The Prowler (1981) KILL COUNT

9. okt.. 2020
1 231 985 Ganger

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    Dead MeatDead MeatMåned siden
    • Anyone else curious how much you got paid for this

      Chase GuyChase Guy14 dager siden

      Goose Was hereGoose Was here18 dager siden
    • I tried to grab the rose you offered but phones don't allow that >:(

      Corbin BeamCorbin BeamMåned siden
    • The silence when he holds up the rose is funny as fuck

      SavoryDumpling12SavoryDumpling12Måned siden
    • Dead Meat I did actually know that, it’s because they read dear john then realize it’s bad news supposedly it’s also the origin of the phrase that’s all she wrote because they don’t want to share bad news.

      Lord KarasuLord KarasuMåned siden
  • You should never kill someone nudes

    Psalms 7Psalms 73 dager siden
  • The Sheriff was not only the killer, he was also a victim; he did not take that "Dear John" letter well.

    William CroweWilliam Crowe3 dager siden
  • James is literslly the only person who can sell me products from his sponsors

    christan branstetterchristan branstetter3 dager siden
  • I found out about this movie by searching up Miles Morales' uncle...

    KytasticKytastic3 dager siden
  • Daaaaaaaamn that spider man spider verse thing became a strange villain

    BababooeyBababooey3 dager siden
  • AKA, Not-The-Spider-Man-Villain.

    GarrtoonsGarrtoons5 dager siden
  • I thought this has something to do with Spider-Man Miles Morales

    Meme_ThiefMeme_Thief6 dager siden
  • I love this vido

    gachlife storygachlife story6 dager siden
  • Do “the ritual”

    Loopez OofLoopez Oof8 dager siden
  • Pulp Fiction

    Angel MationgAngel Mationg8 dager siden
  • A West Coast film that was shot in the East Coast? Oh, this director may as well have nailed a "shoot me" sign on his back.

    HanskahHanskah8 dager siden
  • “I just got payed to say ball wipes” I love this man lmao

    Owen HeckmanOwen Heckman8 dager siden
  • 2:16 how dare you not say "it'll make your feet smell as good as your meat"

    shaggy dooshaggy doo8 dager siden
  • Getting paid to say ball wipes lol

    saucey 704saucey 7048 dager siden
  • That head explosion is just muahh magnificent

    Asseater 420Asseater 4209 dager siden
  • 7:03

    Eddie RileyEddie Riley9 dager siden
  • i like turtles

    nclips klinenclips kline9 dager siden
  • First video in James new house for the first time

    Joseph Anthony Papo papoiscool Ortega, jr.Joseph Anthony Papo papoiscool Ortega, jr.9 dager siden
  • It’s not a machete it’s a bayonet

    ᴏᴊᴏᴊ ᴘɢ3ᴅᴏᴊᴏᴊ ᴘɢ3ᴅ10 dager siden
  • You don't need to see The Happening 😂 it's awful. And no the bushes give off vibes that make people kill themselves.

    Cyriss SmithCyriss Smith10 dager siden
  • Spiderman Miles Morales seems dark

    Benjamin CooperBenjamin Cooper10 dager siden
  • I need some manscape for my deadmeat

    CovidsRoughCovidsRough10 dager siden
  • Teacher: what are you laughing about Me: nothing My mind: *BALL WIPES*

    Jayce M.Jayce M.10 dager siden
  • *Prowler Noise intensifies*

    Juicy BoyJuicy Boy10 dager siden
  • The ad read in the one was wild

    TheDisguiseTheDisguise11 dager siden
  • Spiderman

    SharpSharp11 dager siden
  • dang i didnt know why the prowler is after spider man now I know

    SharpSharp11 dager siden
  • That’s a bayonet

    Mason GreeneMason Greene12 dager siden
  • I love the new trees on the set

    Stumpy McGeeStumpy McGee12 dager siden
  • *spiderverse intensifies

    Ivy sOlaRIvy sOlaR13 dager siden
  • Huh huh balls

    Christopher OverstreetChristopher Overstreet13 dager siden
  • You kan see dead Snow

    indrayati ningsihindrayati ningsih14 dager siden
  • Anyone else have curious how much you got paid for this

    Chase GuyChase Guy14 dager siden
  • "It's mouth to mouth, not blade to neck." A+ comedy right there.

    FrozenZenBerryFrozenZenBerry15 dager siden
  • Bro I'm so confused, isn't the prowler a Marvel character??

