The Passion of the Christ (Dead Meat Podcast #99)

14. april. 2020
119 184 Ganger

Happy Easter! Gore, guts, and the Good News.
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  • The sad thing is that Jesus did nothing wrong

    SpecterGamingSpecterGamingTime siden
  • To answer your question towards the end, I grew up Catholic, dropped out of catechism and have since become agnostic pagan (kind of an animist, now), but I still have an aesthetic interest in this movie as a movie, probably bc of all the freaky shit that happens in it. It's just entertaining, even if I don't have a formal education of Christian theology

    Now It's So VividNow It's So Vivid3 dager siden
  • Growing up my free Methodist (NOT to be confused with United Methodists, who maybe splitting into pieces, but thats a topic for another day) tried to get me to watch it every year and lil' Lutheran highshool me was like "" I've always balked at evangelism. Do have to give a shout out to the Hebrew bible since it has all the cool stories like the Witch of Endor and Deborah.

    SeattleWaffleSeattleWaffle6 dager siden
  • Me watching this in church when I was like 7 : 👁👄👁

    Bry TBry T20 dager siden
  • Being raised Christian, I was shown this movie when I was young, lets say 8 or 9. It did freak me out but that's the point of the movie. Jesus's last day alive was as terrible as it was in the movie. Even if you aren't religious, you will be impacted by this movie. Of course the bible isn't as specific on the details, but given the treatment Christians were given during the Roman Empire, its not too far off.

    Megan RoepkeMegan Roepke25 dager siden
  • Satan and the baby TRAUMATIZED me, I had nightmares after the movie

    AmyAmyMåned siden
  • James and Chelsea the best youtubers!

    Dante GarciaDante GarciaMåned siden
  • Hacksaw ridge was my first r rated movie in theaters

    Dr.TurtleGaming14Dr.TurtleGaming14Måned siden
  • Jim Caviezel gave a good performance and I like the fact the movie was done in Aramaic but aside from that, the movie is pure torture porn imo.....

    Jason WolfJason WolfMåned siden
  • I love Jesus Christ Superstar, and I’m a full on Christian

    tromboner98tromboner98Måned siden
  • Chelsea knows her Jesus Christ Superstar

    tromboner98tromboner98Måned siden

    Darth VaderDarth VaderMåned siden
  • I legit got a Christian dating app ad before the podcast started🤣

    Mike The TykeMike The TykeMåned siden
  • Pharisees are the District Attorneys that bring the cases, Pilate was the judge/governor basically

    evilkitty2007evilkitty20072 måneder siden
  • I was one of those kids that had to watch this lmao

    Ophelia SerafinaOphelia Serafina2 måneder siden
  • Ok so im late on this, but on your comment about the bible doesnt have those level of details for the suffering, thats actually wrong. In King James version which we use the most these days, most of it is removed to fit more of the other gospels in there, but in several scriptures outside the bible and previous versions of the bible, it describes the flogging, the rose crown, the beating and crucifixion of Jesus into high details. They describe how the bone and flesh was removed, how Jesus started to sweat blood, and describe other scenes like how effortless it was to poke the spear into the rib of Jesus.

  • My family watched this movie every Easter growing up

    Lissah FryLissah Fry2 måneder siden
  • Passion of the Christ is the bloodiest goriest movie ever

    Jacob WilkersonJacob Wilkerson3 måneder siden
  • Fun fact from a snake keeper, the "friendly looking" snake looks like an albino burmese python! They're one of the largest snakes in the world so that one was definitely a baby. They're super popular to keep because they are known to be very friendly pets despite their size and do often get used for school shows 😌 (Btw having any knowledge of snakes absolutely ruins all scary movies with snakes in them)

    Morgan HenryMorgan Henry3 måneder siden
  • Coming from and LDS background my mom had me watch this movie and I was horrified. I'm all about faith but as I saw this at a young age please dont show it to kids.

    Tyler ThurmanTyler Thurman3 måneder siden
  • As a Hispanic kid. This was a Sunday funday after it came out. My family got a bootleg and my entire family sat around a tv with soup watching this.

