Tourist Trap (1979) KILL COUNT

17. mai. 2020
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    Dead MeatDead Meat6 måneder siden
    • Tiddies

      DemBoizGamingDemBoizGaming2 måneder siden
    • That thumbnail tho

      daREALdude101 - RobloxdaREALdude101 - Roblox3 måneder siden
    • Now you're making me hate my favorite horror character because the creator's past

      Slashero's VideosSlashero's Videos5 måneder siden
    • Jwjaja

      Yeo Lay HarYeo Lay Har5 måneder siden
    • Super MARIO KILL COUNT IN 2012-2010-2017😡😡😡😡😡😡😭

      ישורון לויישורון לוי5 måneder siden
  • Woah I just realized Billy the Puppet has a mannequin-like Mask on in the background. Nice detail

    nerdturtlenerdturtleDag siden
  • Blah blah blah

    yodadeePS3yodadeePS3Dag siden
  • Not a jeep. It’s a Volkswagen THING

    zachary heseltonzachary heseltonDag siden

    Reynaldo Balcarcel-OrtegaReynaldo Balcarcel-Ortega2 dager siden

    chocy milkchocy milk2 dager siden
  • These are the best videos!

    Jamie GilbertJamie Gilbert2 dager siden
  • How have we not done a hills have eyes but we did a wrong turn

    763sleepy763763sleepy7633 dager siden
  • Thumbnail, disturbing. Video, good.

    vroom shrooms 16kvroom shrooms 16k4 dager siden
  • I can’t wait 😃 😁 😄 for the puppet master movie 🍿 🎥.

    Cameron knappCameron knapp4 dager siden
  • Who Dies?

    DN - 03DR 856431 Briarwood PSDN - 03DR 856431 Briarwood PS4 dager siden
  • Me being a 17 year girl that is growing up around a mom that has almost every horror film in existence some of them James has already made kill counts on is amazing also my dad watches the rifleman so when I showed him this he was like "HOLY SHIT I KNOW THAT ACTOR"

    ray shiroganeray shirogane4 dager siden
  • 3:51 = Yoda???

    Julie MartinJulie Martin4 dager siden
  • Will always remember this from childhood. Scared the shit out of me. Still does

    Pierre BlackPierre Black4 dager siden
  • Davey: Who are you? Bubba: I'm you but less festive and more culinary.

    The Grand XBunnyThe Grand XBunny5 dager siden
  • 5:30 Oh yeah. That show's on METV and it's actually got some pretty good music.

    The Grand XBunnyThe Grand XBunny5 dager siden
  • 13:35 Holy fuck, I can't remember the last time a joke from a movie made me laugh as hard as that did. Bravo to Tourist Trap!

    The Drum MajorThe Drum Major7 dager siden
  • I only saw half this movie so I’m watching this to see the ending without any jumpscares

    Aidan the CactusAidan the Cactus7 dager siden
  • I don’t understand how this movie is PG

    Bennett BrooksBennett Brooks7 dager siden
  • what if he counts ALL the horor movies

    MazarMazar7 dager siden
  • This is such an odd movie!!!

    Blake HarrisBlake Harris8 dager siden
  • what'cha doin with that mannequin?

    Joseph EngleJoseph Engle9 dager siden
  • 2:18 Thats the same sound effect from Elf when buddy opens the Jack in the Box

    Brent CuppBrent Cupp9 dager siden
  • I already hated mannequins as is! 😭😭😭

    YourfriendlyneighborhoodblackguyYourfriendlyneighborhoodblackguy10 dager siden
  • All vids nightmare fule

    Noob MasterNoob Master10 dager siden
  • You forgot to mention that the mannequin at 2:18 has the same laugh as the hyena from Lady and the Tramp, which was then used for this movie, and then famously used for Ripper Roo in Crash Bandicoot. Oh and it was also used in the movie Elf.

    JakeBurnerJakeBurner11 dager siden
  • Pls do puppet master

    HB JeffHB Jeff12 dager siden
    • Wait a Gmail it

      HB JeffHB Jeff12 dager siden
  • 13:34 "looking like leslie vernon" bro please do a kill count on that movie, I loved watching it, the only found footage film I actually enjoyed.

    Slash2314YTSlash2314YT12 dager siden
  • Your youtube channel is sooo underated

    HaloMaster BlackDeathHaloMaster BlackDeath12 dager siden
  • Chuck connors was the first to shatter a backboard yes unfortunately it was from a missed free throw shot and it called off

    Bob HeyotueBob Heyotue14 dager siden
  • So hold on this is just like house of wax right?

    AjSlapzUAjSlapzU14 dager siden
  • *t h e h o u s e n e x t d o o r*

    Fat DuckFat Duck14 dager siden
  • This channel is great I hope it never runs out of content

    GridGrid15 dager siden
  • Okay, the killer in this movie HAD to be an inspiration for Professor Pyg.

