The Meg (Dead Meat Podcast #109)

14. juli. 2020
207 207 Ganger

James and Chelsea are talkin’ THE MEG this week, m8. It’s a previously-thought-to-be-extinct mega shark innit
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"U Make Me Feel" by MK2

  • "Welcome to the Kill Count!" I was listening on my podcast app but I had to watch the video version specifically because of this moment

    Eliza EliseEliza Elise3 dager siden
  • the boat license thing is no longer a thing in Michigan btw

    TFMSGDerekTFMSGDerek5 dager siden
  • i have seen predator island

    Beck's FunhouseBeck's Funhouse9 dager siden
  • I freaking loved the Meg books written by Steve Alten! I know that this movie was in development hell for years and that it’s not supposed to be a super serious movie, but I would have rather seen it as a more accurate depiction of the book. Plus I felt like this movie was mostly meant to appease the Chinese gov’s sensors.

    Isaiah NunezIsaiah Nunez23 dager siden
  • Pls do the meg it has probably 100 kills

    Dominic animationDominic animation26 dager siden
  • Oh shit shout out to Subnautica. My favourite game that year.

    DansXeDansXe28 dager siden
  • the podcast is soooo underrated LMFAO, your viewers are really sleeping on yall's podcast!!

    Adrixn KingAdrixn KingMåned siden
  • I'd like see this on the kill count.

    TheShark PlaysTheShark PlaysMåned siden
  • Will this get a kill count?

    Simply Guitar danySimply Guitar danyMåned siden
  • Where did he get the Invisible Man figure in the background on Chelsea’s side?

    TwistedwirestudiosTwistedwirestudiosMåned siden
  • that girl looks like the army girl in wreck it Ralph

    Ethan CurnowEthan CurnowMåned siden
  • So basically The Meg is a Jaws clone that's better than most of the Jaws sequels

    Eric 9371Eric 9371Måned siden
  • Can you guys do clover field

    Not Here anymoreNot Here anymore2 måneder siden
  • Welcome to the kill count where-

    Joe MamaJoe Mama2 måneder siden
  • Could you do a kill count for the Meg please

    Hunter CromerHunter Cromer2 måneder siden
  • There is gonna be a 2nd one in 2021 for a trailer concept, look it up

    Mark Gregory MullenMark Gregory Mullen2 måneder siden
  • The dog in Jaws who gets eaten is called Pippin :)

    AvatarBlissAvatarBliss2 måneder siden
  • Yes. Avengers endgame beat avatar

    Project LeeProject Lee2 måneder siden
  • “You look very Capone and very smart” Chelsea: I would just jizz my pants😂😂😂

    Blake HohnsteinBlake Hohnstein2 måneder siden
  • I might be nitpicking, but I wish they had also talked about the "Meg" book series along side the movie.

    Zachary DaleZachary Dale2 måneder siden
  • Statham is a god!

    Peter GriffinPeter Griffin2 måneder siden
  • omg i remember when i watched the meg in like 2019 summer with my family (i was 10) after watching it i went to jason statham's wikipedia page and there was no megalodon in the page where it shows what he has been on so i was like yk im gonna put megalodon in there and my dad was like that is not gonna be there tomorrow and it was and then he was like well it is not gonna be there long and its 2020 it is still there yayy that was just cool xd

    Mea Ylä-JääskiMea Ylä-Jääski2 måneder siden
  • I love the both of you. Are you available for marriage...

    Hattori HanzōHattori Hanzō2 måneder siden
  • james: y would you betray me 4:09

    Cathy LamotheCathy Lamothe3 måneder siden
  • Me when I’m listening to this podcast: :) Me when Lucy shows up: :D Me when Lucy sits down and blinks slowly at the camera: :o!!!

    Aimee G.Aimee G.3 måneder siden
  • I saw the Meg movie and I loved it then I was scrolling through your videos and I saw this and I clicked on it

    Elias SanchezElias Sanchez3 måneder siden
  • Just out of interest, Jason Statham was an Olympic swimmer before he became an actor.