    Aj RiveraAj Rivera3 måneder siden
  • I got sick after watching just some of the passion scenes in theology class as a 13 year-old

    Rebecca HueglerRebecca Huegler3 måneder siden
  • I am an atheist and when I was religious as a kid it didn't go very deep so I went into this basically not knowing the story apart from the crucifixion and resurrection. I watched this podcast when it was first posted and you guys talking about Jesus Christ Superstar made me want to look into it more. I'm already a musical nerd and had heard some of the music. I watched the 70s film version that night. In the past week or so some songs from it got stuck into my head so I started getting into it more. I've watched a bunch of productions that are on NOworld and I love JCS. A rock and roll Jesus musical shouldn't exist but it does and it's great. But being, again, an atheist with little knowledge of this story, I wanted more context for Jesus Christ Superstar so I watched The Passion of the Christ last night. Probably not the way people are supposed to go about it but, hey, that's a musical theatre nerd for you. Going into Passion after having just taken a deep dive into JCS almost felt weird because JCS had inadvertently given me context for Passion. For me it was interesting seeing moments that I recognized from the musical. As a film I enjoyed it more than you guys probably because it's not a story that I have heard read and recited a million times. I went into it actually wanting to know what happened. I thought Judas' suicide happened too quickly. Too early on in the run time and just too quickly within the scene itself. He looked at the rope and it then cut to his feet hanging. Could have had some more build up to that. I thought the cinematography was way too epic at times but every time I thought that I reminded myself of this is literally a biblical epic and then I gave Gibson a pass to do whatever the fuck he wants with it. That rain drop shot caught me off guard while I was watching. The depiction of the devil was cool. Totally got what they were going for with the androgyny and thought it worked really well. I did note the harness corn snake though. xD I also liked where the movie ended. I was wondering where exactly were going to cut off and where it did feel like a cliffhanger and made me want to see what happens after so it did its job. Overall I don't think it's a bad film and I wouldn't be opposed to watching it again and I'm excited for the sequel. Anyway, after now getting back into JCS, and loving it, and now watched Passion, I wanted to come back and hear you guys talk about it again. I don't think I would have watched or listened to either of them had I not watched to this video when it was first posted and now I have a new musical that I love.

    NeelTheSphynxNeelTheSphynx3 måneder siden
  • Mel gibson is based af

    The DownUnderThe DownUnder3 måneder siden
  • The only time I have heard someone compare Jesus to Jigsaw. That threw me so off guard

    CLOWNKILLA0724CLOWNKILLA07243 måneder siden
  • watching this in my quarantine state and its currently 4 am as I type this but, I grew up (and still am) in a religious christian home that was involved in the church via serving or working. I saw this movie when I was I think 13? Course my parents were really honestly not strict on media unless it had graphic nudity/sexual situations... like My brother, dad and I all enjoyed watching Kill Bill when I was under 10 years old lol so gore was nothing for us. Anyway. My mother watches this movie almost every year on Good Friday (the day that is recognized as the day of Jesus's crucifixion for those who are unaware) as part of her Easter holiday traditions and whatnot. For me the movie does not guilt me, I definitely see it as humbling like James said but personally it's just a depiction of what happened; a way to see visually what he did go through. Reading it is one thing, but seeing it is another. It just drives home the brutality of it all. Idk I find it interesting but not a movie I could watch one a year... I have watched it in its entirety maybe twice, and I am okay with that XD don't need to dive in any deeper to the theology I already know. I will say though if a sequel were to happen I agree with Chelsea. It should totally be about Revelation because that book is wild and definitely was my favorite to read through and analyze. super crazy end times stuff. I loved it.... Great review guys, and yes the old man babies do still haunt me :) they never stop.

    Abigail HendrixAbigail Hendrix3 måneder siden
  • Know I'm late, but there's a story I've had about this. TLDR; Satan sends a computer virus, gets batted. So, one of the editors on this film was apparently a Christian, and was conflicted, being guided to work on it, but hearing he should stop. One night while working late, he started hearing the voice louder and louder. Either the power went out or the screen started spazzing, then he saw a frightening face that wasn't scripted, so he yanks the chord, the face is still there, so he Chucked it. Chuck-ed. Also: James: We're not belittling your Faith. Also James: This Bible's got fuggin maps and shiz, dude! 😂

    David SandsDavid Sands3 måneder siden
  • I loved Jesus Christ Superstar. I am Jewish so Passion movie upset me watching this with my Christian friends (Protestants) one year in high school. It was shocking to see in graphic detail the blame get put on Jews when in reality Pilate would have happily killed so many Jews around Passover since all of them were there to make sacrifices at the Temple. But it was heartening since my friends hated the Passion as much as I did. They hated the guilt trip it tried to put on them. Lol. I think we ended up spending more time making fun of it while we had real discussions with Jesus Christ Superstar. Though South Park’s depiction of Passion and Jewish kids guilt is spot on for some people. Lol I think it is funny you called OT boring. Lol. As a Jew we reread the Torah every year. Lol. I don’t like every Parsha but I try and do the studying every week. As a kid I remember dozing off a lot, lol. We did talk about the Passion in my adult Judaism class because chunks of it were used to attack Jews for centuries. I think it is John talking about His blood be on us and our children or whatever. Fascinating how words written so long after the event caused so many issues for so long.

