The Platform (Dead Meat Podcast #98)

7. april. 2020
190 758 Ganger

James and Chelsea review a timely, gruesome Spanish flick recently picked up by Netflix.
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  • just gonna copy paste what I commented on another video about el hoyo : At first, I thought that the little girl was Miharu's child that she bore in the prison after being raped (this would explain the rule of no underage kid. as she is the only child we actually see). But really, she might've been anyone's child at all, that Miharu decided to protect and feed... just a thought. I like to think she reached the outside, I don't think she was an hallucination Edit: Miharu's name meaning actually depends on the kanji used, which is not provided in the film. As a name, it is most likely written with the kanjis for ''beauty'' and ''spring'', therefore meaning beautiful spring. Miharu only means to open eyes if used as an actual verb, not as a name.

    SamiraSamira20 dager siden
  • My favorite food is a 100 gallon cereal

    gr4ygr4y24 dager siden
  • I'm I the only one that's right away thought "this building is underground" It's a basement that's goes 333 floors down into the earth.

    Bec TaddeoBec Taddeo24 dager siden
  • When "The Platform Kill Count"?

    KubaBabilonKubaBabilon25 dager siden
  • I watxh tgis film today

  • Y’know, I am now watching this, but it is so cute how they look at each other and smile so cute

    CreatorLunaCreatorLunaMåned siden

    Alex CarvajalAlex CarvajalMåned siden
  • 21:59

    The Red SpecterThe Red SpecterMåned siden
  • you guys are talking about it like its above ground but its definitely underground.

    KerushiiKELSEYKerushiiKELSEY2 måneder siden
  • snowpiercer kill count?!?!?!

    Drpepper603Drpepper6032 måneder siden
  • please do the kill count of this

    Drpepper603Drpepper6032 måneder siden
  • Wait... göering? HERMANN GOERING? Communist????? HE LIVED AND FAKED HIS DEATH!!! (Joke btw)

    Jeremy DanielJeremy Daniel2 måneder siden
  • I think the administrative lady killed herself when they woke up on level 205 because that's when she realized she'd been lied to about how deep the floors go by the administrators meaning the food would never be enough

    Anthony JavornikAnthony Javornik2 måneder siden
  • Oh my god the ad read

    Aimee G.Aimee G.2 måneder siden
  • The whole thing of volunteer and you get a diploma is absolutely an allegory for the military.

    Hayley DanversHayley Danvers2 måneder siden
  • It would suck to be in the platform if you have food allergies

    BornInthe Video gameBornInthe Video game3 måneder siden
  • Literal Survival Series.

    SwirlsSwirls3 måneder siden
  • Pyro did it better smh

    Tobey MatusikTobey Matusik3 måneder siden
  • pls make a kill count

    BetweetyBetweety3 måneder siden
  • Chelse is a karen

    Angel SutarAngel Sutar3 måneder siden
  • for the ending, it might not be real it could just be in his head because come on do you think they can win a fight against a wwe fighter and a guy with a sword

    KangaroosterKangarooster3 måneder siden
  • this is my favourite film

    KangaroosterKangarooster3 måneder siden
  • My guess with it is it is all underground and the emptiness at the bottom is space for more floors since capitalism is ever growing and adding more floors at the bottom adds more food to the top

    Winged Wolf ProductionsWinged Wolf Productions3 måneder siden
  • uuuhh i think youll find that the tallest building is the Whiz Khalifa

    Yeah, nah mateYeah, nah mate3 måneder siden
  • Sending the message = The characters demonstrate hope, perseverance and resilience, and oppose what the Administration may think human nature is.

    Dimitar KaradzhovDimitar Karadzhov3 måneder siden
  • how on earth do the people get into the building?

    Ben VincentBen Vincent3 måneder siden
  • Just a guess, but I think the sub-layer is so that the people on the bottom floor don't get injured when the platform shoots up. it goes down so they have time to get out of the way.