    John O’NeillJohn O’Neill15 dager siden
  • Ah yes, Death flavored pie, My Favorite!

    CSW YTCSW YT16 dager siden
  • The manaquine peeps remind of the wax house movie

    SM0K3000SM0K300016 dager siden
  • When James talks about a movie where more than two people die. The audience: KILL COUNT!

    NUGGETNUGGET16 dager siden
  • "The year was October 1986. I was strolling down Ventura Blvd with Lar Park Lincoln and Linnea Quigly. Linnea had her clit hanging out of her jorts, but that was just Linnea. And I said to Lar, 'What sort of name is Lar?' She was like 'shut up, I'm going to be in the new _Friday the 13th_ movie.' That's how I found out that she got _Friday the 13th_ and I didn't. I said 'that's crazy' I was a Bond girl. I was Shena.' And she said 'Well fuck you.' " - Tanya Roberts

    Darth DeciusDarth Decius16 dager siden
  • 8:31 is my favorite part

    Hey thereHey there17 dager siden
  • This gives me serious House Of Wax vibes.

    404 Metsubou404 Metsubou18 dager siden
  • Is that a Kübelwagen?

    Z. D. LuchsZ. D. Luchs18 dager siden
  • 4:16 couldnt help but notice you called it a jeep when it clearly has the volkswagen logo on the front, which i wouldnt have really cared about but i only noticed it was still there because you pointed out the license plate which is right below it, haha. not that thats really a problem i just found it funny that you called it a jeep

    A1phabet SoupA1phabet Soup18 dager siden

      A1phabet SoupA1phabet Soup18 dager siden
  • Chuck Conners also played Burn Sanderson in Disneys movie Old Yeller. It’s a classic Disney movie and I’d recommend watching it

    SamSam19 dager siden
  • So this was what House of Wax was based on?

    ZicZic20 dager siden
  • Makes me think of that I Feel Fantastic video.

    Frank The BunnyFrank The Bunny21 dag siden
  • 8:36 i wasnt expecting that comment lmao

    LotusLotus21 dag siden
  • 12:05 that scream had me dying of laughter XD

    Moxie's VoiceoverMoxie's Voiceover22 dager siden
  • Why is this on my recently watched? I’ve only watched about 20 25 vids. (I’m just kidding)

    Robby CraneRobby Crane22 dager siden
  • This movie rocks it horror

    KayKaySkeleKayKaySkele22 dager siden
  • So... did Slausen actually turn those people into mannequins? I get the distinct feeling this is the kind of movie that doesn't explain how that works.

    Zutto AragiZutto Aragi23 dager siden
  • This movie is not that scary I watch it at 2am in the morning

    unlucky girlunlucky girl25 dager siden
  • I live In Texas. Technically, here you can legally kill you wife and her lover. You have to catch them both, nude in the act together and you have to kill both of them. But, If you let one or the other live then it's illegal! Yes, seems like an absurd law...not the most absurd one on the books in Texas though.

    threadsofmadnessthreadsofmadness25 dager siden
  • The first time I saw this movie was on USA Up All Night and it had a profound effect on me, especially that scene with the plaster application on the girl. “And now the nostrils...” If you know what USA Up All Night is, let me give a shoutout to a fellow Gen-Xer

    Amateur BarbarianAmateur Barbarian25 dager siden
  • Why havent i seen this earlier?

    oscar käpyahooscar käpyaho26 dager siden
  • Lollllllllll.l,k”9,l9ko9’l9l.

    Blob the fish That can breathBlob the fish That can breath26 dager siden
  • Ddffs&n$n

    Blob the fish That can breathBlob the fish That can breath26 dager siden
  • the Patton joke was amazing

    Adam BrodyAdam Brody26 dager siden
  • Those mannequins n the jeep at the end are just like the millennials of today. Empty and void of anything interesting. Totally reliant on their fckin smartphones.17:19

    Tony Salkeld xxxTony Salkeld xxx26 dager siden
  • 1:45 did... did... d-did you just make a dad joke at the beginning of the video?

    Beast Mode VidsBeast Mode Vids26 dager siden
  • That scene where he covers the girls face in plaster is fucking terrifying. How is it the 70s slashers like Black Christmas, TCM and Tourist Trap are so much scarier than their 80s counterparts who had much more gore.

    Freezing MoonFreezing Moon27 dager siden
  • You're a legend James A Jannise 🤴

    Scotty* BucksScotty* Bucks28 dager siden
  • Dame I'm 5 months late to this lol

    Wild Wolf117Wild Wolf11728 dager siden
  • I'm watching this due to RiffTrax.