    Ashes FallDownAshes FallDown3 måneder siden
  • I liked it for its bizarre supernatural weird horror

    Damien HeaftDamien Heaft4 måneder siden
  • I watched this movie in the third grade. Catholic school, obviously. One of the reasons we were shown it was to show how Jesus suffered to absolve humanity of its original sin. It’s just over two hours of Catholic guilt. You’re supposed to feel terrible and guilty. I both admire and am repulsed by it.

    Zachary LewisZachary Lewis4 måneder siden
  • Can you do prince of egypt next easter

    Nate DSNate DS4 måneder siden
  • how can i get that chucky doll

    TheGorilla NationEntTheGorilla NationEnt4 måneder siden
  • I've never seen Passion of the Christ, but I love Jesus Christ Superstar! I grew up in the church, and as an adult I am still a member of the Southern Baptist Convention.

    Aunt ShoeAunt Shoe4 måneder siden
  • I love the two of you soo much, I could listen to you both talk about movies pretty much all day... great podcast about this movie

    KLizzle OnFizzleKLizzle OnFizzle4 måneder siden
  • when they talked about bees I got one and now it's in the freezer

    Esmeralda BaltazarEsmeralda Baltazar4 måneder siden
  • I planned to watch this when it came out but someone spoiled Jesus was crucified... Damn I hate spoilers!!! 😂

    Maximum Over SaiyanMaximum Over Saiyan4 måneder siden
  • Not the bees, NOT THE BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!

    ClutterliciousClutterlicious4 måneder siden
  • Be who you wanna b all I gotta say

    DALchillZ 76DALchillZ 764 måneder siden
  • 42:18 I'm not religious in any way, shape, or form, and I enjoyed this movie quite a bit (and primarily on a horror movie level). The torture-porn aspect is something I'm more or less indifferent to, but I was really impressed with how terrifying I found the demonic imagery. I also thought the movie did a really good job of humanizing many of these heavily-mythologized characters. Specifically, I loved the table-inventing scene because I never before pictured Jesus as having a sense of humor. I also thought Mary envisioning him as a child walking through the streets was really heartbreaking, even if a bit heavy-handed. For some reason, religious themed horror like The Exorcist (I & III), The Omen, Rosemary's Baby, and even The Prophecy have always gotten under my skin much deeper than other horror movies. Perhaps, even though I don't believe in the scripture myself, knowing that large portions of the population do believe in it lends the story a layer of believability by proxy. They just feel a bit darker to me. I personally categorize The Passion alongside those movies. I also often wonder if being of the faith or at least having a thorough understanding of the bible actually detracts from the enjoyment of the film. I think familiarity with the source material is what brings in the question of gratuity and whether or not this specific portrayal of the story (as opposed to other existing portrayals) is necessary or effective. The guilt-factor associated with this movie, particularly under the impression that it's a historical account, is a perspective I don't relate to at all. However, being mostly unfamiliar with the story (other than the very basics) before watching it, I found it engaging and effective just taking it in at face value.

    DormantDesireDroidDormantDesireDroid4 måneder siden
  • More ex catholics hating on Christianity ... can u leave Jesus alone and stick to horror movies ?

    Aram SargyanAram Sargyan4 måneder siden
  • I don't know what Jesus Christ Superstar is, but it sounds like a Guitar Hero-esque game where you just shred, but you're also Jesus

    Icecream GhostIcecream Ghost4 måneder siden
  • I love this movie

    Fabio Alves ShowFabio Alves Show4 måneder siden
  • I watched this in cinema

    Fabio Alves ShowFabio Alves Show4 måneder siden
  • Great review. I noticed the Chucky doll. Where did you get it? How did you feel when you got it? I really want one. 😊

    Joaquin GonzalezJoaquin Gonzalez4 måneder siden
  • “Jesus is ground meat in this” THAT KILLED ME

    Glasses ChanGlasses Chan4 måneder siden
  • May The Lord cast a curse upon you.