    Ben VincentBen Vincent3 måneder siden
  • The only "plothole" if you will I don't get is that I'm pretty sure the protagonist is supposed to be in the hole a full year. So either you are not on each floor 30 days or the movie doesn't show each floor they are on because there's one point where I believe the first roommate talks about the protag getting out soon? I could be wrong

    Chance WelshChance Welsh4 måneder siden
  • Sorry, I know y'all speed watch these movies while taking notes but (Mari?) the lady who comes down on the platform isn't described as just a crazy person. She is supposedly an inspiring actress who think surviving the hole will boost her cred. I really think she doesnt believe theres a kid because she so believes in the system. But really, HOW would a kid end up there??? Maybe that is what Mari brought to help her acting in scenes of desperation???

    Chance WelshChance Welsh4 måneder siden
  • And volunteers get whatever they want, the main guy just wants a diploma I assume to be able to get a new job. Because nobody knows how bad it truly is. The whole reason for the hole is to see how people do respond to that situation. They think they will thrive. But I love that the old first roommate says that he won't go for the protagonists dick and balls. And also people in poverty aren't necessarily bad people, they do what they must to survive

    Chance WelshChance Welsh4 måneder siden
  • It shows the popular ideal of "trickle down economy" and like how someone else said everyone could have just ate their favorite food all should be good.

    Chance WelshChance Welsh4 måneder siden
  • I’d love to see a kill count for this movie

    Le ForkLe Fork4 måneder siden
  • "Obvio"

    Jesus SaucedaJesus Sauceda4 måneder siden
  • I’m mostly excited about the Disco Elysium recommendation. Cool game

    Dark Arts DabblerDark Arts Dabbler4 måneder siden
  • I saw them talk about this movie on WhatCulture a few months ago. Started watching it, but then got caught up in selling my house and moving out of state mid-pandemic so it took me almost 2 months to finally finish it lol it was pretty boring...that is all. And I thought Snowpiercer was much better than this!

    armnhc84armnhc844 måneder siden
  • the poor dog in that movie

    TheRunnTheRunn4 måneder siden
  • dilf

    Dr ShyhoDr Shyho4 måneder siden
  • I never get tired of watching Chelsea try to protect poor Lucy's dignity, you guys are lucky Lucy doesn't have snapchat

    Internet Tough GuyInternet Tough Guy4 måneder siden
  • The building probably goes half above ground half below

    Sam SmithSam Smith4 måneder siden
  • I need a "the witches" kill count or podcast. Or both. Or just throw it in a nostalgia podcast. But really I just want you guys to talk about this insanity😂

    Hyrulian HeroHyrulian Hero4 måneder siden
  • I love Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis. It's about this dude who lives with his parents and sister in this rinky dink appartment- they have a maid too. So the guy works and basically all he does is work to support his family and their basic needs. One day he turned into a giant roach and his family eventually just keeps him in his room. They try to act normal at first but they can't help feeling revolted about what he has become. One day he just up and dies, the maid tosses his body in the trash, the family sells the apartment and leaves town. At this point they feel relieved that the guy is dead and no longer a burden to them.

    Marielena RuizMarielena Ruiz4 måneder siden
  • so glad i wasnt the only one to draw Snowpiercer connections haha my dad thought i was crazy when i brought it up

    Voorh Hates VoreVoorh Hates Vore4 måneder siden
  • A whole book has about half a food calorie. It wouldn't have made much of a difference.

    Calder JohnsonCalder Johnson4 måneder siden
  • Just bring a giant bag of ricin, put it in the food, repeat 2-4 times, no food shortage. Edit: remember to eat before you put the ricin in

    M HM H4 måneder siden
  • When the girl keeps the panna cotta it doesnt get warm or cold, i think if everyone kept the dish that THEY ordered they would be allowed to keep it, the panna cotta could have been the girls dish.

