Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011) KILL COUNT

17. juli. 2020
1 747 238 Ganger

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    Dead MeatDead Meat4 måneder siden
    • bruh your wack oh

      Derek FloresDerek FloresMåned siden
    • The dull machete was very unexpected. Honestly, it really should've been either Porter or Lauren since their deaths are lamer than Bridget's.

      BlockheadBlockhead2 måneder siden
    • For some reason I feel at home at the asylum.

      Joker 1940Joker 19403 måneder siden
    • I agree, this movie was very mediocre, but the last two kills always get me somehow xD

      LordBloodySoulLordBloodySoul4 måneder siden
    • I was having actuall testacle problems and after this my balls did thank me

      Tayvin HansonTayvin Hanson4 måneder siden
  • Lauren is actually lucky

    Mr CheeseMr CheeseDag siden
  • 19:57 They literally died from a Wrong Turn. (ಠ_ಠ)

    Thomas LamsonThomas Lamson2 dager siden
  • Three-Finger: Me little boi. Saw-Tooth, One-Eye: oy, us still live. Doctor: They be bad boys. Orderly: Oy, i die. Three-Finger: Lololol. Saw-Tooth: Me lovey deathy. LEt's eaty-eaty. Patients: Us chaos. Everyone in building: Oy, us die. Vincent, Jenna, Bridget, Sara: Smoochy smoochy, kissy kissy. Kenia: Stop. VIncent: No. Lauren: us late. Claire: To blame is Daniel. Daniel: The roads were bad. Teenagers: lol, rofl, lmbo, crying tears of too much laughter, nearly messed selves from laughing too much Daniel: The roads were bad. Kenia: Stop! Please! My make-up! Sara: us in asylum. Kenia: Phones have no signal. Jenna; let's party! Saw-Tooth; Maybe we should let them live. Daniel: The roads were bad. Teenagers: lol, rofl, lmbo, crying tears of too much laughter, nearly messed selves from laughing too much Saw-Tooth: Nah, they should die. Porter: Oy, I die. Vincent: Porter, you asleep? Porter's Dead Body: heh, yeah..... Three-Finger: Ooh, Vince meat pie. Vincent: oy, i pie-- die! Jenna: Scary man eaty boyfriends. Claire: Ooh, mutants give present to us. Vincent's Head: Boo! Claire: Aie! Daniel: They eating Porterhouse steak and Vince meat ie by now! Saw-Tooth: Hang in there baby! Claire: Oy, I die! Kyle: Wifey! Lauren: Me want to ski. Now I go whee! Three-Finger: Us have Daniel fondue. One-Eye: Ooh, that sounds fun-due! Saw-Tooth: Don't mind if I fon-do! Nom. Daniel: Oy, i die! Three-Finger: us in jail. Boo hoo. Kenia: Spark plug wires where? No give us scare. Kyle: Me want burny-burny! Kenia: no. Us no stop to levelly-levelly! Kyle: Uh, it's not stooping to their level, it's self-defence. Kenia: PWEEEEEEEEZ>! Kyle: Ugh, you know I would never say no that face! All right, we won't burn the alive! Three-FInger: They are going to smell my finger whether they like it or not. Sara, Bridget, Jenna and Kenia: Stabby-stabby. Kyle: Oy, I die. Kenia: Uh-oh. Three-FInger: Freedom! Saw-Tooth; Does this drill look dirty to you? Jenna; Oy, I die! Bridget; Oy, i die! Sara, Bridget and Kenia: us free! Bridget; Oy, i die! One-Eye: When you got the booty, you show it off. Time for the Thanksgiving twerky! Kenia and Sara: Oy, us dri---- oy, us die! Three-FInger: Now we finally did some good for this world, ridding it of forced giggling and bad dialogue. One-Eye: The roads were bad. Three-Finger: Oh, really? Well, sorry to hear about your bad day. See, teenagers? That's how it's done! (Kicks the heads)

    Tom BurrowsTom Burrows2 dager siden
  • Me: Why didn't James make the "porter house" pun? Me (3min later): oh.

    n0cccan0ccca2 dager siden
  • It would sure be nice to see a lesbian relationship in media that wasn't fetishised to appeal to straight men :/

    Pippin the Stripping CripplePippin the Stripping Cripple5 dager siden
  • Use Manscaped to shave your Deadmeat

    Jerred FraserJerred Fraser8 dager siden
  • You know you've fucked up when you're movie is more sleazy than any Friday film.