    Niko BellicNiko Bellic4 måneder siden
  • I babysit for someone that let their 5 year old watch it and got her all those shitty animated bible kid shows that involve time travel. That poor girl was terrified of that movie but would ask to watch it constantly to understand Jesus.

    shanewerewolf55shanewerewolf555 måneder siden
  • Could you potentially review the Last Temptation of Christ?

    TransMTFMovieReview1992TransMTFMovieReview19925 måneder siden
  • I have 4 snakes ball pythons aren’t very high maintenance they do well in a tub

    Jovani BorregoJovani Borrego5 måneder siden
  • One of the best movies that makes me equally want and not want to watch it again

    Hank ScorpioHank Scorpio5 måneder siden
  • Old testament is more interesting. It's about war, sex, relationships, genocide, love, and demons. New Testament is mostly about Jesus and Apostle Paul...snooze fest 😆

    Dreday Allday EverydayDreday Allday Everyday5 måneder siden
  • The youth group I was in at church from 13 to 16 had to get permission letters from our parents because the youth group leader wanted to take us to see it when it came out. Most of the parents didn't think a movie about the life of Jesus would too graphic or scary. After all their are plenty of movies and cartoons about it that are safe for kids as young as infants to watch. Oh boy they were very wrong. Me and some of the other kids in the group had nightmares for months after seeing it.

    Alexis ThwingAlexis Thwing5 måneder siden
  • I remember when this movie came out i was maybe 12. Needless to say i was deeply disturberd by this. And yes it was shot in Matera, Italy

    Valentina Maria ManieriValentina Maria Manieri5 måneder siden
  • You disrespectful. This is not a horror movie, this is a christian movie. Don't play with god

    Hurricane ParroHurricane Parro5 måneder siden
  • I clicked on this thinking it was a kill count

    SergioDaPotato 63SergioDaPotato 635 måneder siden
  • The main character was so unrelatable

    Kellen BrennanKellen Brennan5 måneder siden

    Namjinmin CorrelleNamjinmin Correlle5 måneder siden
  • The soundtrack of this movie is one hell of a soundtrack

    Bass BoxBass Box5 måneder siden
    • I've never seen the movie but I just listened to the soundtrack. And yes, it is really good.

      Jaii RelaJaii Rela5 måneder siden
  • I think a lot of the extra details of christs suffering come from like the personal revelations of later saints and such

    DanieleDaniele5 måneder siden
  • I'm kind of suprised, like yeah I felt bad for Jesus but I wasn't traumatised by the movie. Yet I refuse to watch horror movies as a rule...idk.

    DanieleDaniele5 måneder siden
  • I am a apolstolic and I think God is very important

    fatal judgementfatal judgement5 måneder siden
  • Yeah haha my grandmother forced my sister and I to sit through this movie. We were sobbing by the middle and neither of us could sleep properly for months after 😂 anyone who made their children watch this is fucked up lol

    madison harpermadison harper5 måneder siden
  • I like god and jesus and. I like this video already respect jesus

    Octavio SatarainOctavio Satarain5 måneder siden
  • I am a person of faith and this channel has been my favorite channel for the past 5 months or so. This was super cool. Not offended at all. Yall put the care into this like you do other podcasts and kill counts. Thanks for your content! haha

    Producer DudesProducer Dudes5 måneder siden
  • i have nevr heard jigsaw compared to jesus but honestly if jigsaw was jesus, I would belive religion so much more

    Guppti-Tamberooly-JooortelskGuppti-Tamberooly-Jooortelsk6 måneder siden
  • To be fair to Ebert, as quoted by Chelsea he said it would "....probably, be the most violent you have ever seen." and in all likelihood a large proportion of those who went to see the Passion of the Christ, and those he was aiming his review at, probably aren't the type to go watch Re-Animator, or Saw or pretty much any gory movie.

    Lian McGuireLian McGuire6 måneder siden
  • Ah yes having your youth leader show this to you so you can experience sinful guilt for most of your teen years...k cool. But the androgenous satan was stuff of nightmares

    cour coeurcour coeur6 måneder siden
  • I would’ve called it a horror movie, simply because I was a Christian. I love the commentary. The idea of the movie made me cry 😭 With the towel it was actually a wet sponge 🧽 on a stick to give him a drink and laughing, aka adding ensued to injury.

    Danny DowdDanny Dowd6 måneder siden
  • Straight up, this was played at Church I was at because I needed for my Quinceanera. An 8 year old girl was next to me and watching this. Who allowed this?