    Tyler SpicknellTyler Spicknell28 dager siden
  • Plot twist the last girl to get killed she got killed because the killer new that she was trining on his wife’s clothes

    Draco ObsessedDraco Obsessed29 dager siden
  • Holy shit i really like this movie!! i love the creepy mannequins and the people turning into mannequins and no real explanation, its freaky and unknown.

    Adorable Nurse :3Adorable Nurse :329 dager siden
  • This movie came out the year my mom was born so it's as old as my mom technically

    MaggieMaggieMåned siden
  • Love this movie I think its totally underrated for sure

    Joe MedeirosJoe MedeirosMåned siden
  • The killer sounds like Molag Bal

    OrdonityOrdonityMåned siden
  • If you have a phobia over mannequins......don't watch this movie XD Omg.....I forgot what the phobia is called, but I think I have it.

    KogaRayArtsKogaRayArtsMåned siden
  • MAN, I'm glad he got to enjoy this movie in all its untraceable weirdness, good on ya, Janisse! And good on ya for your killer impression of Slausen when getting to the numbers, how does he look, huh? How does he LOOK~?

    Nickel The WiseNickel The WiseMåned siden
  • Why do I always have for watch these at night

    JameifierJameifierMåned siden
  • Les no fuk

    Jurassic ReviewerJurassic ReviewerMåned siden
  • Multiround battle. Nice

    Joshua WoodbridgeJoshua WoodbridgeMåned siden
  • it's not that this movie sucks, it's that this movie is incredibly disturbing. not scary, just really disturbing.

    ohh_gee10ohh_gee10Måned siden
  • If woody died then were was buzzlight year? 3:29

    Banana DoppioBanana DoppioMåned siden
  • After 41 years...

    that guythat guyMåned siden
  • Bro I don’t even watch the movies James just tells me all the important parts and I like it

    Aerux FateAerux FateMåned siden
  • that give me nightmares watching movies like this.😂 I feel like is a murderer around. this movies look creepy. kinda mind me of v for vendetta style.

    insane professor x zoneinsane professor x zoneMåned siden
  • I love the presentation of james love him :D

    Vincent WinkelVincent WinkelMåned siden
  • Movie: "This is PG" ****** exists

  • this is giving me house of wax vibes

    jon smithjon smithMåned siden
  • I wonder if this movie inspired the art installation that was used in Herbie Hancock's creepy video to "Rockit."?

    Erik GriffithErik GriffithMåned siden

    Bruce FoyeBruce FoyeMåned siden
    • But we all fall VICTEM SOONER OR LATER

      Bruce FoyeBruce FoyeMåned siden
  • I love these weird old horror movies 🎥 🍿

    E SmithE SmithMåned siden
  • I always pronounced James' last name as Jan-is-hey. Just because

    Apollo VanronApollo VanronMåned siden
  • Man, Tanya Roberts, huh? Lord above she is lovely.

    dfailsthemostdfailsthemostMåned siden
  • Chuck Connors????? THE RIFLEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JazziJazziMåned siden
  • make one for puppet master pls!!

    Tori AntoinetteTori AntoinetteMåned siden
  • Oh wow Percy Jackson ripped this off too. lol jk Love those books great reference to an older film.

    A Goblin SamuraiA Goblin SamuraiMåned siden
  • can you do the kill count for Heather

    muiffin 123muiffin 123Måned siden
  • The "Jeep' isn't a jeep it is a VW "thing" 181, It was based off a WW2 jeep. It was hella popular with hippies in the 70s

    Colin ChungColin ChungMåned siden
  • Coraline is PG and is disturbing as HELL!

    Colin ChungColin ChungMåned siden
  • Why does James have Jill Valentine's decapitated head on a shelf.

    Bloockface CrackerBloockface CrackerMåned siden
  • “Whos want to see a PG horror movie” Coraline:……

    Hello I am aliveHello I am aliveMåned siden
  • Who wants to see a PG-rated horror movie? Jaws and Poltergeist were both PG (as was Prophecy and The Legend of Hell House); I don't have to see blood and viscera to be creeped out. I saw this at the Windsor Film Theatre on a double-bill with Maniac back in the '90s, and I thought the best kill was the guy getting the pipe in the back. That kill has stuck with me for years..

    VonWenkVonWenkMåned siden
  • I ❤️ dead meat

    Aiden MasseyAiden MasseyMåned siden
  • Not only was chuck conners in the nba and mlb. The Chicago bears drafted him but he never played.

    Jacob OveroyeJacob OveroyeMåned siden
  • this is my faovrite kill count

  • i made this movie lol

  • i misread this i thought it said therapist trap I think my brain is telling me something

    Gacha NickyGacha NickyMåned siden