    Knight-Captain RosswellKnight-Captain Rosswell8 dager siden
  • 0:33

    Eddie RileyEddie Riley9 dager siden
  • The scene with the girl shaking and pissing off herself while being electrocuted multiple times was scary.

    E.J. C.C.E.J. C.C.9 dager siden
  • O

    Gwapppa The kingGwapppa The king9 dager siden
  • I loved the Dexter reference at the beginning “Detective Quinn”

    Reid LentReid Lent10 dager siden
  • Anyone else get scarred at 9:21-9:24

    Astro GalaxyAstro Galaxy11 dager siden
  • i'll get the golden chainsaw for the coolest kill: when the brothers shocked the doctor to death. dull machete for lamest kill: is when they bit the gaurd's nose off.

    Madeline ShawMadeline Shaw12 dager siden
  • Actually it was “hear no evil”

    Jonah GrossJonah Gross12 dager siden
  • Detective Quinn? Pretty sure that wasn’t his name

    Jonah GrossJonah Gross12 dager siden
    • Yeah, it was Flynn; and he was a medical student, not a detective. Just an honest mistake, though

      João AguiarJoão Aguiar11 dager siden
  • Manitoba is a frozen hell hole lmao. Everyone who chooses to live here is crazier than those inbreds.

    Kaleb HKaleb H12 dager siden
  • Manitoba is a frozen hell hole lmao. Everyone who chooses to live here is crazier than those inbreds.

    Kaleb HKaleb H12 dager siden
  • Manitoba boys what up 😎

    Kaleb HKaleb H12 dager siden
  • This movie is rlly bad but when I watch it it seems to disturb/scare me

    Zach HolmanZach Holman13 dager siden
  • Cool I’m from Brandon😃

    Meadow ConstantMeadow Constant15 dager siden
  • like classic music in a horror movie stinks

    Madeline ShawMadeline Shaw15 dager siden
  • My biggest flex is that I can watch these videos while eating dinner

    Your pal EmYour pal Em16 dager siden
    • I was brought chicken drums by my mom while watching blade 2. I think that's about as bad? After that I feel like I can eat anything during any movie

      Tom van DalenTom van Dalen6 dager siden
  • |:0) beard

    Rawdon HeavensRawdon Heavens17 dager siden

    ronan de paeperonan de paepe17 dager siden
  • Is this the only Wrong Turn film that the one character was not killed by cannibals and by natural occurrence instead?

    Rex George RodriguezRex George Rodriguez17 dager siden
  • I hate how the doctor falls as if he has legs when he gets quartered

    Crazycat1310gamingCrazycat1310gaming18 dager siden
  • i live in Goodridge Minnesota so I'm not far from Winnepeg

    Johnathan MurphyJohnathan Murphy19 dager siden
  • Gross

    rach malicdemrach malicdem19 dager siden
  • I love your vids😎

  • Is It Like Andy’s Death In The Banana Splits Movie?

    Trent AustinTrent Austin19 dager siden
  • And now James is a cannibal

    Zachary McClellandZachary McClelland20 dager siden
  • How horro franchises started. Friday the 13rth - A kid bullied at a camping site, and later cause the franchise. Nightmare on elm street - A nightmare that started this franchise. Saw films - A puppet that causes the franchise. Childs play franchise - A murderer possesed to a doll that causes the franchise. Final destination - Sam and molly boarding a plane that caused the franchise. Wrong turn - Hairpin... (Edit): Also kenia perrin fron this movie caused it. Also this franchise could've been ended if the other mentally did not stole it or if kenia let kyle kill them so none of the characters in the franchise wouldn't be dead, also i know Ma, Pa, Sister, Brother is cannibals too, and ofcourse they will kill too, but not only that, why the hell did maynard did also not to put the mutant family in that senatorium just like three finger?