    Michael DavisMichael Davis3 måneder siden
  • So random, but the dog in The Meg and the dog in Jaws have the same name, so obvious reference there. Ruby Rose, the actor who plays Jaxx, is genderfluid, and if you watch the movie again, you'll notice that Jaxx is never referred to with gender-specific pronouns, so that's actually super cool. Also, as a shark lover, this has got to be my favorite shark movie. Not because I think megalodon is still alive (just no), but because it addresses the issue of finning, and at the end, when it comes to it, it's the regular sharks that kill the Meg and save the day. 11,417 sharks are killed by humans every HOUR. That's 100 million every year. Sharks are becoming endangered, with thresher sharks being particularly effected because of their large caudal fin (a fin that long makes a lot of soup, I guess). All three known species of thresher shark have been classified as vulnerable to extinction since 2007, and yet they are still considered a prized game fish in the USA as well as many other countries. The negative rhetoric surrounding sharks as a species has prevented them from getting the protection they so desperately need, and we, human beings, are quickly killing them off. The man who wrote the book that Jaws is based on has publicly apologized for contributing to the rapid extinction of one the oldest and most beautiful animals on our planet. It's fine to be afraid of sharks. I'm afraid of cows for goodness sake (although cows kill 20 people every year, and there were only five people killed by sharks in 2019). Plenty of people are afraid of wolves, but wolves still have protection under The Endangered Species Act. My point is, just because something scares us, doesn't mean we have the right to wipe it off the planet.

    Tobias JacobsonTobias Jacobson3 måneder siden
    • This is the coolest damn comment on here. You wouldn’t happen to know any charities to donate to/volunteer for for shark preservation

      Aimee G.Aimee G.3 måneder siden
  • Not gonna lie that intro was cool

    Jennifer NgirangeboiJennifer Ngirangeboi3 måneder siden
  • The meg is 1/2 the size of Sammy lol. Yall should record u gaming

    CarlieCarlie3 måneder siden
  • When this came out I saw it before friends (because I adore shark movies) when asked if they should see it I said "If you go in thinking Deep Blue Sea and not Jaws you're gonna have an awesome time". Also, Pim's version of Hey Mickey is everything.

    Jeff K.Jeff K.3 måneder siden
  • prity ples mak a meg vid eow a meg kill cownt

    hollie The qween of foxeshollie The qween of foxes3 måneder siden
  • James seems like he's not feeling it this time around. Hope you're ok man.

    Chris IllsleyChris Illsley3 måneder siden
  • has anyone seen Piranha

    Aylshah BEERSAylshah BEERS3 måneder siden
  • I am from Michigan and 15, (But I live in the upper peninsula) and I can can tell you boating licenses have not been given to anyone. So it's probably a downstate thing.

    Andrew MathieAndrew Mathie3 måneder siden
  • The Meg is one of my favorite movies ever, especially because Rainn Wilson is in it and I love Dwight from The Office :/

    cbamineshaft Acbamineshaft A3 måneder siden
  • I appreciate James' passion for evolutionary biology.

    nohbdyz3nohbdyz33 måneder siden
  • Can you do a kill count of the invisible man and the hunt

    Braxton CalvertBraxton Calvert3 måneder siden
  • This was a really cool movie, I watched it many times, I think you should do it on the kill count

    Venti’s biggest SimpVenti’s biggest Simp4 måneder siden
  • I Hope The Meg ends up on the Kill Count One Day!

    L3murL0rdL3murL0rd4 måneder siden
  • Can you do kill count on the Meg movie James?

    Jovan MihailovicJovan Mihailovic4 måneder siden
  • I love the way he looks at her everytime

    It’s me JohnIt’s me John4 måneder siden
  • It sucks they don’t do the boating license in school anymore in Michigan at least because I just graduated and we never did anything like that.

    John ChapinJohn Chapin4 måneder siden
  • Was there a kill count for this movie? Why do i feel like i’ve seen it before?

    Aiman GotzeAiman Gotze4 måneder siden
  • after James messes up he laughs but as he's laughing he looks at the camera and raises is eyebrow for at least a second

    Nick IncollNick Incoll4 måneder siden
  • This movie is the definition of summer blockbuster.

