Wrong Turn VI: Last Resort (2014) KILL COUNT

31. juli. 2020
2 063 872 Ganger

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    Dead MeatDead Meat4 måneder siden
    • The is going to be a new wrong turn movie

      renz Tiniorenz Tinio2 måneder siden
    • @Stephanie Sanchez he is...

      ThatBloodyPandaThatBloodyPanda3 måneder siden
    • Do rec. 4

      Stephanie SanchezStephanie Sanchez3 måneder siden
    • @William Reyes 💀🥩

      Tammy BertrandTammy Bertrand3 måneder siden
    • @Ethan Fullerton do you even check the amount of comments? You think it would be easier for his moderators to go through 10k comments each video, sometimes only finding one or two suggestions when they can just sort through a couple of hundred emails and see what people want most?

      ThatBloodyPandaThatBloodyPanda3 måneder siden
  • Do you actually watch these movies? Or are you just reading a script like a sellout?

    Darth NewsDarth News10 timer siden
  • How many movies in this series are actually great

    David's Dinosaur kingdomDavid's Dinosaur kingdom12 timer siden
  • The final number would be higher if James counted the times sally got pleasured from strange situations

    Lil Miss JewysonLil Miss Jewyson21 time siden
  • I can't tell if this is the wrong turn version of thanks killing 3 or worse

    jimmy Beastjimmy BeastDag siden
  • Why is literal decapitation gore allowed on youtube and not some nice tibbies wtf

    MattAndRyanFromMega64MattAndRyanFromMega64Dag siden
  • omg James! What did I just watch? lol This is one of the reasons I love your kill counts! Now I don't have to waste my time watching this PornHub Horror film lol They definitely missed the mark with this one

    Jeremy HarperJeremy Harper2 dager siden
  • Does anyone else wonder who the Craytons and Boggles were?

    Tom BurrowsTom Burrows3 dager siden
  • Danny: Those people look like me. Jackson: (Evilly) Those people are you! (Laughs) Picture Danny: (Sinister) I'm you....

    Tom BurrowsTom Burrows3 dager siden
  • Three-Finger: You don't love us? (Sniff)

    Tom BurrowsTom Burrows3 dager siden
  • this franchise wasn't horror, it was romantic in a wrong way, that's what scared me

    Private TimesPrivate Times3 dager siden
  • gmail.com

    alfred catitiralfred catitir5 dager siden
  • It's great alan b. mcelroy is returning to write the reboot. I always thought joe lynch who directed the 2nd film or at least alan who wrote the 1st film should've worked on 3-6. This, the hills have eyes (remake series), and child's play are my top 3 horror franchises. Wrong turn 1 & 2 are the best.

    TV & Gamer StanTV & Gamer Stan6 dager siden
  • this one was terrible ,only 3 was great

    Eva MathebulaEva Mathebula7 dager siden

    Knight-Captain RosswellKnight-Captain Rosswell7 dager siden
  • Dead meat is awesome

    Axel SolisAxel Solis8 dager siden
  • Jesus Christ, this movie has trying too hard and desperation written all over it, disgusting in so many ways.

    Sunny BurritoSunny Burrito8 dager siden
  • In your words from I’ll always know what you did last summer, minus the swearing, this movie frigging sucks.

    Gavin BuntingGavin Bunting9 dager siden
  • Usually James is very respectful when reviewing movies but I gotta agree using a woman’s missing poster without evening asking for permission is a REAL amateur fucking move along with being disrespectful

    Anthony SmithAnthony Smith9 dager siden
  • I want to die

    Nancy boo mainNancy boo main9 dager siden
  • You can tell he really didn’t like it when he didn’t even do a good bit to get to the numbers

    SoogmerSoogmer11 dager siden
  • Ugh! The characters are so stupid!

    Kaleb HKaleb H12 dager siden
  • The actress who played jill is 🔥

    EsEe TVEsEe TV13 dager siden
  • This movie is a pornhub for dvd

    marshadow is the bestmarshadow is the best13 dager siden
  • Straight to video, you say :P

    Chef BrecciaChef Breccia14 dager siden
  • awsome suace

    Madeline ShawMadeline Shaw14 dager siden
  • Oh my god, I saw this movie years ago and never knew the name but always remembered when a water hose was jammed up a guy's ass

    Tori CallieTori Callie15 dager siden
  • What in the actual hell did I just watch...

    MagicalpenMagicalpen15 dager siden
  • Sadly you left out the restaurant scene near the end. Plus the joke of calling it Toni's Kitchen.

    DC MonsterDC Monster16 dager siden
  • Fun fact: Valeri Milev's debut film was "so unoriginal and tired.". In the words of one critic. This guy is known for films that are copies. The filmmakers could've literally chosen any other director and it would've been better.