    Dario ToskaDario Toska5 måneder siden
  • jojo plot type movie

    aris podotasaris podotas5 måneder siden
  • I love how Lucy the big old chunky cat is always take it up at least 25% of the picture frame

    zach wellezach welle5 måneder siden
  • I was watching with my family Ffs why did their have to be a Jerking seen

    Safe n Fayon64 Sf64Safe n Fayon64 Sf645 måneder siden
  • Until u guys cover Sleepwalkers Lucy’s never gonna leave u alone 😤

    Dick JonesDick Jones5 måneder siden
  • James, we got the shitty Bird Box to have a kill count almost immediately after its release, so please make one for this one, too!

    Daniela BalgosDaniela Balgos5 måneder siden
  • Great stuff guys I think the platform was great just based off the technical aspects, scared and commentary. But also we must change the narrative of Saw being torture porn: it’s a lot more than graphic gratuitous violence. The first wasn’t even ultra violent or gory tbh

    Zach GravesZach Graves5 måneder siden
  • 333 floors 2 people on each floor. Do the math, demon worship.

    Stephen WaltersStephen Walters5 måneder siden
  • Was I the only one who watched this with English audio?

    Raptor1974Raptor19745 måneder siden
  • Matt Wants his dongle back

    A_Simple_BoiA_Simple_Boi5 måneder siden
  • there is no way there was enough food for 666 people wtf , the platform needed to be at least 4 times larger for it to be in any way realistic, also the ending was just terrible. Still an ok film for the premise alone.

    random duderandom dude5 måneder siden
  • nothing like snowpiercer. terrible comparison imo. The platform is new and refreshing.

    Jsko _Jsko _5 måneder siden
  • Ok this isnt my comment I read it somewhere else but I forgot the name but they said that the scene were they are examaning the panacotta for the hair was at the end and that the child didn't exist the panacotta went up and the people up their thought it was sent up because of the hair so the message didn't work

    Gage FulmerGage Fulmer5 måneder siden
  • 202 is Month 4 btw, you got that wrong. Month 1 was level 48, Month 2 was 171, where Trimagasi tied him up, Month 3 was level 33 with Imoguiri, Month 4 was level 202 with Imoguiri again, then it was Month 5, level 6 with Baharat. Considering Goreng said he only asked for a 6 month sentence, he was so close to escaping and telling the world.

    Jade AnnabelJade Annabel5 måneder siden
  • Chelsea where did you get your mug? It's perfect for my friend

    Jade AnnabelJade Annabel5 måneder siden
  • 29:39 Trimagasi says "it is the people above making me do this" completely ignoring that until the night before he was "above" so in essence he is the one responsible either way

    UraniumUranium5 måneder siden
  • I like how when they woke up on 171 people started screaming to the new room they are in

    Team AvengersTeam Avengers5 måneder siden
  • This was a good film but the ending kinda ruined it a bit. However a sequel would be interesting.

    #BatWho Laughs#BatWho Laughs5 måneder siden
  • I came for the podcast, but stayed for the cat... lol but for real, I really enjoyed this movie and can't wait for the kill count. I'm very happy that you both dedicated a podcast to discussing it :)

    Chris ReynoldsChris Reynolds5 måneder siden
  • I wonder if the people at the top who throw themselves off of it is a metaphor for like... the rich people who get caught for a crime and then kill themselves because they don't want to go to prison? Because that was my initial thought of why someone at an upper level would do that. They know that they will suffer at a lower level, and as you said, you're assured of the lower level the next month if you wake up at a super high level. So instead of facing the consequences of the actions of the people above them, they kill themselves. It's basically a really messed up way of "quitting while you're ahead" in this scenario.