    BlackHair DanteBlackHair Dante4 måneder siden
  • Ah yes, The Meg. One of the only horror movies I've ever been able to see in theaters.

    A.L.A.L.4 måneder siden
  • One of the best movies ever made that I have watched, hands-down!!

    bamagalforeverbamagalforever4 måneder siden
  • I have this movie on DVD. BTW, I'm following you, Chelsea, and Dead Meat on Twitter.

    Jesse MaynardJesse Maynard4 måneder siden
  • I'm from a we'll say "less affluent" part of the Detroit area and I didn't get my boating license in school lol

    William ChapmanWilliam Chapman4 måneder siden
  • James this isn't a kill count, I should know I just watched, liked, and commented on all 227 of them. But I'm loving these non kill count vids like Podcasts and what's your favorite scary movie😁since I'm binging those now too. Oh and liking and commenting on them too ✌❤ I'm part of the 30's club too, since July 2020, and I pretty sure it called a "Gunkken Craft"

    Jason VoorheesJason Voorhees4 måneder siden
  • Me and James have the same idea bout avatar. “Meh”

    Jalen SpencerJalen Spencer4 måneder siden
  • I loved meg

    gacha life bixhgacha life bixh4 måneder siden
  • I’ve lived in Michigan all my life and I have never gotten a boating license in school 😂 that’s hilarious though

    SpiraSpira4 måneder siden
  • The pitch with the other billionaire and the theme park reminded me of Jurassic Park II and I’d be so down for that style but with this cast and this plot. Like, the billionaire wants to go down and get another shark and he’s got his own team but the OG team has to go stop him and it ends with a meg on the California coast.

    Ryan McIntyreRyan McIntyre4 måneder siden
  • I would call the meg, jaws but its bigger and more hangry. Also kill count mabye? I haven't seen it so I dont know how kill countable it is.

    uh oh gacha stuffuh oh gacha stuff4 måneder siden
  • I'm 99% sure the dog being named Pippin is a Jaws reference, as right before Alex Kitner gets attacked, there is a guy playing fetch with his dog around the water, and it is implied to dog gets eaten since we see him repeatedly calling out for the dog, while the piece of wood the dog was fetching is floating in the water. The dog's name in that case was also Pippin.

    ScubaSteve728ScubaSteve7284 måneder siden
  • Ur so beautiful Chelsea!!!

    Ashton HighfillAshton Highfill4 måneder siden
  • Dude the meg scared the hell out of both me and my girlfriend

    Talan CrosbyTalan Crosby4 måneder siden
  • Am the only one looking at the chucky doll and waiting for it to move

    Karmah CareyKarmah Carey4 måneder siden
  • When they were talking about getting you to care about the characters in an action film, my mind went immediately to "Aliens".

    Jonathon BartosJonathon Bartos4 måneder siden
  • I watched this film in 4DX, I almost drowned.

    Stacey JessStacey Jess4 måneder siden
  • Whaaat I'm from Michigan never got a boating licence through school

    squirreltasticsquirreltastic4 måneder siden
  • The Meg was the last movie I got to see with my aunt before she passed away. I'll always remember her giggling whenever she got scared.

    Aunt ShoeAunt Shoe4 måneder siden
  • Apparently, there's like 8 books in this series, and after seeing the movie, I'm like ".................HOW?????!!"

    van8ryanvan8ryan4 måneder siden
  • *James and Chelsea:* A handsome and beautiful profiled couple.

    DonovanDonovan4 måneder siden
  • If I remember right, in the book, Jonas pilots his sub into the megs mouth, gets out the sub and tears its heart out with his bare hands. I could so see statham doing that

    Phoney72Phoney724 måneder siden
  • The intro 😂😂😂I seen all of the new Jurassic parks but still haven’t seen the meg

    Bumblebee !Bumblebee !4 måneder siden
  • It's ok...😊

    Rok GojčičRok Gojčič4 måneder siden
  • I can't...

    Rok GojčičRok Gojčič4 måneder siden
  • I have a real love for shark movies. Even the really low budget bad ones. Sharks hold a very special place in my heart so seeing so many movies about them is so fun. Also sequel idea: their is a book called Hell's aquarium. Its about a giant aquarium that has a megalodon if I remember the plot correctly.

