien statue to represent his other books

    NGR FahadNGR Fahad19 dager siden
  • Nemo had the highest kill count

    Donovan PachecoDonovan Pacheco20 dager siden
  • This is my favorite universal studios monster, it’s such a great movie. Despite being so old I find it better than most modern horror movies.

    AndreNitro X1000AndreNitro X100020 dager siden
  • Jesus christ 1933!?!?

  • 7:11 (audible redubbing intensifies)

    Sir. DoggoSir. Doggo20 dager siden
  • 2:32

    Marquis BeanMarquis Bean21 dag siden
  • That’s assault brotha Is that a reference to billy Madison

    DINODINO21 dag siden
  • ? Jack Griffin will remember that.

    Jovanni WikelJovanni Wikel21 dag siden
  • Invisible man, Sleeping in your bed, Who can u call? GHOST BUSTERS

    Marko GalovićMarko Galović21 dag siden
    • Omg lmao

  • I like how I get a add called visible

    One punch banditOne punch bandit22 dager siden
  • For an office Halloween theme we did this year (remotely unfortunately) we chose the roaring 20’s and due to some unfortunate events I couldn’t assemble my Howard Hughes costume which would’ve been perfect considering my COVID hair and beard. So instead I did the invisible man (I know ok the movie came out in the 30’s) and during our zoom call and group photo I just sat off screen as my camera pointed at my empty chair as I would type and talk. It was pretty funny I thought

    J GunzlerJ Gunzler22 dager siden
  • Me realizing there are kills in this movie 😳

    Ieuan WoodIeuan Wood22 dager siden
  • Dude looks a bit like Charlie Sheen ... Lol

    Lucas de Carvalho Andrade MazaLucas de Carvalho Andrade Maza22 dager siden
  • Holy shit 87

    Josh MatthewJosh Matthew22 dager siden
    • Years ago

      Josh MatthewJosh Matthew22 dager siden
  • Me looking at the title: hey this looks cool. Maybe... 5? 6? At MOST 14 kills or so.

    T-51b Power ArmorT-51b Power Armor23 dager siden
  • I watched this video while my phone was at 68%

    Judah MJudah M23 dager siden
  • That’s super old holy shit.

    sxomebodysxomebody23 dager siden
  • I'm surprised that James has only 4 Mil Subs the kill counts are so good

    Siddhant ThendralSiddhant Thendral23 dager siden
  • Classic!

    Daniel HernandezDaniel Hernandez23 dager siden
  • someone needs to go as the invisible man next halloween but they go with a green screen suit underneath the robes and bandages.

    nebel rebel1nebel rebel123 dager siden
    • That wouldn’t work

      Axel NilssonAxel Nilsson19 dager siden
  • there is a way to reverse it. Just drink milk the potion effect will wear off eventually

    braidy_.braidy_.24 dager siden
  • No offense to the guy who made this video and call me insensitive... But it’s rather pathetic that some people prefer to be warned about depictions of self-harm when those same people are probably okay with watching people get gutted. Again, you can call me insensitive but people getting triggered by self-harm only to be okay with watching something more graphic is just plain stupid, and I refuse to coddle people with that mindset.

    Lilith SilveiraLilith Silveira24 dager siden
  • I don’t like the invisible man the killer is too invisible so I don’t like him

    That one guyThat one guy24 dager siden
  • When a baby starts crying way too loud at the movie theaters 7:08

    Mario LuigiMario Luigi24 dager siden
  • Claude Rains and the wonderful character actress who played "Jenny" would cross paths again in Nottingham in "The Adventures of Robin Hood" in 1938

    Josh3BJosh3B25 dager siden
  • 18:23

    Eddie RileyEddie Riley25 dager siden
  • He not beating Goku tho? Cause no can beat goku😈😈😈😈😈👻👻👻💀💀💀😼😼🥶🥶🥶🥶😤😤😤😤

    Jonathan GutierrezJonathan Gutierrez25 dager siden