    Savannah HolmesSavannah Holmes6 måneder siden
  • Especially the healthcare in the US is fucked up, ist is way better in many other countries

    HagenHagen6 måneder siden
  • "I'm not a murderer" Ok Jigsaw, whatever gets you through the day

    Major MisfitMajor Misfit6 måneder siden
  • When I watched it, it was dubbed with English. It wasnt Spanish with subtitles. It was English.

    bruiserweight05bruiserweight056 måneder siden
  • This is the first time in watching their podcast and I wanna know if Chelsea always talks this much? I love listening it her talk she's so smart and analytical

    Ramin DinoRamin Dino6 måneder siden
  • My interpretation of the little girl is that the world pretends to care about children but they so often end up falling through the cracks and being forgotten or ignored, but children are the future so we need to protect them and take better care of them.

    Jessy HamiltonJessy Hamilton6 måneder siden
  • I really enjoyed your kitty staring at the camera

    Elsa MannsElsa Manns6 måneder siden
  • Who said its higher than the highest building? wouldn't building part of it underground be way easier?

    NepheosNepheos6 måneder siden
  • El hoyo es un buena pelicula 👍

    Eddie GarduñoEddie Garduño6 måneder siden
  • I don't think Chelsea should be scared to voice her opinion on this movie. She always seems so timid when pointing on certain facts, especially if they are political in nature.

    amazing hannureamazing hannure6 måneder siden
  • 8:00

    Sammy TweedySammy Tweedy6 måneder siden
  • The child is always at the 333th floor and there you can keep food.

    Mario ZambarovMario Zambarov6 måneder siden
  • I know it’s not part of the massage, but I saw a tie to the 5 stages of grief. One for each month

    Nathan MitchellNathan Mitchell6 måneder siden
  • I just graduated with degrees in sociology and criminology and I just really appreciate your analysis and rationale of the characters. Being trapped in poverty absolutely causes the worst types of things, you guys nailed it.

    Matt SteverMatt Stever6 måneder siden
  • james is a lucky man

    Mathew BrownMathew Brown6 måneder siden
  • If your homeless just buy a house

    Joe FarrerJoe Farrer6 måneder siden
  • This is by far my favorite Podcast Episode. Awesome job Chelsea. ( Also James)

    Dani LaraDani Lara6 måneder siden
  • Interesting that yall assume it's in a building. I imagine that it was underground

    Dorian GraceDorian Grace6 måneder siden
    • yeah and the top was the building and it goes underground like you said

      Z U K OZ U K O17 timer siden
  • These are excellent films about the classes in our social services. You have to watch it.

    Long MinhLong Minh6 måneder siden
  • My Netflix account automatically put English audio over the film and i said oh hell no, changed it to its original European Spanish and put those subs on. We doin this the right way

    Spankin RainbowsSpankin Rainbows6 måneder siden
  • Happy birthday dead meat

    Redxjames08Redxjames086 måneder siden
  • This movie is very political but I feel like it touches more generally on western politics/culture as a whole rather than a emphasis on capitalism/communism

    Bishop HoodsBishop Hoods6 måneder siden
  • It’s kind of interesting how this movie portrays capitalism since at first glance the people at the top would be the world’s 1% when in reality they’re more like the upper middle class and the real 1% would be the people who constructed the hole originally but the people on the bottom see it as the people on the top are the ones to be blamed since they’re hoarding all the food but it can’t actually really be their fault since the month before they were on a lower level and they’ll be on a lower level again the next month. It’s almost like living paycheck to paycheck where at any moment you can lose your job or your home and end up on the streets. The alternating cell mates are also really interesting they all seem to encapsulate a different view of their situation like the first guy portrays capitalism because he’s mad at the people about him for taking all the food but continues to treat the people below him like crap. The girl seems to have communist ideals which seem great but have flaws because it isn’t accounting for selfishness. And the last guy seems like an anarchist since he’s not intent on just staying there but is instead trying to cheat the system which is also flawed since again people are selfish. And all of these people are trying to spread their ideals and are so focused on that they neglect the nature of humanity and actual people in the process that’s why I think the little girl was there because while politics are important and effect everyone it’s very big picture but it’s also kind of dehumanizing and conceptual but seeing a starving kid made them realize that sending a political message isn’t as important as the life of a human being. Much to think about 😳 Hm I wrote all this instead of working on e learning. We love to see it.