    DUSK DASH MLPchannelDUSK DASH MLPchannel21 dag siden
  • Welcome to Canada dummies lol

    xxGALACTIKWARxxxxGALACTIKWARxx24 dager siden
  • One eye is teweking lmaooooo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Shoko HimenokoShoko Himenoko24 dager siden
  • Ela

    deasan susanthadeasan susantha25 dager siden
  • Loving this series so far

    Adog 00Adog 0025 dager siden
  • James why you allways get sponsor for tings i dont want to speack

    Nikola KalacNikola Kalac26 dager siden
  • Goddammit James and that godamn begul(i know i botched that spelling) jump scare. I nearly had a heart attack

    ReaverXIIIReaverXIII26 dager siden
  • your chin is bout to be dead meat if you buy that razor

    Markus BlascakMarkus Blascak26 dager siden
  • Yup. Instead of finishing off the cannibals, listen to the woman's wishes with bad timing moral value in a dire situation. Things will extremely turns out fine.

    TheANDROMECHATheANDROMECHA26 dager siden
  • So fun fact about the mental health center, it's been repurposed as a second campus for Assiniboine Community College, one of the secondary school is Brandon MB. This movie being filmed in my home town was kind of a big deal for us, even though none of us knew WHAT was being filmed. We just knew it was a horror movie, so most people figured it would suck. Side note about the winters: yeah Manitoba is colder than both the North Pole and Mars almost every winter...

    violetphoenix13violetphoenix1327 dager siden
  • This was the first horror movie I watched when i was 7 and I remember the ending so much

    SF GamingSF Gaming27 dager siden
    • Same I have been trying to find out what it was called for so long!!

      Slime GirlsSlime Girls2 dager siden
  • like saw 3

    Landry WilliamsLandry Williams27 dager siden
  • hash tag wrong turn

    Landry WilliamsLandry Williams27 dager siden
  • House of wax

    Jiovany GonzalezJiovany Gonzalez29 dager siden
  • Where the hell did they get the barbed wire from?

    Dark SingularityDark SingularityMåned siden
  • Happy Halloween Everyone

    Retired AccountRetired AccountMåned siden
  • I always laugh when James gives an ad about Manscaped

    Marco van GraanMarco van GraanMåned siden
  • The “let’s not stoop to their level” pisses me off way more than it should

    Javier PerezJavier PerezMåned siden
  • Nice frozen fix dead meat

  • Canada is a great place, except the weather is pure garbage

    The Gamer SquadThe Gamer SquadMåned siden
  • Yeah go canada

    The Gamer SquadThe Gamer SquadMåned siden
  • Sex is cool like booze. booze is cool. i cackled James. thank you ☺️

    Andy VillarrealAndy VillarrealMåned siden
  • these are terrible lol

    Andy VillarrealAndy VillarrealMåned siden
  • That "don't stoop to their level" pissed me off. It's not their level it's self-defence

    Gabriel KawaGabriel KawaMåned siden
  • I wonder if anyone will make the same complaints as in Saw 3 for the frozen death

    Hunter The Nurse SharkHunter The Nurse SharkMåned siden
  • Bro the last kills caught me from surprise wtf

    Missy CelesteMissy CelesteMåned siden
  • This wrong turn franchise would have ended here if not because of the play-angel girl that stopped her friend from burning those cannibals

    A wondering Exotic exolA wondering Exotic exolMåned siden
  • why hasn't he covered the jeepers creepers trilogy yet ughh😩😩😩

    Terrence CrowellTerrence CrowellMåned siden
  • Jesus when Bagul showed up I nearly dropped my phone

    Gaby GibsonGaby GibsonMåned siden
  • Are those jars of blood or moonshine behind James?

    Gaby GibsonGaby GibsonMåned siden
  • if you were that close to road why would you stay there to freeze

    LeTianLeTianMåned siden
  • No such thing as bad weather, Janisse. Only bad clothes.

    Michael HonerMichael HonerMåned siden
  • Really Stupid girls

    TokiTaTokiTaMåned siden
  • odd place for a liver.