    MaxidexMaxidex15 dager siden
    • Yeah

      Karmic AtomKarmic Atom12 dager siden

    Rayzin IntheSunRayzin IntheSun17 dager siden
  • Dope

    I smoke thy weed :DI smoke thy weed :D17 dager siden
  • This isn’t Spider-Man

    This is a false accountThis is a false account17 dager siden
  • This is awesome I love your videos

    Helpme 123Helpme 12317 dager siden
  • I need more spaulding action figures in my life

    Yaga YeetYaga Yeet17 dager siden
  • 14:22 I'll join you James, Your videos are very entertaining and I'll thank you by doing what I always do during your videos.

    brock ragnibrock ragni17 dager siden

    Lē GamerLē Gamer18 dager siden
  • Honestly the nudity doesn’t bother me but I hate how it shows so much in one scene because you need to censor it which I respect but it really hides the effect and gore

    Lē GamerLē Gamer18 dager siden
  • Umm one question why didn't the prowler die like when he was in the water and killed the girl but why didn't he die like he was wearing a mask he should have sufficient I don't know how to spell the word tho I think I did

    Among us trollingAmong us trolling18 dager siden
  • love all your videos! what was w the super enthusiastic but slow commentary in this one tho? lol

    TapeZTapeZ18 dager siden
  • 3:15 He has a fever and the only perscription 🤣🤣😂

    Diamondelle84Diamondelle8418 dager siden
  • Tom Savini honestly made the genre famous.

    metromanLXIX _metromanLXIX _18 dager siden
  • Gr8 bcuz spider-man miles morales

    Jalmaurer GamingJalmaurer Gaming18 dager siden
  • That first kill was actually rlly dope prolly one of my favorite kills ever like the way he pushed it in with his foot was rlly badass

    supremeBrick O_osupremeBrick O_o19 dager siden
  • Re: Dear John Letters, that's the joke in Dumb and Dumber when they are talking about Fraida Felcher and her "John Deere" letter

    Ralph ConteRalph Conte19 dager siden
  • And jeeper creepers is not a demon and in to he is not dead

    Crystal OvertonCrystal Overton19 dager siden
  • Jeepers creepers 1,2,3

    Crystal OvertonCrystal Overton19 dager siden
  • FRIDAY THE 13th part 4 was a piece of shit only 1-3 are the bests period

    Jim CameronJim Cameron20 dager siden
  • Pitch. Nice.

    Jordan OzunaJordan Ozuna20 dager siden
  • Ball wipes he gets money to say ball wipes what is your job because there's no way its better

    andrew hauckandrew hauck20 dager siden
  • I didn't know the phantom prowler got his own movie

    NIGHTMARE 999 4NIGHTMARE 999 420 dager siden
  • 14:29 I promise you James, I rly wanted to take it xd

    NICNIC20 dager siden
  • "Notoriously difficult, bar-brawling actor" may be the most generous description of a murderer in Dead Meat history, and it's not even a fictional one! Lawrence Tierney was a violent psychopath with a lot of victims who should be remembered chiefly as such, with his acting career serving as a small footnote in a wasted life.

    Michael HonerMichael Honer20 dager siden
  • James I think bushes stab people Me no it’s like bird box kinda

    Salina OrtizSalina Ortiz21 dag siden
  • I ve actually been looking for this movie since I live 5 miles from Cape May and read a article about it

    David PriceDavid Price22 dager siden
  • Haven't watch the movie and just watching this for a minute and already knew who the killer is

    Frosty Plays LOLFrosty Plays LOL22 dager siden
  • My god, that head explosion! I love how you can see his mouth hanging open. Great job, Tom!

    Derek MartzDerek Martz23 dager siden
  • I though this was an apex legends vid

    Sebastian C-GSebastian C-G23 dager siden
  • 🌹🤏thanks

    lordhelmet8008lordhelmet800823 dager siden
  • Mother: your uncle is coming here this weekend. Me: oh really? I hope he is not scary. The uncle: (the prowler music)

    ZeeZee23 dager siden
  • When are we going to kill count psycho

    Rhy KellyRhy Kelly23 dager siden
  • Fun fact James, Cape May is where the American Coast Guard training center is located.

    B G101B G10123 dager siden
  • no james you don't eat condoms

    elk pelicanelk pelican24 dager siden
  • With Manscape you are paying for vulgar names. The products are sub par trash. The lawn mowers for example are banggood China trash. Extremely low quality. The toiletries are equivalent to the stuff you get at the dollar store.

    RC CRAWLRC CRAWL25 dager siden
  • Ball wipes

    KunisakeKunisake25 dager siden
  • Why did that guys eyes turn completely white?

    Henry HernandezHenry Hernandez25 dager siden
  • I do like the director, and I dont like this movie. Heres the thing. The nutdity and blood- is so dramatic. And still. I kinda love this

    laurie strodelaurie strode25 dager siden
  • ...please?

    Carolyn GrantCarolyn Grant27 dager siden
  • I'm really surprised James doesn't know Savini's signature trick: The blade with a neck-sized cutout in it. Savini is truly a low-budget genius.