    Alexis ThwingAlexis Thwing4 måneder siden
  • Yall should talk about the VS Megalodon movies

    SavannahSavannah4 måneder siden
  • Chelsea and James just seem like the coolest, nicest people ever!!

    Adam LawsonAdam Lawson4 måneder siden
  • The movie was not really great, but I really liked it! Very fun and entertaining

    The Crows NestThe Crows Nest4 måneder siden
  • The mcmahon gif lololololol xddddd

  • Omgosh, I would love it if you two did Arachnophobia!

    BrianZatzkeBrianZatzke4 måneder siden
    • They are.

      Jimmy BJimmy B4 måneder siden
  • Ive seen predator island. I love that others have seen it

    Tre ThomasTre Thomas4 måneder siden
  • Idea for a podcast piranha 3d a 2010 flick about killer fish hope this idea sparks for a podcast love u james.

    Leslie GriffinLeslie Griffin4 måneder siden
  • James' beard and Chelsea's mullet are the best things about this channel. Next to the content ig.

    Taylor AmbroseTaylor Ambrose4 måneder siden
  • Also I live for when Lucy shows up and completely blocks one of them

    Jeff MillerJeff Miller4 måneder siden
  • You Guys are sickenly cute in the best way

    Jeff MillerJeff Miller4 måneder siden
  • If you are doing creature feature, should definitely check out Rogue!

    DystilledDystilled4 måneder siden
  • do "the meg" on the kill count

    HunterPieHunterPie4 måneder siden
  • Is it just me or does DJ you people of big soke

    A doggo With a SwordA doggo With a Sword4 måneder siden
  • Iirc they extended the time endgame spent in theaters to make sure they broke the record.

    Connor BoyleConnor Boyle4 måneder siden
  • I m the single one who s playing these podcast in the background just to hear something when i m doing some work. xD

    potuu polhapotuu polha4 måneder siden
  • Jurassic World 3: Dominion

    Angel AlexanderAngel Alexander4 måneder siden
    • What about it?

      Jimmy BJimmy B4 måneder siden
  • Anyone else remember them drunkenly talking about Snow White?

    Christian SullivanChristian Sullivan4 måneder siden
  • You guys should review the movie spliced made in 2009

    GarythegamerguyGarythegamerguy4 måneder siden

    Lazy banana SquadLazy banana Squad4 måneder siden
  • Someone saves your life and you put them down.

    Danyelle JonesDanyelle Jones4 måneder siden
  • so no ones talking about how Chelsea said she will jizz her pants if Jason said somert to her

    Harry EvaHarry Eva4 måneder siden
  • Is James doing ok he doesn’t seem himself

    armless crocodilearmless crocodile4 måneder siden
    • As he said, he was tired.

      Jimmy BJimmy B4 måneder siden
  • I love your hair Chelsea! you look like Nancy from Stranger things!

    Stinky MonkeyStinky Monkey4 måneder siden
  • I was only half paying attention to The Meg when I watched it last year, I thought Jason Statham and Li Bingbing's characters had more of a parental/mentor relationship. Shows how little attention I was paying.

    Alfie AlcornAlfie Alcorn4 måneder siden
  • The books show that the meg eventually becomes godzilla where it fights other trench monsters

    Busted Musket ProductionsBusted Musket Productions4 måneder siden
  • I'm 12 and I've seen predator island on dvd

    Izzysdoesvlogs WilkersonIzzysdoesvlogs Wilkerson4 måneder siden
  • The sound was a dolphin

    Alexander MartinezAlexander Martinez4 måneder siden
    • Sharks are scared of dolphins

      Alexander MartinezAlexander Martinez4 måneder siden
  • Watch wishmaster next!!!

    V0T3D4P3DR0V0T3D4P3DR04 måneder siden
    • He's seen it, they did a podcast episode on it but it got taken down for whatever reason.

      Jimmy BJimmy B4 måneder siden
  • idk if you guys read your comments but we watch you guys because we love you! it doesn’t matter what you talk about i’m down to listen!

    D’artagnan VegaD’artagnan Vega4 måneder siden