    Perception ProductionsPerception Productions17 dager siden
  • I never understood why they focused so much on the sex scenes

    Michele SyMichele Sy18 dager siden
  • Wow, this franchise has went from good, to bad, to porn. *damn*

    ꪑiꪶkꪑiꪶk18 dager siden
  • This was definitely the hardest Dead Meat series to watch. Wrong Turn really needs to end as a franchise.

    Ziggy DoomZiggy Doom19 dager siden
  • Bruh he really told those cannibals to kill his own gf

    Randy CruzRandy Cruz19 dager siden
  • wait so a real missing person poster was in a movie and the family was mad? why cause they dont want her found or what?

    cal snowcal snow21 dag siden
  • 20:26 _Wrong Turn VI: Last Resort_ Golden Chainsaw + Title Card _Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3_ Dull Machete + Title Card

    Lance ArnoldLance Arnold21 dag siden
  • the funny thing is this movie is a last resort

    GibsonGibson21 dag siden
  • Actually, incest is most prevalent in the Middle East, 33% of children in the entire Middle East population are born of incest. Don’t believe me look that ish up

    Rumple ForeskinRumple Foreskin21 dag siden
  • I actually like this francise more then the chucky one

    GalaxyboiiGalaxyboii22 dager siden
    • That’s insane

      Mr. AshtasticMr. Ashtastic12 dager siden
  • This movie: There is 1 imposter among us

    DhalixDhalix22 dager siden
    • W h a t

      Analyn TemplonuevoAnalyn Templonuevo12 dager siden
  • Stan K-POP instead of watching Wrong Turn movies. Stan TWICE, BTS, EXO, BLACKPINK. Bunch of garbage movies. Nice shade though "Very Bad Movie"

    wonder womanwonder woman22 dager siden
  • This is porn with a side of horror

    Galactical AnimatorGalactical Animator22 dager siden
  • Couples' therapy Danny: Toni's asking me to choose between my friends and my family! Dr James A Janisse: How about you choose.... neither?

    Tom BurrowsTom Burrows23 dager siden
  • Charlie: Put the firehose away! Three FInger: All right, fine, we'll put it away... in your mouth!

    Tom BurrowsTom Burrows23 dager siden
  • No offence to the Wrong Turn franchise. It gives me the fuel to start this joke train.

    Tom BurrowsTom Burrows23 dager siden
  • Who's worse in the Wrong Turn movies? The horrible murdering brothers, or the terrible teens?

    Tom BurrowsTom Burrows23 dager siden
  • Sally: GET OUT!!!!!! Three-FInger: You spat on me, dude.

    Tom BurrowsTom Burrows23 dager siden
  • Sawtooth: During the pool scene, I committed partus interruptus.

    Tom BurrowsTom Burrows23 dager siden
  • wow this movie is quite the fucking mess

    Bastion Unit B73Bastion Unit B7323 dager siden
  • Wrong Turn family in a nutshell- Saw-Tooth: Me like the chews. One-Eye: Little face of yours me want give. Three-Finger: Smell my three-finger. #GotThreeFingered Maynard: Look what your brother did to the door! (Drayton Sawyer) Pa- I like to love me sis-wifey and punish me childs. Ma- Me like to feed fam-moose. Brother- Get out of my room, Three-Toes! I'm playing Fortnite! Sister- Uh, I was like screaming, and my victim was like "no way" and I was like "Well, yes way" and she was like "deed." Three Toes- Me young childs. Sally- Mmmmmmmm....... Jackson- Me like to serve the foods. Human foodsies. Deer- I like these guys. They leave us alone. Danny- Me scared. (Few minute later) Me love famileh.

    Tom BurrowsTom Burrows24 dager siden
  • how bout sex count?

    Lyndon InocencioLyndon Inocencio24 dager siden
  • I fucking LOL’ed at “mmm prescriptions” hahahahahaha! 😅😂🤣

    Jumpman AgnoliJumpman Agnoli24 dager siden
  • Last one of the series! Loved this series thank you dude

    Adog 00Adog 0025 dager siden
  • The wrong turn franchise is the worst franchise EVER

    laurie strodelaurie strode25 dager siden
  • These movie is only good for people who like kills and people who are horny.

    Raymond FahnRaymond Fahn25 dager siden
  • wtf even was this movie i was dying lmfao

    董思成董思成26 dager siden
  • why`d he say probly human pie chart

    Landry WilliamsLandry Williams26 dager siden
  • i agree duncan

    Landry WilliamsLandry Williams26 dager siden
  • when he said v is for very bad moive I was so pissed that i wanted to slap him so hard

    Landry WilliamsLandry Williams26 dager siden
  • this movie is disgusting.

    LotusLotus26 dager siden
  • It wouldn't surprise me if they were the incest brother and sister in the second one.