    BamBamKiwiBamBamKiwiMåned siden
  • The screw blade is an Ogger used in ice fishing

    Samual L White boySamual L White boyMåned siden
  • imagine beeing cut by canibals and beeing that still and calm

    Leqso GarsevanidzeLeqso GarsevanidzeMåned siden
  • I watched this at 1 am and I couldn’t sleep because I didn’t know how gory it was

    magnus sandovalmagnus sandovalMåned siden
  • Nice James Brown reference 👍👌

    david jenningsdavid jenningsMåned siden
  • #BlameKenia

    BalooBabyBalooBabyMåned siden
  • Oh so this was the film i was talking about earlier on the first wrong turn vid LOL😂

    Marcus IncognitoMarcus IncognitoMåned siden
  • 15:43 huh the captions know when three finger giggles

    Graham LepickiGraham LepickiMåned siden
  • Divulga meu canal aí andrey lopes TV

    ScarFall Scarfall VideosScarFall Scarfall VideosMåned siden
  • "Pretty sure you're good as long as you don't eat 'em, Kenia" 🤣🤣🤣

    My Name Is SarahMy Name Is SarahMåned siden
  • Goddamit Buhguul, this is not your franchise, be thankful for that.

    Richárd TóthRichárd TóthMåned siden
  • Go Blue!!!

    Hunter TrevorrowHunter TrevorrowMåned siden
  • Very clever jump scare during the vid James, made my heart jump.

    Little BrodieLittle BrodieMåned siden
  • He kind of looks like he’s Captainsauce’s brother.

    Fawna FlyTrapFawna FlyTrapMåned siden
  • Who Else Thought Three Finger was a Girl in this Film?

    maddox TallahasseeFanmaddox TallahasseeFanMåned siden
  • I love how James always say that he will keep the good stuff when talking about all of the blood, guts, and gore. Well I guess he has a point there. 😅

    lifeisabeach 420lifeisabeach 420Måned siden
  • Please do 2001 Maniacs. Great video by the way!

    Torstein PetersonTorstein PetersonMåned siden
  • Detective Quinn.....you said his mane is Chris......I am confused

    Jonah GrossJonah GrossMåned siden
  • Well that was certainly a hopeless ending.

    SarahsKnight0SarahsKnight0Måned siden
  • Shit movie But a really good ending

    Lord FerbusLord FerbusMåned siden
  • That bagool jump was a cheap shot James and you damn well know it.

    Foxtrot6624Foxtrot6624Måned siden
  • 9:22

    Aiden Taylor gangAiden Taylor gangMåned siden
  • Omg I remember dis movie I seen it on tv when I was kid like the end and then I remember the digging Snow part

    Erick MErick MMåned siden
  • Idk maybe I’m just the only person that likes Origin story’s if it’s told or made good not Michael Myers BS 😭😭

    Erick MErick MMåned siden
  • 9:23 Really James? REALLY?!

    EyelessPulseEyelessPulseMåned siden
  • I always feel kinda bad hating a movie where everyone actually loved making it.

    Cody CromartyCody CromartyMåned siden
  • Them not killing the Cannibals in the cell goes down as one of the dumbest decisions made in a horror film!

    Chandler Muriel BingChandler Muriel BingMåned siden
  • As someone from Brandon, Manitoba and born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, both shooting locations for this film, I am deeply sorry for this god awful movie.

    ShanksGGShanksGGMåned siden
  • Winter vortex caused -7 degrees to become -5 degrees wind chill

    Catherine ShivelyCatherine ShivelyMåned siden
  • They were laughing bc they all knew the bad roads excuse meant they were fucking...durrr?

    Natey McBateyNatey McBateyMåned siden
  • Holy shit... I watched the end of this movie on TV a long time ago on Syfy or something and I’ve been looking for it ever since... that double head decapitation never left my mind

    Carlos RomeroCarlos RomeroMåned siden
  • This movie is so stupid that I wished everyone in this movie to die in the end. Truly a disgrace to the franchise.

    Kuro KenKuro KenMåned siden
  • The reason people watch this: because it's brutal. The reason my friends watch this: because of s*x scenes 😅

    Iranhur MohamadIranhur MohamadMåned siden
  • Wait let me get this straight they managed to get all of them locked back in their cells and had an opportunity to set them on fire but due to one girl not agreeing they don't. Then the one guy left decides to take a nap for whatever reason dumb mistake and then the girls are chased by working snow mobiles and all die honestly they deserve everything that happened to them at that point! 🤦‍♂️

    I Steal Yo GirlI Steal Yo GirlMåned siden
  • I never liked these movies I had nightmares

    gorillaz 2-Dgorillaz 2-DMåned siden