    DAEsasterDAEsaster28 dager siden
  • Wait, you want my feet to smell as good as my crotch?

    dynomardynomar29 dager siden
  • Ok

    Wagons WagonsWagons Wagons29 dager siden
  • Hey wasn't Pam the girl who nodded somberly at the gas station in New Years Evil

    Matthew CloughMatthew Clough29 dager siden
  • fishing for santa claus that got me a little

    Lucius MaroncelliLucius Maroncelli29 dager siden
  • This was nice watching a old flim

    unlucky girlunlucky girl29 dager siden
  • You know the movie is beautiful if tom sevinie is a part of it

    Mh MmMh MmMåned siden
  • I feel like every time James gets sponsored by man scape he should say something regarding dead meat., like it don’t smell dead no more or something like that

    Tenshi _GamingTenshi _GamingMåned siden
  • The only way I can think of that they did the pool kill is either a makeup fake neck cut and a blade that releases blood when pressing the blade against someone's neck or the more likely option of the fake neck is just a fake blood bloodbag covered in fake skin. that would explain how they did that underwater blood air bubble shot... that was impressive.

    BlarrgiambronyBlarrgiambronyMåned siden
  • Ngl, I thought that the new set was gonna be really really different, but damn to I like those retro fucking trees.

    DiogenesDiogenesMåned siden
  • So for Otto's death I'm assuming they had blood packs taped to his back and then he threw himself up against the door

    zach wellezach welleMåned siden
  • Hi, James. This is actually the first time I have ever commented on a NOworld video, ever!! I just wanted to say, I love your channel and love your work, ever since I stumbled across your channel through the Child's Play series, I have always looked forward to your releases. Your humor and knowledge are amazing, and I have learned new and exciting facts about horror films through the channel!! Chelsea does a fantastic job too with the research-heavy episodes, especially "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." That film is so ripe with subtext, I love talking about it, and for that reason, it is one of my favorite horror films of all time, next to "A Nightmare on Elm Street." I have also checked out Zoran's work with Low-Carb Comedy and the Social Mediasochist videos, and I laughed and smiled for hours and shown them to friends!!! Bottom line, I love this channel where you tally up the victims in all your favorite horror movies, Mr. Janisse. On the note of "The Prowler," I will say this: Personally, I love slashers, though I can understand why they're not your favorite. I really love watching them if not for their kills, and sometimes they surprise me with great characters (Nightmare on Elm Street, Terror Train), subtext or social commentary (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Slumber Party Massacre), or are absolutely bonkers (Pieces, Maniac). That being said, "The Prowler" in my opinion, is not the best example of the genre. I have it on DVD and watched it a few years ago, and when the twist of the killer was revealed, I wasn't going "Holy Crap it was him!!" or even "Of course it was him," I actually said "Wait, who the heck is that?" It's not completely terrible, though. The kills are fantastic, par for the course with Tom Savini at the helm. But there were a few moments where it felt boring. Still not a bad film, but not a great film, either. I've heard people give it a 3/5 or something in that vein, and I agree with it.

    John SchouJohn SchouMåned siden
  • 8:57 when you hear the SS troops in the bushes, but your 82d Airborne

    Starbucks ChapmanStarbucks ChapmanMåned siden
  • Nice

    Prowler ISVProwler ISVMåned siden
  • I can imagine Manscaped the Movie. Where man get mannapped, tied to chairs and then have deodorants and such involuntarily applied. Real horror.

    oiSnowyoiSnowyMåned siden
  • Totally missed the opportunity to say “make your feet smell as good as your meat” cmon man you’re dead meat

    DerekDerekMåned siden
  • i'll join you james

    GalaxyGalaxyMåned siden
  • This kill count is 2018 length, WTH

    Mr. AshtasticMr. AshtasticMåned siden
  • James: talking about sponser Me: *waves back at demogorgon*

    KazooKittyKazooKittyMåned siden

    Andy VillarrealAndy VillarrealMåned siden
  • Wait I’m pretty sure James bought a German helmet in the background it’s hard to tell

    Sharkslayer Lego ProductionsSharkslayer Lego ProductionsMåned siden
  • I’ve been to the inn of cape may and had no idea this was filmed there haha

    WassupItsHypnoWassupItsHypnoMåned siden
  • I'm so glad that exploded his head i just wanted to see that

    Minga VelasquezMinga VelasquezMåned siden
  • I love your videos

    Declan GregorDeclan GregorMåned siden
  • At least me and 5 other people out there HAD to think he said feet smell as good as your meat... Nobody... Just me?

    Cap MariCap MariMåned siden
  • I'd join you any day😂

    F4d3dgl0ryF4d3dgl0ryMåned siden