    LifeHandz LEMONS!LifeHandz LEMONS!27 dager siden
  • Creams his care taker pants... 🤣😂🤣🤣

    Daniel HernandezDaniel Hernandez27 dager siden
  • bruv what do you expect from this movie ofc its gona be porny its direvtor is a bulgarian dude and us bulgarians are always horny

    Bruh MomentBruh Moment28 dager siden
  • Wrong turn 6? No. Wrong Turn Sex

    Pretzel BoiPretzel Boi28 dager siden
  • I couldnt tell which white boy was who besides the one with the glasses 😂😂

    Pharaoh HorusPharaoh Horus28 dager siden
  • I don't care what anyone says, I love the wrong turn series, it's fun

    KittyGirl 586KittyGirl 58628 dager siden
  • 4:30 nice arse dalia

    Cyber PunkCyber Punk28 dager siden
  • 5:47 that was an incredible reference!

    Hija UptownHija Uptown28 dager siden
  • Sweet home Alabama

    the furry communistthe furry communist29 dager siden
  • There was more incest in this entire franchise than the Targaryen's could even dream of!

    The Morgan Riley ShowThe Morgan Riley Show29 dager siden
  • Wow bangbros really upgraded their budget

    Nelly 601Nelly 601Måned siden
  • why did I watch this....I’m scarred

    don’t talk to medon’t talk to meMåned siden
  • U should make all the wrong turn movies

    Tercero BlancoTercero BlancoMåned siden
  • Wrong turn: Alabama edition

    XenoLlamaXenoLlamaMåned siden
  • Good thang i have the bootleg of this movie on dvd lol so i dont worry about the. Blurred out pics 💙

    Dominique SmithDominique SmithMåned siden
  • 5:08 sweet home alabama

    poop dillerpoop dillerMåned siden
  • Credits song shouldve been papa roach's last resort

    Julius CaesarJulius CaesarMåned siden
  • Final Turn: Wrong Destination

    StUCabooseStUCabooseMåned siden
  • 20:00

    Not LaylahNot LaylahMåned siden
  • When It says in the corner, Includes paid promotion, you know its gonna be gory lmao

    Luis-Carlos FausettLuis-Carlos FausettMåned siden
  • the first second and third movie traumatized me when i was a kid

    Rave FlorendoRave FlorendoMåned siden

    NAMJOON'S crabsNAMJOON'S crabsMåned siden
  • This made me feel sick

    Yuso.b8Yuso.b8Måned siden
  • "Cut my life into pieces, this is Wrong Turn VI: Last Resort" Because this comment section is really lacking that Papa Roach song puns.

    SS HunterSS HunterMåned siden
  • This stupid movies is what fuels the ignorant stereotypes about West Virginia. There are even morons who don’t even realize that WV is an actual state. People will really believe anything they see, though.

    MirandaMirandaMåned siden
  • No balls didn't cover #7

    skeptic pumaskeptic pumaMåned siden
    • that's because it hasn't even been released yet.

      salamisalami23 dager siden
    • It hasn't come out on blu ray yet

      Jim PickensJim PickensMåned siden
  • There are so many sex scenes that people made compilations of them on pornhub

    Clay SoggyfriesClay SoggyfriesMåned siden
  • Hey james im from appalachia im only 13 but i lived there until i was 10 my familly has alot of inbreedomg issues first hand i can tell you it is ptevelent there

    lemme see dem toes m'ladylemme see dem toes m'ladyMåned siden
  • 7:11 I had watched this NOworld video "Liars getting caught" or something like soon before re-watching this Kill Count, how weird is it that it's the same woman in that video? They were showing her lying about being attacked by that dude. I didn't put two and two together that she was the girl in this movie until just now and googling her. Thanks James!

    Ernest Ross WyattErnest Ross WyattMåned siden
  • It's funny if it wasn't for a little bit of inset we wouldn't be here

    moifernammoifernamMåned siden
  • How is this movie allowed to have an R Rating?

    MordeyMayMordeyMayMåned siden
  • when i was like five or six i was introduced to the horror franchise because of friday the 13th part four (which is my favorite movie) and my second movie i watched was this and all these years i thought it was called hatchet 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Exotic SpookExotic SpookMåned siden
  • This is giving me Midsommar vibes

    Everything Is LoveLeeEverything Is LoveLeeMåned siden
  • This is giving me Midsommar vibes

    Everything Is LoveLeeEverything Is LoveLeeMåned siden
  • Gross.......

    BalooBabyBalooBabyMåned siden
  • Title card

    Gabriel HernandezGabriel HernandezMåned siden

    Hansel MartinezHansel MartinezMåned siden
  • I noticed that out of all the mutants only three fingers was the one killing people

    Legal EntertainmentLegal EntertainmentMåned siden
  • That Isn’t A Suffocate It’s A Smothered, Suffocate With A Plastic Bag And Smothered With Pillow

    TheGamerYT 3274TheGamerYT 3274Måned siden
  • How to unsee the disgusting footage of this shitty movie? For a horror movie, as the general theme of horror and slasher movies seem to follow, its either sex or brutal murder, the two being mixed into a slasher is blech. Moreover the storyline is crap. Atleast some of the other slashers ive watched have either kept sex on the down low or absent altogether

    noobinatornoobinatorMåned siden