    Prince VincePrince Vince6 måneder siden
  • I mean I don’t exactly believe in the religion behind it but I did remember being freaked out by the movie

    John HarmonJohn Harmon6 måneder siden
  • Come on. There are no severed heads. It's not the goriest. GIVE ME A BREAK

    Truth ShockwaveTruth Shockwave6 måneder siden
  • y`all mainly berating it because you`re not a believer is ridiculous. and I used to like the kill count series :(

    Jose Diego DelgadoJose Diego Delgado6 måneder siden
  • I was forced to watch this at I think ten or eleven. My parents literally told me if I couldn't handle it, I needed to be in church and reading my bible more. Didn't work; I'm not christian anymore mom.

    Nyxia FormerNyxia Former6 måneder siden
  • It's not nearly as horrific but I must recommend Last Temptation of Christ. One of my favorites.

    Dominic HowellDominic Howell6 måneder siden
  • My parents dragged me and sisters to the premiere which was on a Sunday morning, aghhh. I was already in catholic Sunday school from the ages of 11-17 years olds, I felt extremely uncomfortable watching it, I felt sick with the torture and felt like a piece of shit like damn it was traumatic I will never watch this movie again. I’ve seen it once and that’s it. They tried to show it again in Sunday school but we all chose Bible Man lol

    Lora MoraLora Mora6 måneder siden
  • I’m Christian and a little confused why james and chels are talking about the bible

    5AM5AM6 måneder siden
  • james and chelsea; wants to know if anybody liked the movie for the movie itself me; *_nervous sweating and raising hand-_*

    cruxxleycruxxley6 måneder siden
  • This film along with a traumatizing church play experience as a kid made me pretty much uninterested in church and religion in general. I can’t imagine tho having like a 5 year old or younger watching this as yea the brutality is excessive and that’s saying something from a horror fan. Also Jesus Christ Superstar next Easter would be fucking awesome

    K LandgrafK Landgraf6 måneder siden
  • Wow. I’m personally pretty Christian and I thought this was great. I don’t know if this is something you’re looking for, especially since I’m not certain of your stance on faith and Christianity, but I’m new to the bible in a sense, and since you (James) mentioned maybe reading the bible, I use The Bible Project as a guide for my reading. They’ve got videos that break down the books of the bible and stuff, but they also have a podcast that goes way more into depth. This conversation sounded a lot like me talking to my buddies about the bible at college so I thought it was super funny/cool to see that same kind of conversation from two people that just really like horror movies.

    Matthew DinaMatthew Dina6 måneder siden
  • maaaaaaaaan. this movie came out when i was 10. and it was screening at our church too, so everyone had to see it because it was technically a "historical reenactment". growing up in a christian home, ive always watched the jesus movies ever since i was like 6 i think. those movies scarred me. the icing on the cake was when i watched a movie called Stigmata. up until i was 16, i used to sleep covering my hands and feet... till this day i have a phobia of crucifixion. i am legit not scared of anything else, clowns, spiders, snakes, jason, freddy, nothing. horror movies dont get me at all. but the jesus movies or these religions movies that have crucifixion scenes... i cant. i eventually steered away from christianity but still... mh mh

    Fuu SamaFuu Sama6 måneder siden
  • It’s funny how after watching so many Death of Jesus interpretations from the cartoons, movies, and even a live musical. This is the one movie I haven’t saw in my entire life and probably won’t after hearing the gore about it.

    Danny the CupcakeDanny the Cupcake6 måneder siden
  • I went to a church primary school and got banned from religious education lessons, I was 5 years old I'm 42 now, (done by the vicar) because I asked if God made earth and Adam and Eve, what about dinosaurs? He went ballistic and that's when I became atheist. I still had to go to assembly so I knew the fairytale and I watched this film and actually enjoyed it. Probably because of the gore 😁

    Stuart SuttonStuart Sutton6 måneder siden
    • Stuart Sutton I’m very sorry they did that to you I’m a Christian and that shouldn’t happen to anyone

      Major MusicMajor Music3 måneder siden
  • I was 2 when this came out and watched it at 10 I thought it was weird

    Noah HooverNoah Hoover6 måneder siden
  • Fun Fact: in the original cut of the movie, Jesus not only invents modern tables and chairs, but he also tells his disciples to invest in Apple and Microsoft. True story

    Cozmic OdysseyCozmic Odyssey6 måneder siden
  • IRONICALLY ENOUGH... Jesus's actual teachings line up perfectly with liberalism, which rejects Christianity. Conservative ideology espouses very little of Jesus's message despite being the openly "Christian" political ideology.