    Naomi CottonNaomi Cotton6 måneder siden
    • Naomi Cotton wait, who’s the communists and who’s the anarchist?

      Raunak AnwarRaunak Anwar6 måneder siden
  • anyone that watched the movie, the mc predicted how many floors there was (but was wrong) and once you got to a specific level you didnt see anyone at all, not even blood, where did those people end up? there werent bodies in the bottom and non in the floor. also how does the platform move? magnets?

    KayJeeAyKayJeeAy6 måneder siden
  • btw the hole isnt a prison, a prison is a place criminals gets sent for doing something wrong, the people in there went there on their own free will, because they would most likely get paid ALOT. but i dont remember that you can leave if you want once youre in. most likely not since everyone killed themselves.

    KayJeeAyKayJeeAy6 måneder siden
  • its a cool movie, i skipped like the first part, till when the mc was in the hole. because i wasnt really into watching a horror film that night, but i continued watching anyway.

    KayJeeAyKayJeeAy6 måneder siden
  • This is a really good analysis! I would say: the argument that “communism wouldn’t work because human nature” is kinda stupid when you think about it. Communism is a complex set of different ideologies, and when worker ownership of the means of production end up close to the hands of the working class, it’s generally bourgeois powers and capitalist countries who make it “fail”, not just some inherent flaw with the idea that workers are competent enough to earn their labor’s worth.

    Jacques ForêtJacques Forêt7 måneder siden
  • Please make a kill count

    Isael CamposIsael Campos7 måneder siden
  • 25:00 I honestly don’t remember what it said, but it was probably “niño” based off of the fact that it got translated into boy and was “corrected” into child. While Spanish is a gendered language, often words that represent both genders gets stated as a male gender by default. “Niño” means both “boy” and “child”. Based on the fact that the child ended up being a girl, she was probably referring to “child” instead of “boy”. Based on the context of her character and the movie as a whole, who honestly knows?

    ArmyFrogArmyFrog7 måneder siden
  • I thought that his original roommate was lying about not killing previous roommate, and just said that so goreng wouldn’t continue to distrust him.

    Amelia JonesAmelia Jones7 måneder siden
  • Chelsea trying to cover Lucy's butt 😂

    ClappedFannyClappedFanny7 måneder siden
  • This movie was so interesting, and listening to your analysis was too! Love it!💕

    María GonzálezMaría González7 måneder siden
  • Bring a pistol. Most pistols have six shots, right? You can only bring one item, so bring a loaded gun. That's one bullet for each of your roommates over the course of six months. No matter what floor you're on you will be nearly guaranteed to win any altercation you might have, and be able to procure enough food to survive said month. If you end up on a really high floor one time you may even get to save a bullet. Only things that can go wrong: First, your cellmate gets the gun from you because they wake up first and find it, then you're screwed. Second, you miss a shot, well fuck. And finally, third, you DO actually kill them, but their body falls down the hole. Then I guess you shoot the people on the floor below when you descend and do that. ^ I acknowledge it's super fucked up, but it would work. Like the sick thing about it is that in this situation the best way to survive is to bring a weapon of some kind to be an effective cannibal. That's another piece(heh) you can take away from this film.

    Rip TRip T7 måneder siden
  • I haven't seen The PlatForm but after hearing this on the Podcast..... I think I'm gonna go watch it on Netflix now.

    Uziel YanezUziel Yanez7 måneder siden
  • Do a kill count on the platform

    Alasdair MackayAlasdair Mackay7 måneder siden
  • For some reason it reminds me of the maze runner

    ScuffedScuffed7 måneder siden
  • it came on in english then i realized the mouth wasn't matching the words lol i switched it and it sounded so natural. but very stoned, i wast tryna read all the subtitles :/ switched it back

    OG STEEZEOG STEEZE7 måneder siden