    LeetMasterAceLeetMasterAce6 måneder siden
    • @Major Music Sure. Conservative ideology is very pro-Prison, pro-punishment, pro-death penalty, etc. Meanwhile, Jesus taught "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" and spent a lot of time among criminals of the time. Liberal ideology is generally against a small minority of individuals accumulating vast sums of wealth at the expense of others. Jesus taught: "I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." You asked for one example, so I gave two, but the list goes on and on.

      LeetMasterAceLeetMasterAce3 måneder siden
    • LeetMasterAce not to be rude but could you please give me a example

      Major MusicMajor Music3 måneder siden
  • Gibson was going to do the story of the Macabees Revolt (which leads up to the story of Hannukah); though it was being written by the screenwriter of BASIC INSTINCT/SHOWGIRLS, who so hated working with Gibson that he ended up writing a book about working on that movie.

    van8ryanvan8ryan6 måneder siden
  • The actress playing the Mother Mary is probably the best parts of the film: you can buy she's both a mother watching her child die (but also the servant of God that KNOWS this has to happen). Her reactions also sold me on the torture (though I still just see all the F/X, which often took me out of the movie because there's just too much "Showing Gore" and not anticipating it and creating tension)

    van8ryanvan8ryan6 måneder siden
  • The only thing i remember about this movie was that in 8th grade I was fingered during a screening of it at a lock in church. Call me horrible if you like, but I'm an atheist now soooooooooooooo.....

    Spankin RainbowsSpankin Rainbows6 måneder siden
  • Lmao I thought this was a Kill Count for Passion of the Christ 💀🤣

    LuisLuis6 måneder siden
  • I am soooo happy y’all reviewed this movie! grew up Catholic and I REMEMBER the guilt trip I got off of this. I still struggle with it and fear of hell sometimes. AND you actually read the gospels to go along with it? seriously guys, so much love and respect for y’all right now.

    Fredric HallasFredric Hallas6 måneder siden
  • The Romans crucified people nude, so a more realistic depiction would be unrated, but I would not want to see that.

    Ace Uni-RiderAce Uni-Rider6 måneder siden
  • “Not for minor audiences” My dad, the father of a twelve year old: *I’m sure it’ll be fine.*

    Onyx SaviorOnyx Savior6 måneder siden
    • Was he right, or did he raise a little bitch?

      Unprofessional ProfessorUnprofessional Professor6 måneder siden
  • There’s a reason why I can’t watch this dude podcast, his girlfriend can’t stop saying “yeah” every 10 seconds

    Andy GAndy G6 måneder siden
  • Internet rumor is that there are a couple of frames of Waldo from Where's Waldo? in this movie.

    TopSpot123TopSpot1236 måneder siden
  • I remember watching this movie on Good Friday and my mom getting very emotional and my brother falling asleep.

    Madiz0n_ LeighMadiz0n_ Leigh6 måneder siden
  • So are we all gonna ignore that this actually happened. Like Jesus really died on the cross for us. Think about it this way, if you get scared or think the devil is real... like evil spirits and demons, then clearly that means that God is real.

    Alan GarciaAlan Garcia6 måneder siden
  • as a non-Catholic Christian, I actually have a strong dislike for this movie. I understand why some people like it, and I understand its purpose, but it's not something i find a lot of enjoyment in watching. every Passion week my pastor suggests we watch it and i'm like wtf no i'm not going to see this again lol. I CANNOT believe parents took their kids to watch this. that is shocking. and i loathe the way Pilate was portrayed sympathetically. an absolute joke. it's hilarious because some of my friends have naively asked me how i could be a christian and watch some horror movies...but they wouldn't even blink twice watching this

    Skippy the AlienSkippy the Alien6 måneder siden
  • I already read the manga

    agung Sitanggangagung Sitanggang6 måneder siden
  • The worse thing is that I watched this movie not because it was creepy as fucking hell (quite literally) but because I read on the internet that this was a great movie that showed deeply how painful it was for Jesus to carry the sins of humanity straight to hell (according to Catholicism).

    [unnamed YouTube account][unnamed YouTube account]6 måneder siden
  • I saw it this year for the first time. I'm twelve years old.

    Kristian GreeneKristian Greene6 måneder siden